Blue Horseshoe Stocks: NEPT Recap & More

Neptune Technologies & Bioressources, Inc. NEPT

We want to follow up with NEPT this morning as the stock continues to break out to new highs. We originally slated this one for observation back on November 28th, and it has been a near-continual uptrend since then.

Subsequent to that November report, we would witness a low of 1.30, and as of the newly registered annual high of 3.10 yesterday, it marked a run of 138% in just over four weeks, with volume having been especially impressive this week. That high also represents

We will continue to track NEPT as long as it continues to register higher highs and higher lows. It is a cannabis play, but based in Canada, and thus relatively unaffected by recent statements from the DOJ which caused a selloff in many domestic pot stocks late this week.

ChinaNet Online Holdings, Inc. CNET

Speaking of multi-year highs, we tagged CNET in yesterday’s morning report, just in the nick of time to catch the first bullish activity the stock has seen since 2014. An unexpected entry into the crypto space via a new partnership (>> View PR) sent shares through the roof.

CNET traded up from a low of 2.76 and went on to hit 11.90, marking an intraday run of 331% on an all-time high number of shares traded on the day. Course correction is likely, but we’re defintely going to want to keep tabs on CNET moving forward, as dip and rip opportunities may present themselves.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: AAPL Options & More

Lumber Liquidators Holdings Inc. LL – Recap
Although LL did gap up a lot higher than expected to start the session, and larger gains would have been available at higher strike prices closer to the money, but most of our listed targets, the LL Weekly $27.50-29.50 Calls, still managed to see some solid intraday moves.

Those potential gains, including a double-bagger by the $28′s, were as follows:

$27.50 Calls – Range: 3.00-5.50 – Max Gain: 83%
$28 Calls – Range: 2.30-5.00 – Max Gain: 117%
$28.50 Calls – Range: 3.36-4.27 – Max Gain: 27%
$29 Calls – Range: 2.00-3.70 – Max Gain: 85%

Apple, Inc. AAPL

With AAPL breaking out to new all-time highs in the premarket this morning, after a strong earnings report was more than enough to assuage any concerns about lagging iPhone sales, we’re going to want to try to get in on the fun.

AAPL is gearing up to the point that it may also drive the DOW to the 22,000 level, causing a cascading effect that should make for an interesting week for traders across the board.

As for us, we’re going to be tracking the AAPL Weekly $155-162.50 Calls on the heels of this premarket mega-push that has thus far yielded a high of $160 on the nose.

Amarin Corp plc AMRN

We also want to take note of AMRN, which recently took a fair beating on the chart, and is showing clear signs of a reversal.

We also want to signal some calls in that options chain as well as watching the stock itself. The AMRN Weekly $4 Calls will be the options we put on our radar.

Extended Watchlist:

CETV, PROW, TGRO, TSEM, ORMP, ARIA & Extended Watchlist

Central European Media Enterprises, Inc. CETV

We’ve been tracking CETV for quite some time now, having initially alerted the stock on May 10th following a routine Form-4 (Insider Trading) scan. We learned that a large block ($75M worth) of shares had just been purchased by none other than Time Warner, and took notice immediately. We observed the stock make a monster move of 147% before being subjected to a large gap-down (hit 52-week low @ 2.03) at the end of October.

We decided to re-alert the stock on November 13th, by which time it was trading as low as 2.12. Since then, it has been stair-stepping its way back up, having seen highs in the high 3.20′s last week. We’re looking for a breach of the 50 and 200DMA’s (3.48, 3.86 respectively), following which the filling of that large gap on the chart could result in further significant increases.

Progress Watch Corp. PROW

On Friday, we mentioned that we were looking for a break of a key resistance areat on PROW, the 200DMA residing in the .007′s, and the stock indeed surpassed and held above that mark into the close. After opening at .0065, PROW would see a subsequent high of .0098, an intraday run of 51% on more than 5x its 3mo. average volume.

We warned of PROW’s extremely tight share structure, which allows for significant increases on relatively small amounts of buying pressure. The stock demonstrated our point quite succinctly.

Tiger Oil & Energy, Inc. TGRO

Also appearing in Friday’s report was another of our recent favorites in TGRO, a stock which has afforded us ample opportunities in the two weeks that we’ve been tracking it. With our first alert coming exactly two weeks ago, the stock has run from a low .36, all the way up to 1.08, good for a mega-gain of 200%

For those who may have only caught Friday’s alert, there was still the chance to make up to 43% in profit from TGRO’s daily low of  .755 to the 1.08 high.

Extended Watchlist Winners

Friday’s Extended Watchlist also included a few choice picks that put up very respectable sessions to close out the week.

Tower Semiconductor Ltd. TSEM enjoyed a nice move of 26% trading in its daily range from 6.00 to 7.53.

Oramed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ORMP spiked 36% running from 10.05 to 13.69.

ARIAD Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ARIA has been an Extended Watchlist mainstay since Nov. 12th, being as low as 2.31. Friday’s high of 7.75 represents a great run of 236% in just a little over five weeks.

Extended Watchlist:
BISU, AMRN, XRTX, CANF, CBMX, WPCS, S, AAPL(Big news with China Mobile),

TGRO, OLIE, PROW, ARIA & Extended Watchlist

Tiger Oil & Energy, Inc.  TGRO

We’ve been following TGRO since Monday of last week, at which time the stock was trading as low .36. After running up to the low .60′s, we observed the stock pull back to .38. We were encouraged to find that it held support above our initial alert low, as higher lows following a pullback are often a good sign.

Sure enough, since then, the stock has been stair-stepping its way up to hit yesterday’s high of .75. That marks a 108% overall move from our initial alert price, and up to 97% from TGRO’s most recent low of .38.

Olie, Inc. OLIE

On Wednesday, OLIE was an excellently timed call for us. We had the opportunity to make up to 147% profit as the stock ran from .0082-.02 before pulling back significantly to close at .0097.

Following up in yesterday’s report, we stated: “…with the kind of volatility we’re seeing out of OLIE, we definitely want to pay attention heading into week’s end. Further opportunities could certainly present themselves.” Our call turned out to be spot-on once again.

The stock shot right out of the gate to make a rapid 55% move from .0097 to .015. Then, following a pullback to .0108, it ran again, this time to .016, a 48% spike.

That brought our two-day total cumulative gains on OLIE to an impressive 250%

Progress Watch Corp. PROW

PROW popped up on our abnormal activity scanner yesterday, and we had to make certain to pass it along today.

Chart conditions appear to be favorable: The RSI is ready to breach into the power zone, and the MACD recently experienced a bullish cross. The 50DMA is rising sharply toward the 200DMA that should lead to a golden cross in the week and months ahead. Presently, we’re looking to see PROW push through and hold support above its 200DMA at  .0072.

We also want to point out that PROW boasts an extremely tight share structure, with only 25.1 million in the float as of March of this year. A stock trading at this increment with such a low float needs only a relatively small amount of buying pressure to produce significant gains.

ARIAD Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ARIA

We’ve been tracking ARIA ever since November 26th. Since that time, we’ve observed the stock trading as low as 3.80. ARIA has been picking up steam over the past few sessions, posting higher highs and higher lows for three consecutive days.

Yesterday it hit a high of 5.58, marking an increase of 47% over recent lows.

Extended Watchlist:
PLPE (Gapping Down on Large Premarket Volume), AMRN, ORMP, TSEM, CLWT, CYTR, BCRX,

ICNB, AMRN, AKS & Today’s Extended Watchlist

We try to bring you a nice selection of quality picks on a daily basis, and believe us, we are well aware of our competition. There simply isn’t another stock newsletter out there that has our level of continual success, coupled with concern for our readers’ success. Anywhere.


Iconic Brands, Inc. ICNB

Take ICNB for instance. We put this forth yesterday as a momentum play, and after touching a low of .022, the stock surged ahead, closing at .055. Total possible single-session gains: 150%


Amarin Corp. Plc AMRN

Despite receiving FDA approval for their new drug, AMRN appears to be gapping down this morning. After all of the hype and baked-in PPS leading into the approval date, it appears the stock now wants consolidate. Excessive profit-taking in these instances can hold back the progress of a stock, so we will be observing for any possible bounces.

BEDMINSTER, N.J. and DUBLIN, Ireland, July 26, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Amarin Corporation plc (Nasdaq:AMRN), a biopharmaceutical company focused on the commercialization and development of therapeutics to improve cardiovascular health, announced today that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Vascepa(TM) (icosapent ethyl) capsules (formerly known as AMR101) as an adjunct to diet to reduce triglyceride (TG) levels in adult patients with severe (TG greater than or equal to 500mg/dL) hypertriglyceridemia (very high triglycerides).


AK Steel Holding Corp. AKS  &  Arch Coal, Inc. ACI

On June 18th, we alerted ACI as a bottom-fishers dream, and the stock subsequently ran from a low of 5.41 to 7.63 for a gain of 41% The stock saw a new low yesterday (5.16), and again seems like a good one to watch for a possible upcoming bounce.

AKS is exhibiting some similar characteristics to ACI. The charts are alike in many ways, and like ACI, AKS is hovering around a bottom. Therefore, we want to keep an eye on it moving forward, in the event that it matches the kind of bounce we saw in ACI.


Extended Watchlist: