Closing Out Another Great Trading Year, HAPPY 2023!

Today, we close the books on what has been another fantastic year of stock and options trading. 2022 came with its ups and downs, but we weathered all the storms and had plenty of days in the sun! The good far outweighed the bad, and we’re looking forward to more excitement in 2023! HERE’S WISHING A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOURS!

Cal-Maine Foods Inc. – Options Review: 

This morning we’re very happy to submit our last 2022 entry with a bang, by relaying the excellent performance we got out of our single options idea in yesterday morning’s premarket report. We went bearish on CALM, and were instantly rewarded as the stock fell off of a cliff, despite a hot day for the markets as a whole.

Our targets of interest were the CALM 01/20 $60-57.50 Puts, and the multibag intraday profit chances they yielded were exceptional. Here are the intraday ranges and total possible gains they managed for us:

CALM 01/20 $60-57.50 Puts 

$60: 1.85-7.30 (+295%)
$57.50: 1.25-5.30 (+324%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
AVY 01/20 $180-185 Calls
CSL 01/20 $240 Calls

Kala Pharmaceuticals, Inc. KALA – Recap:

We had just updated readers yesterday morning on KALA, which we included in Wednesday morning’s extended watchlist. The stock was surging in the premarket, and between the time of our alert at 9AM and the open, KALA hit an amazing new high of 45.70. From the 6.00 low we observed on Wednesday, that worked out to an overnight swing of 662%

Extended Watchlist: