EMBA, EXTO, GCHK – Today’s Hot Penny Stocks

eMamba International Corp EMBA

EMBA had a strong showing on Thursday, closing at its high of day of .505, for a gain of 21% on the day. We called this stock midway through last week, at which time we designated it as a good bottom play candidate.

At that time, it was trading at a low of .36, so it appears as if we were right on the money with our timing.

From that level the stock has increased 40%; no small feat with even a sub-penny, but even more impressive when dealing with shares in the .30-.50 range.

Exit Only, Inc. EXTO

Earlier this week, we pointed out the fact that EXTO had undergone a major albeit gradual  consolidation, and that we felt it was time for the stock to recover some of that lost ground.

Yesterday EXTO closed at .0093, and completed the second consecutive day of gains. From this week’s low of .0065, that represents an increase of 43%

We have been sticking with EXTO for a long time, and intend to stay with it for the long-term, however it is not without its short term merits, as illustrated here by this favorable, and as it turns out, easy to predict trading pattern.

Greenchek Technology, Inc. GCHK

Shortly following our midday alert of GCHK yesterday, the stock provided a 47% intraday gain, from .0015 to .0022. Yet another perfectly timed call adding even further to what has been a recent hot streak for us.

At the same token, GCHK is turning into quite the momentum play, as we saw it trade more than 8x its 3-month average volume on Thursday. A lot of eyes are currently on this stock.

The past ten days has been a perfect example of why we consider ourselves to be one of the top quality newsletters. Even during this dismal economic time, we managed to seek out 130% in returns in less than a two week period.