Across-the-Board Options Sweep & More

A Solid Options Sweep:

We went all out in yesterday morning ‘s report with options ideas in four chains. We’re finally back into the swing of another earnings season and it feels great! We selected three off of the daily earnings calendar, and went with some SPY calls as well, and we were not disappointed in any regard.

All four of our designated targets saw appreciable intraday runs. Those were the SPY 10/20 $448-450 Calls, the NFLX Weekly $635-640 Calls, the TRV Weekly $155 Calls, and the STLD 11/19 $60-65 Calls. Some of the gains were rather modest, but they all went green for us, and here were their intraday ranges and total possible gains:

SPY 10/20 $448-450 Calls
1.59-3.28 (+106%)
$449: 1.07-2.40 (+124%)
$450: .68-1.60 (+135%)

NFLX Weekly $635-640 Calls
$635: 16.55-21.00 (+27%)
$640: 14.70-18.75 (+28%)

TRV Weekly $155 Calls
$155: 4.15-5.50 (+33%)

STLD 11/19 $60-65 Calls
$60: 3.20-5.70 (+78%)
$65: 1.15-2.62 (+95%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
BIIB Weekly $270-275 Calls
ABT Weekly $122-124 Calls

Atea Pharmaceuticals, Inc. AVIR – Recap:

Also in yesterday morning’s report was a tag of AVIR, which gapped down hard in the the premarket and immediately set about filling that gap.

The stock traded in a daily range from a low of 10.76, cruised back to as high as 16.63 (+55%) and did so on massive volume to the tune of more than 34X the daily average. We will continue to track its activity under these interesting circumstances in upcoming sessions.

Extended Watchlist:

Fresh Ideas, Form-4 Alert

EFX  Options Review 

Despite a poor day for the market yesterday on the heels of oil futures falling to negative values, one of our daily trading ideas still produced for us fairly well. We had signaled EFX Weekly $126-129 Calls in yesterday’s premarket report, and half of that range saw incredible multibag gains.

While the $126-127’s were pushed a little too deep in the money, the $128-129’s absolutely exploded, with a nine and a four-bagger, respectively!

EFX Weekly $128-129 Calls
$284:.60-6.40 (+967%)
$285: 1.00-5.80 (+480%)

Fresh Options Ideas

We’ve got a few more ideas to add to our running watchlist this morning, with a heavy slate of earnings reporters catching our eye here in the premarket.

SNAP Weekly $14-15 Calls 
CMG Weekly $810-840 Calls
BIIB Weekly $312-309 Puts 

Siebert Financial Corp. SIEB – Form-4 Alert

We always try to keep an eye out for bottom plays with recent insider buying, and today it was SIEB that caught our attention. A member of a >10% Ownership Group purchased over $12M in SIEB at 5.80, just a bit higher than the stock’s recent annual lows.

Accordingly, we are going to place SIEB on our list of interesting stocks to track, and monitor its movements moving forward.

Extended Watchlist:

Reviewing Yesterday’s Ideas, Highlighting New Ones

Reviewing Yesterday’s Plays

We had a number of bearish options ideas that we listed in yesterday morning’s premarket report, and thanks to a lackluster performance for the markets at large, as well as ongoing concerns about the rapidly spreading coronavirus, we got some early returns off of those targets.

The gains are modest so far, but we’ll continue to track the lot of them as the week progresses.  

DAL Weekly $57-56 Puts
: 1.20-1.90 (+58%)
$56.50: .96-1.56 (+62%)
: .78-1.18  (+51%)

UAL Weekly $80-79 Puts
: 2.77-3.75 (+35%)
$79: 2.00-3.00 (+50%)

SPY Weekly $325-322 Puts*
: 1.85-2.92 (+58%)
$322: .97-1.65 (+70%)

*There were a couple other SPY contracts within this range, that produced similar gains to those listed above.

Fresh Options Ideas

LMT  Weekly $435-440 Calls
BIIB Weekly $282.50-285 Calls
PBF 06/19 $28-30 Calls