Multi-Bag Options Runners

SPDR S&P500 (ETF) SPY – Review

We really couldn’t have timed our call of the market reversal any better, and in fact, our handling of the whole coronavirus issue has been extremely fortuitous by all accounts. Our targets, the
SPY 03/13 $298-301 Calls, were able to see some excellent new highs on the strength of the rebounding market.

The following gains represent the lows subsequent to Friday’s call of these plays to the new highs recorded yesterday:

SPY 03/13 $298-301 Calls
$298: 5.67-14.21 (+151%)
$299: 5.44-13.97 (+157%)
$300: 4.65-13.42 (+187%)
$301: 4.54-12.47 (+175%), Inc. JD

We also had the JD Weekly $39.50-41.50 Calls, which we offered up fresh for yesterday’s report. Despite China fears abounding, this Chinese retailer dropped solid earnings and performed exceedingly well on the day.

All of our target contracts enjoyed significant multibag moves on the day.

JD Weekly $39.50-41.50 Calls
$39.50: 1.91-4.60 (+136%)
$40: 1.55-4.17 (+169%)
$40.50: 1.30-3.60 (+177%)
$41: 1.02-3.40 (+233%)
$41.50: .85-2.75 (+224%)

We’ll roll up to the JD Weekly $42.50-43.50 Calls to stay closer to the action as we head into the midweek point.

Fresh Ideas:
KSS Weekly $39.50-41.50 Calls
TGT Weekly $109-111 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

QSR Explodes & More

Restaurant Brands International, Inc. QSR

Our top billed options idea from yesterday morning’s premarket report involved the QSR chain, on the heels of the company’s big earnings release, which included the sales from the amazingly popular Popeye’s chicken sandwich that swept the nation at the end of 2019. The craze that was kicked up because of those sandwiches facilitated same-store sales growth of 34% for the company!

We jumped on the QSR 02/21 $65-67.50 Calls and both of those contracts enjoyed substantial intraday gains as a result of QSR’s earnings. The potential for multibag profits for anyone who caught our alert was considerable, including a 26-bagger on the $65 Calls!

QSR 02/21 $65-67.50 Calls 
$65: .05-1.35 (+2600%)
: .05-.35 (+600%)

Loews Corp. L  – We also put the L 02/21 $55 Calls on watch yesterday, and while the numbers paled by comparison to QSR, we still achieved a solid double-bag move off of Loews. Those calls ran from .60-1.20 for an even 100% rip.

Fresh Options Ideas:
RNG Weekly $220-225 Calls
HAS Weekly $107-110 Calls
ROKU Weekly $134-136 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

AXSM Runner, Options Ideas

Axsome Therapeutics, Inc. AXSM 

We’ve got a major recent success story to tell with AXSM today. We highlighted this stock roughly seven weeks ago in our report on October 16th, and AXSM has done very little else but continue to press upward, setting new highs on a practically daily basis.

We would tag in yesterday’s report once again before seeing the stock attain new highs for the umpteenth time in recent weeks.  Our observed low following our initial alert is 20.48, and as of yesterday’s brand new high of 47.24, that marks a fantastic swing of 131% There’s no telling where this wild ride will let off, with the stock having already been firmly in Blue Sky territory for well over a week now.

Fresh Options Ideas

Workday Inc. WDAY reported on earnings in the post-market yesterday, and despite a beat on sales and earnings, the company’s forecast precipitated a shakedown of the stock. We’re going to sit on the bearish side of the fence and monitor to the WDAY Weekly $167.50-165 Puts

Excelon Corp. EXC is simply a double-bottom, potential extended-term rebound idea that we want to offer up. We’re going to begin tracking the EXC 02/21 $45-47 Calls, with the stock looking due for a recovery at any time.

Extended Watchlist: