Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Review

Options Recap

We wrapped up last week on Friday morning’s report with a pair of fresh options ideas. We are happy to start off this new trading week with a review of the solid performances of those plays, and the subsequent gain opportunities they provided for us.

Paypal, Inc. PYPL -  Paypal stock saw early gains thanks to solid numbers from its Venmo quick pay platform contained in its quarterly report. It caused us to signal interest in the PYPL Weekly $81-83 Calls and sure enough, we saw some nice chances for single-session profits.

$81 Calls – Range: 2.07-5.15 - Max Gain: 149%
$82 Calls – Range: 1.23-4.30 – Max Gain: 250%
$82.50 Calls – Range: .95-3.72 - Max Gain: 292%
$83 Calls – Range: .54-3.23 – Max Gain: 498%

The Procter & Gamble Co. PG- Procter and Gamble also reported on its earnings Friday morning,and recorded five year highs in sales growth. We highlighted the PG Weekly $82-84.50 Calls and swept the range with solid results there as well.

$82 Calls – Range: 2.87-5.40 – Max Gain: 88%
$82.50 Calls – Range: 2.61-5.20 - Max Gain: 99%
$83 Calls – Range: 1.70-4.70 – Max Gain: 176%
$83.50 Calls – Range: 1.80-4.14 – Max Gain: 130%
$84 Calls – Range:.96-3.49 – Max Gain: 264%
$83.50 Calls – Range: 1.05-3.15 – Max Gain: 200%

Fresh Options Idea:
PetMed Express, Inc. PETS 12/21 $30-35 Calls

Extended Watchlist: 

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Review, Fresh Ideas & More

Speed Commerce, Inc. SPDC

We were just reminding our readers about SPDC yesterday, which we’ve now tracked for three sessions since  our premarket report on Friday. We observed a low of .018 that day, and the stock hasn’t looked back since.

After another excellent PPS-enhancing performance on Monday, we suggested our subscribers continue to watch yesterday for the possibility of a protracted uptrend, and what followed was the biggest single-session move yet, and new highs for SPDC.

From an early low of .038, the stock rushed to .057 in the closing minutes. That represented a 50% intraday pop, and an overall three-day increase above our observed low of .018 amounting to 217%

Options Ideas

Rambus, Inc. RMBS – Recap

RMBS was the subject of an options trading idea we submitted yesterday morning, after noticing the stock gapping up in the premarket on a post-market earnings beat from the prior day. We targeted the RMBS 02/19 $12 Calls, and those contracts traded in a range from .37-.59; good for intraday gains of up 59%

Apple, Inc. AAPL

It’s been awhile since we signaled any AAPL options, but we’re presented with an opportunity this morning as the stock is down considerably in early trading on deflated sales forecasts, amongst other things. We’ll look for chances on the bearish side of things, namely the AAPL Weekly $97-95.50 Puts to try to take advantage of the consequences of shaken investor confidence.

Biogen, Inc. BIIB

An impressive beat on revenues and EPS is leading BIIB to a notable gap-up this morning,  we’ll definitely want to look for the possibility of a nice intraday upswing from the stock. To ensure we catch the heaviest action we’ll begin by monitoring every set of contracts in the range of BIIB Weekly $267.50 through $280 Calls.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SPDC Update, Options Ideas & More

Speed Commerce, Inc. SPDC

We tagged SPDC for observation in our premarket report on Friday, and what has followed is two consecutive days of upward momentum.

We observed a low of .018 on Friday morning, and a subsequent high of .0289 for an intraday gain of 61% Then yesterday the stock traded in a range from .0289 to .041, for a 42% intraday rip. All told, SPDC made an total session-over-session swing of 128% since we began tracking the stock.

We’ll continue to do so for the time being- the recovery off of recently recorded annual lows has been rapid, as can be seen on the following chart snapshot. A return to PPS-levels of just a few weeks ago would mean significant gains from the current price, so we’ll have our eyes peeled for the possibility of a continued uptrend.

Fresh Options Ideas

After poring over the earnings calendar from post-market yesterday and this morning, we came across a pair of interesting plays for which we’ll formulate a couple of correlated options ideas.

