Blue Horseshoe Stocks: VDRM, ABVG & More

ViaDerma, Inc. VDRM

VDRM was the first of a pair of plays from yesterday morning’s extended watchlist. The stock enjoyed a gradually increased PPS over the course of the entire session, and ran into the closing bell with strength.

VDRM’s daily trading range was from .0145 to .03, which works out to an intraday pop of 107%  The double-bag move came on well over twice the 3-month average volume, and as stated above, VDRM ran into the close, so we’re going to be maintaining our watch over the stock for the time being, looking for it to record higher lows and higher highs once again.

Affinity Beverage Group, Inc. ABVG

The other item of interest from yesterday’s premarket watchlist was ABVG, which also commanded a fantastic performance which led to a doubling in PPS.

ABVG ran a cool 100% from its super-subpenny low of .0007 right up to a subpenny high of .0014. Like the aforementioned play, it closed very near to its high-of-day, and did so on immense volume. To be exact, ABVG traded 13 times as many shares as its 3-month average, so we will also have room on our watchscreens for this one in sessions ahead.

Michael Kors Holdings Ltd. KORS – Options Idea

With KORS disappointing on Q3 revenue, as well as issuing shaky guidance, the stock is taking a hit in early trading here in the premarket.

Accordingly, we are going to want to signal a range of bearish options to monitor in the event that an even more precipitous decline is in the cards. We’ll be watching the KORS Weekly $39-36 Puts closely, and choosing our specific strike point/s based upon how the activity unfolds once these earnings revelations are traded upon during regular hours.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SVTE, SALE Updates & More

Service Team, Inc. SVTE

We placed SVTE on watch in Tuesday morning‘s report and have been rewarded with an amazing two-day run that has carried it from subpenny territory, straight into Pennyland.

The move we observed on Tuesday was a relatively modest 41% from the low of .0039 to the closing price of .0055, but yesterday, things really kicked into high gear.

SVTE opened up at that .0055 price-point and took off like a bat out of hell, reaching its impressive new high of .0188 shortly before 1PM. It marked an excellent intraday upswing of 242%, and boosted our two-session observed range to a laudable 382% Cheers to anyone who caught a piece of the action!

Pocket Games, Inc. PKGM

We’ve been exceedingly pleased with PKGM’s performance in the couple of weeks we’ve been tracking the stock, after having observed more than a 560% swing.

Yesterday brought yet another chance to make quick-strike profits off of this play from the outset of the session, as it quickly performed a dip-and-rip from the daily low of .0128 to the high of .0195 (+52%) in the first half hour of trading.

A secondary opportunity was afforded to those that continued to watch intently as PKGM came down to find support and make a solid rebound from .014 back to .018 in the closing minutes of the session. That amounted to an added 29% swing, and the stock closed just a tick below at .017. We’ll look for it to maintain support above yesterday’s swing-low in order for it to keep our interest moving forward.

RetailMeNot, Inc. SALE

We also want to provide a quick update on SALE, which we tagged as a bottom-watch play in yesterday’s premarket report. After taking an absolute beating over a poor earnings release, our timing in calling the bottom couldn’t have been much better as is evident on the snapshot below.

We’ve had luck in the past with stocks in these situations where investor disappointment leads to a knee-jerk selloff.  We’re going to leave SALE on our radars in the sessions to come, on the possibility that a protracted rebound is forthcoming.

Extended Watchlist: