Blue Horseshoe Stocks: New Options Idea & More

MyDx, Inc. MYDX

Trading in general was greatly subdued on Wednesday in comparison to Tuesday’s fast start to the short week, but MYDX was one of a couple significant movers among our mentions in yesterday’s report.

The stock traded in a range from .0036 up to .0064, which works out to an intraday push of 78% and it came on well over twice the monthly average volume.

Prior to this week, the stock had been consolidating heavily for quite a long period of time, and has now strung together two really solid sessions after registering a new 52-low on Tuesday morning. We’ll continue to monitor this play for the recording of higher highs and higher lows; another strong performance today would qualify it for full-on multi-day runner status.

420 Property Management, Inc. FTPM

Also coming off of yesterday’s report to have a respectable session was FTPM. This is one of the cannabis related plays that we tracked over huge gains back in October as the pre-election marijuana hype was reaching a fever pitch. With the sector seeing a comparatively mild yet still strong resurgence this week, FTPM is among those stocks reaping the short-term benefits.

We witnessed it run from a low of .0011 to .0019 yesterday on more than twice the average volume, which works out to an intraday pop of 72%  Like the aforementioned play, we’ll want to see the stock logging higher highs and higher lows for the remainder of the week.

American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. AEO

It’s been roughly a month since we dabbled in any AEO options, and we wanted to formulate an idea this morning granted the fact that the AEO chart is presently at a bottom and beginning to look ripe for a recovery.

Accordingly, we’d like to signal a range of extended-term options contracts in the AEO chain to put on watch in the days and weeks ahead. Unlike last month, when we went bearish with some puts after a mixed earnings release, this time we’re going the other way with the AEO 01/27 $15.50-16.50 Calls. With just under a month until expiration, it gives the stock plenty of time to make its move, so we’ll be watching closely.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Review, Other Updates

Options Review

Just to refresh our readers’ memories, we highlighted a range of call contracts for three separate plays on Friday, and we’re pleased to report that sizable gains were there for the taking regardless of which idea was chosen. It marked the continuation of a flawless streak of such ideas that we offered up over the past few weeks.

Our tracked calls and the magnitude of the gains that were available were as follows:

SPDR S&P 500 (SPY) Weekly $199-202 Calls – We’ve successfully played the SPY so many times it doesn’t even bear counting, and Friday was no different. From the low end of our range to the high, gains of 80-427% were made.

Finisar Corp FNSR Weekly $15 and $16 Calls – An earnings beat made the gains in FNSR calls possible, with the $15′s running 88%, and the $16′s making a 92% upswing.

Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance, Inc. ULTA  Weekly $175-185 Calls -  Last but not least, we had the ULTA contracts on our watchlist bank gains running from 59-117%

Again, it was yet another great week for options, and we’ll be doing everything in our power to keep the streak alive with some more ideas this week so be sure to stay tuned!

Friday’s Stock Gainers

In addition to our great success with options plays from Friday’s morning report, we had a number of other intraday movers which were also highlighted.

Propanc Health Group Corp. PPCH

This was our top-billed mention on Friday, having been following it for most of last week. A string of solid performances led the stock on a great intraweek run to that point which spanned from our observed low of .0188 to .037 (+97%) in just a few sessions.

We saw even more gains tacked on there during Friday’s trading, wherein we witnessed another nice intraday pop from the daily low of .0355 to .0516 (+45%), and the high extended our total observed range to an impressive 174% in a matter of four sessions.


Mexus Gold US (MXSG)

Mexus was another point of discussion in Friday’s newsletter, and it too saw appreciable gains on the day.

We’d already been very familiar with the stock after tracking over a more than 1000% move in early February. We then re-tagged it the Wednesday before last and subsequently witnessed a 61% swing from .011-.018.

Friday’s session brought a continuation of that run from .017 to a high of .0299, a 71% intraday rip, and increased the total swing range to 172%


Spectrascience, Inc. SCIE

SCIE was included in Friday’s tracklist and the stock would end up trading in a range from .003 to .0047, for total possible intraday gains of up to 56% on slightly heavier than normal volume.

It also managed to close just a tick below the high of day, so we’ll keep an eye peeled for the possibility of momentum spillover into this new trading week.

GW Pharmaceuticals, Inc. GWPH

We want to pin GWPH to our tracklist after catching a significant PR coming across the wires this morning. Late-stage studies on a cannabidiol (CBD) treatment of a rare pediatric disease has yielded positive results, and the stock has thus far gapped up over 100% in the premarket.

We’ll take our classic stance of monitoring for a possible dip-and-rip situation and look to get positioned in some in-the-money Calls, dependent upon where the bounce occurs.

LONDON, March 14, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GW Pharmaceuticals plc (GWPH) (GWP.L) (“GW,” “the Company” or “the Group”), a biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering, developing and commercializing novel therapeutics from its proprietary cannabinoid product platform, announces the positive results of the first pivotal Phase 3 study of its investigational medicine Epidiolex® (cannabidiol or CBD) for the treatment of Dravet syndrome. (>> FULL PR)

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Bottom-Watch Plays, Options Ideas & More

Recent Winner Roundup

We’ll kick things off this morning by highlighting a few of our recently tracked plays that came by solid moves to the upside start the week off yesterday. In each case, we’ll be on the lookout for possible continued momentum on the heels of yesterday’s strong showings.

USA Restaurant Funding, Inc. USAR

We were following USAR beginning on Wednesday of last week, and would observe a low of .0067 on that day. It has been off to the races in the four sessions since, as USAR streaked to a high of .0148 during yesterday’s session. That’s a hefty rise of 121%


SCIE was another of our interests from last Wednesday’s report, and it too has performed superbly in ensuing sessions. The total gain on this stock has also gone into double-bagger territory as it rose from Wednesday’s low of .001 to a new high of .0021 yesterday; a 110% jump.