FirstMerit Corp. FMER

Despite an earnings miss this morning, FMER is flying in premarket trading on concurrent news of a $3.4B buyout/merger with Huntington Bancshares in a deal that will effectively create the state of Ohio’s largest regional bank. We’re going to tag the FMER 02/19 $17.50 and $20 Calls for potential dip-and-rip scenarios.


Rambus, Inc. RMBS

Regarding RMBS, we’re seeing a classic earnings-beat gap up to the tune of 7% in early trading today. Better than expected figures were released post-market yesterday, so we’ll be tracking a set of contracts here as well. Specifically, the RMBS 02/19 $12 Calls.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Afternoon Updates

For the second day in a row, performances from the subjects of our morning report have necessitated an afternoon follow-up. We managed to pile up several chances for big gains, even with the temporary glitch that left OTC trading halted for roughly an hour around lunchtime. It was the second such outage in the past month.

BG Medicine, Inc. BGMD

BGMD leads the way, with an excellent showing this morning. After seeing a low of .6115, the stock streaked upward and went on to hit highs in the 1.20′s. Gains approaching 100% have been possible thus far as BGMD has reached its highest levels since August.

Tiger Oil & Energy, Inc. TGRO

TGRO continued its uptrend this morning, topping out at .635. That marks a possible gain of 32% from today’s low, and a whopping 76% from Monday’s low following our initial alert.

Rambus, Inc. RMBS

RMBS was yet another winner this morning, coming off of our extended watchlist and powering its way to a 28% intraday gain from 8.25 to 10.57.

Navidea Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. NAVB

We put NAVB on our radars this morning after it popped up on our news feed, and has put up a solid move of 16%, with a daily range from 1.90-2.20.

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TGRO, WMIH, BGMD, ZGNX, NAVB & Extended Watchlist

Tiger Oil & Energy, Inc. TGRO
For those of you who may have missed yesterday’s morning and afternoon reports on TGRO, the stock had a marquee day, putting up one of the best performances in the whole of the OTC Markets.

On more than 20x the 3mo. average volume, TGRO bulled its way upward throughout the day, starting at a low of .36 and reaching as high as .524, good for a strong intraday move and chance for up to a 46% profit. A strong close at .52 effectively puts us on the lookout for continued momentum this morning, though as always, traders should use caution on a stock that has seen such rapid increases.

Our timely mention of TGRO (coming just a day after the stock woke up from the dead) also put us at the top of Monday’s Penny Stock Rumble:

WMI Holdings Corp. WMIH

WMIH appeared on our Blue Horseshoe Stocks blog with yesterday afternoon’s alert, at which time the stock was trading in the 1.42 area. It would go on to experience a 27% move to 1.81 in the final hours of the session.

WMIH is now heading into uncharted territory, being the highest it’s ever been. We are going to be cautious for a pullback, and in that event we’d like to see the previous resistance, our alert price of 1.42, hold as support.

SEATTLE, Dec. 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – WMI Holdings Corp. (WMIH) (“WMI” or the “Company”) today announced that KKR & Co. L.P. has entered into a conditional commitment letter to make a strategic investment in the Company (the “Commitment Letter”), dated December 8, 2013. >>>Read Release

BG Medicine, Inc. BGMD

We’ve also got a new item for your tickers this morning. BGMD has news out, and looks set for an interesting session as the stock is gapping up in pre-market trading, coming off of recent lows and breaking above the 50DMA (.64), a recent area of resistance.

We’ll be monitoring BGMD today as it reacts to this morning’s announcement:

WALTHAM, Mass., Dec 10, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE via COMTEX) — BG Medicine, Inc. (Nasdaq:BGMD) announced today that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have published the final determination of the 2014 Medicare national limitation amount for the Company’s galectin-3 blood test (analyte-specific CPT(R) Code 82777) at the amount of a crosswalked test (analyte-specific CPT(R) Code 84244) whose 2014 national limitation amount is $30.01. This national limitation amount will replace the galectin-3 blood test’s national limitation amount of $17.80 that was effective in 2013.

The following are plays with FDA-related news out this morning that we’ll want to watch closely today:

Zogenix, Inc. ZGNX
FDA Approval News out this morning, monitoring for potential breakout. >>>View PR

Navidea Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. NAVB
FDA has granted “Fast Track” status for the company’s lymph node detection test. >>>View PR

Extended Watchlist: