Blue Horseshoe Stocks: EXAD Review, Options & More

Experience Art & Design, Inc. EXAD – Impressive Run Continues

Yesterday morning, we were just updating readers on the call we made last Monday on EXAD at a low of .0009. It had subsequently run up to a high of .0024 (+167%) and we were congratulating folks who latched on for a nice profit.

We went on to mention that the stock was “exhibiting momentum-play characteristics” and that we’d continue to be interested if it could maintain support above .0015 on any pullbacks. Ultimately, there was no pullback. EXAD opened at Friday’s high and closing price of .0024, and took off on another bullish session that took it to an impressive new high of .0039; an intraday pop of 62%.

It closed at its high for the second straight session, and pushed our overall observed range in just a week’s time to 333%  As long as the stock continues to register higher base levels of support, we’ll remain interested in what has concisely demonstrated itself to be an extreme momentum-mover!

Shire plc SHPG – Options Idea

We also want to follow up on our options trading idea that we floated in yesterday’s premarket report, the SHPG Weekly $175-180 Calls. We said that we’d have them on watch throughout the course of the week, and would just like to reiterate that this morning.

We’re seeing a notable gap-up in early trading to day that should begin to fuel healthy observed gains for our highlighted contracts.

ChromaDex Corp CDXC

We have an interesting little story that has unfolded for CDXC inside of the past 24 hours. Yesterday a report and “Shareholder Alert” was published that effected a steep decline which you can very plainly see on the included chart.

Frank L. Jaksch, CEO of ChromaDex immediately responded, alleging that “The report appears to be a blatant and transparent attempt by a shortseller or shortsellers to profit from an immediate and precipitous decline in the company’s share price through the use of an opinion piece published anonymously and laden with misinformation…”

Even if the report contained elements of truth, the sharp selloff which occurred yesterday seems to be an over-reaction. We’ll have CDXC on recovery watch in coming sessions.

Extended Watchlist:
CUR(Gap to fill to .55)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Bottom-Watch Plays, Options Ideas & More

Recent Winner Roundup

We’ll kick things off this morning by highlighting a few of our recently tracked plays that came by solid moves to the upside start the week off yesterday. In each case, we’ll be on the lookout for possible continued momentum on the heels of yesterday’s strong showings.

USA Restaurant Funding, Inc. USAR

We were following USAR beginning on Wednesday of last week, and would observe a low of .0067 on that day. It has been off to the races in the four sessions since, as USAR streaked to a high of .0148 during yesterday’s session. That’s a hefty rise of 121%


SCIE was another of our interests from last Wednesday’s report, and it too has performed superbly in ensuing sessions. The total gain on this stock has also gone into double-bagger territory as it rose from Wednesday’s low of .001 to a new high of .0021 yesterday; a 110% jump.

Service Team, Inc. SVTE

In the case of SVTE,  we followed this play over a huge two-session rip on (February 9-10th) as the PPS shot from .0039 to .0188. (+382%). We then observed a consolidation that eventually resulted in a low of .0049 on Friday. Yesterday’s high came in at .011: a two-session swing of 124%

Blue Earth, Inc. BBLU – Bottom Watch Play

We’re quite intrigued by the massive selloff undergone by BBLU between Friday and Monday without so much as a fluff PR, or negative filing to explain the dramatic losses. The stock is now trading at all-time lows, and as our regular readers are surely aware, this is exactly the type of situation for which we’re constantly scanning.

We’ll go ahead and reserve a slot on our radar screens for BBLU with an extended bottom-watch designation. It’s far better to show up to the party early and be ready to strike immediately upon the slightest hint of a rebound, than to wait until it has occurred, and more opportunistic traders have already reaped most of the rewards.

Bonus: Options Ideas

Finally, we’ve got some longer-term options ideas relating to stocks we’ve been very familiar with in the past, that are now beginning to show signs of recovery off of recent bottoms. We’re going to signal  PBR 04/01 $4 Calls and WTW 04/01 $13 Calls  and keep them on a close watch in sessions to come.

Extended Watchlist: