BYND Update & More

Beyond Meat, Inc. BYND – Update

On Wednesday morning, we put a few options ideas on the radar in our premarket report, for the BYND chain. We signaled some weekly sets as well as one that expires at the end of next week. Our specific ideas were the BYND Weekly $86-88 Calls & 01/24 $95 Calls.

Despite a down day for the markets, BYND continued its impressive run, just in terms of the stock itself, which made a move from  81.16-97.90 between Wednesday and Friday. That alone works out to a modest, yet notable, increase of 21%, a figure which is rising as we speak, having breached $100 here in the premarket.

The moves produced by the calls we highlighted also enabled some fantastic gain opportunities for ourselves and our readers:

BYND Weekly $86-88 Calls
: 1.43-12.30 (+760%)  
$87: 1.42-11.50 (+710%)
$88: 1.24-10.45 (+743%)

BYND 01/24 $95 Calls
$95: .85-7.15  (+741%)  

ContraFect Corp. CFRX

CFRX, which we signaled for observation in our report from December 17th, has continued the impressive run it has been on ever since our initial alert.

We witnessed shares changing hands for as little as .38 and the progress it has made is really great. On Friday, the stock registered a new high of 1.15, representing a roughly three-week upswing of 203%

Extended Watchlist:

AZFL, GGSM, REVO, GALE & Extended Watchlist

Amazonas Florestal Ltd AZFL

When we first brought you AZFL on Nov.28th, the stock was trading as low as .047. Yesterday, it hit a high of .08 for a respectable 70% gain in a span of just eight days.

As we said in our previous report, AZFL is going to be a point of long-term focus for us, and we really like how it’s gone so far.


Gold and GemStone Mining Inc. GGSM

As you can see on the chart we’ve included below, GGSM has been an absolute superstar stock for us this week, providing us with no less than three opportunities for profit over the past two days.First it went from .11-.13, gaining 23%, followed by a small 8% jump from .12-.13. It then pulled back to .105, before shooting back to .14, adding another possible 33%. In total, savvy traders could have banked up to 60% in gains.


Revolutionary Concepts Inc. REVO

REVO appeared for the first time on our extended watchlist at midday on Wednesday. From a low of .0016, the stock showed us returns of 119% to yesterday’s high of .0035. We are going to want to keep this one on our radars through to next week.


Galena Biopharma, Inc. GALE

We’ve been following this play since August in our extended watchlists. Last week, on the 29th, we focused on GALE. Being as low as 1.65 at the time, we enjoyed gains on the order of 32% when the stock hit 2.43 earlier this week.

We want to continue to keep an eye on this one as well, with as much success as GALE has brought us over just a short period of time.


Extended Watchlist:

HEMP, CBIS, GGSM & Extended Watchlists

We are back to focusing on marijuana-related stocks this morning, as Washington state’s legalization measures took effect at midnight last night. Tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of happy smokers gathered at locations throughout the state, in a New Year’s Eve-style countdown-to-cannabis! We observed positive moves from several “pot stocks” yesterday, and we expect to see the trends continue as the nation gets used to the idea that the beginning of the end for marijuana prohibition is underway out West.


Hemp, Inc. HEMP

When we initially began covering HEMP, the stock was as low as .027. It made a solid run all the way up to .09 before consolidating to bounce off of .037, at which point we saw another jump to .065. Consolidation occurred yet again, until late last week the stock found support at .035. It has been bumping into the 50DMA, and yesterday it finally got above it, with the next patch of resistance to come at the 20DMA of a nickel.

We’ve seen what HEMP can do when momentum flows into the stock, and we wouldn’t be at all surprised to catch another breakout in coming weeks, on into next year, especially with all the hype and positive attention that the medical marijuana industry has been getting.


Cannabis Science, Inc. CBIS

We notice a lot of similarities in the HEMP and CBIS charts. Both stocks had serious runs, only to consolidate and find a higher support level, and are now gearing up for further gains, breaching the 50DMA’s.

The next patch of resistance for CBIS figures to come at the 20DMA (.068) and 200DMA (.072). As you can see below, chart indicators appear to be turning toward the bullish side, so we definitely want to keep CBIS on our scanners.


Other Marijuana-Related Stocks to Monitor:


Gold and GemStone Mining Inc. GGSM

We wanted to relay this morning’s PR from GGSM as well:

Gold and GemStone Mining Inc. and Blue Orange Mining Ltd Sign a Joint Venture Agreement
DRAPER, UT, Dec 06, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — Gold and GemStone Mining Inc. (OTCQB: GGSM), an alluvial gold and diamond exploration and development stage mining company, announced today a joint venture agreement with Blue Orange Mining Limited.

Charmaine King, CEO of Gold and Gemstone Mining Inc., has announced the signing of a joint venture with Blue Orange Mining Ltd, based in Ghana offering 15 gold concessions, in a 50/50 JV.

Each concession measures between eighteen (18) to twenty-five (25) acres thus producing a total area of about forty-eight (48) acres in Dunkwa-Offin, fifty(50) acres in Pokukrom, and a total of two hundred and seventy-one (271) acres in Bibiani.

Six concessions were chosen for extensive testing, to evaluate the reserves. Results from this program would dictate the safe projection of resource to cover the thirteen mineable concessions for this project.

The concessions were evaluated by conventional polygonal methods to define the potential resources of minerals. Prospected data for the concessions was proven by a close drilling program undertaken by Dunkwa Goldfields Limited, a dredging company that held rights to extensive alluvial terrains along the Offin, Oda and Ancobra Rivers. When the company was declared bankrupt, its concessions were assigned by government for small scale operations. Records from this evaluation reveal an average reserve of approximately 11,083,696 tonnes at a grade of 0.75g/t for the six concessions. This projected over all thirteen concessions confirming a total resource of approximately 258,556 ounces and concluding a net average cost of production $721.45 per ounce for the life span of the project.

Mrs. King goes on to comment on the findings of the geological report, “GGSM is extremely pleased to announce to our shareholders and the public the geological report on our newest JV project with Blue Orange Mining shows over 250,000 ounces of easily extractable gold from the 13 mineable concessions. Even if gold was to drop to $1,500.00 per ounce, this concession would be worth over $380,000,000.00 to GGSM and our JV partners Blue Orange. With an average production cost for GGSM of $721.45 per ounce we are looking at over $200,000,000.00 in gross operating revenue for GGSM and Blue Orange Mining. Furthermore, GGSM is starting negotiations with Blue Orange to locate and finance the heavy equipment needed to begin moving forward.”


Extended Watchlist:
TAON – We alerted the bottom yesterday at .009, looks set to continue gains.