Service Team, Inc. SVTE

In the case of SVTE,  we followed this play over a huge two-session rip on (February 9-10th) as the PPS shot from .0039 to .0188. (+382%). We then observed a consolidation that eventually resulted in a low of .0049 on Friday. Yesterday’s high came in at .011: a two-session swing of 124%

Blue Earth, Inc. BBLU – Bottom Watch Play

We’re quite intrigued by the massive selloff undergone by BBLU between Friday and Monday without so much as a fluff PR, or negative filing to explain the dramatic losses. The stock is now trading at all-time lows, and as our regular readers are surely aware, this is exactly the type of situation for which we’re constantly scanning.

We’ll go ahead and reserve a slot on our radar screens for BBLU with an extended bottom-watch designation. It’s far better to show up to the party early and be ready to strike immediately upon the slightest hint of a rebound, than to wait until it has occurred, and more opportunistic traders have already reaped most of the rewards.

Bonus: Options Ideas

Finally, we’ve got some longer-term options ideas relating to stocks we’ve been very familiar with in the past, that are now beginning to show signs of recovery off of recent bottoms. We’re going to signal  PBR 04/01 $4 Calls and WTW 04/01 $13 Calls  and keep them on a close watch in sessions to come.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SVTE, SALE Updates & More

Service Team, Inc. SVTE

We placed SVTE on watch in Tuesday morning‘s report and have been rewarded with an amazing two-day run that has carried it from subpenny territory, straight into Pennyland.

The move we observed on Tuesday was a relatively modest 41% from the low of .0039 to the closing price of .0055, but yesterday, things really kicked into high gear.

SVTE opened up at that .0055 price-point and took off like a bat out of hell, reaching its impressive new high of .0188 shortly before 1PM. It marked an excellent intraday upswing of 242%, and boosted our two-session observed range to a laudable 382% Cheers to anyone who caught a piece of the action!

Pocket Games, Inc. PKGM

We’ve been exceedingly pleased with PKGM’s performance in the couple of weeks we’ve been tracking the stock, after having observed more than a 560% swing.

Yesterday brought yet another chance to make quick-strike profits off of this play from the outset of the session, as it quickly performed a dip-and-rip from the daily low of .0128 to the high of .0195 (+52%) in the first half hour of trading.

A secondary opportunity was afforded to those that continued to watch intently as PKGM came down to find support and make a solid rebound from .014 back to .018 in the closing minutes of the session. That amounted to an added 29% swing, and the stock closed just a tick below at .017. We’ll look for it to maintain support above yesterday’s swing-low in order for it to keep our interest moving forward.

RetailMeNot, Inc. SALE

We also want to provide a quick update on SALE, which we tagged as a bottom-watch play in yesterday’s premarket report. After taking an absolute beating over a poor earnings release, our timing in calling the bottom couldn’t have been much better as is evident on the snapshot below.

We’ve had luck in the past with stocks in these situations where investor disappointment leads to a knee-jerk selloff.  We’re going to leave SALE on our radars in the sessions to come, on the possibility that a protracted rebound is forthcoming.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Yesterday’s Top Movers & More

Yesterday’s Top Movers

Agritek Holdings, Inc. AGTK

Yesterday’s session brought a couple of chances for nice intraday gains from stocks placed on our premarket watchlist, starting with AGTK. We’ve had this one on our radar in the past, and turning our attention back to it yesterday ended up being a great idea.

Starting out from its opening price of .003, AGTK made a nice, round, 100% rip up to the high of day at .006 which occurred around lunchtime. The stock ended up receding back to a new daily low into the close, so we’ll definitely continue to monitor it for some potential bounceplay action.

Guided Therapeutics, Inc. GTHP

Also among the most solid plays from yesterday’s report was GTHP, which managed a respectable intraday swing of 32% on roughly three times the monthly average trading volume as it ran from .0128-.0169. That also represented a bullish breach of the 50DMA. Couple that with the expansion of the LuViva® Advanced Cervical Scan, revenues from which the company expects to fall into the $3-5M range for 2016, and we’ll be keeping GTHP on an extended-term watch.

Pocket Games, Inc. PKGM

We’d like to provide an update on a play that we signaled for observation the Friday before last,  as its progress over the last half-dozen sessions has been quite notable. We caught PKGM trading at a low of .0031 subsequent to our alert on 01/29, and the stock has continually pushed to new highs, culminating in a .013 high-of-day yesterday.  That amounts to a 319% upswing in a relatively short period of time, so we’ll definitely keep PKGM in our sights moving forward.

Facebook, Inc. FB – Continued Options Success

Our continued tracking of  FB Feb 19th $109-105 Puts which we initially signaled in Thursday morning’s report continued to pay dividends in each of the ensuing sessions, and yesterday was no exception. Our bearish feelings on FB continued to ring true, as the gap we highlighted on the chart down into the $97-range was filled. As a result, we witnessed new highs on each of our observed contracts.

$109 Calls
– Trading Range: 1.98-11.50 – Max Gain: 481%
$108 Calls – Trading Range: 1.67-10.35 – Max Gain: 520%
$107 Calls – Trading Range: 1.27-9.48 – Max Gain: 646%
$106 Calls – Trading Range: .99-8.66 – Max Gain: 775%
$105 Calls – Trading Range: .91-7.70 – Max Gain: 746%

Extended Watchlist:
VRCI & DNRG(Bottom bouncers)