Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Winning Options Review

Acuity Brands, inc. AYI – Options Update

We took the opportunity to jump on some AYI calls following a poor showing from the company’s Q3 financials. We felt that the blow taken by the stock in the previous session was an overreaction, and decided to radar a couple of sets of contracts in the AYI chain to correspond with what we assumed would be a rebound from this burst of overselling,

Our targets were the AYI 07/19 $125-130 Calls.  We banked on a course correction to provide us with a push and things turned out just as we hoped they might. The stock traded in a daily range from a low of 129.90 and cruised as high as 136.74. That allowed for some very respectable intraday gain opportunities for us, and we will want to continue to monitor these in the sessions ahead.

The $125 Calls ran from 6.10-11.55 for a daily rip of 89% while the $130’s went from 2.85-7.20, a gain of 153%  A full two weeks remain before these contracts expire.

KB Homes KBH – Recap 

We also signaled our interest in some KBH calls last Thursday. Since that time, the stock has been slowly creeping upward, and we’ve realized the potential for some very nice moves in our KBH 07/19 $26-27 Calls, which experienced their lows on the morning of our initial alert, and reached new highs yesterday.

The $26 Calls ran from .35-1.05, for an even 200% burst, while the $27’s fared slightly better. Those produced a move from .15-.47, signifying a run of 213%

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Earnings and Bottom Plays

Acuity Brands, inc. AYI – Options Idea

After a lackluster Q3 report, AYI took a gut punch yesterday, but began to recover before the day was through, and appears to want to continue to course-correct today.

We are going to radar the AYI 07/19 $125-130 Calls. Even if this holiday shortened week comes to a predictably quiet close and doesn’t provide a ton of activity, we’ll still have plenty of time to get results before the 19th.

comScore, Inc. SCOR 

We’ve found what appears to be a prime bottom-watch candidate in SCOR. The stock is egregiously oversold at the present time, and has managed a couple of positive sessions this week.

The volatility potential on this stock is high. It’s not unreasonable to think that it could return to the $10 level or better over a period of several weeks or perhaps even months. We’ll designate this as a longer-term recovery play.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: ASUV Recap, Bottom-Plays & More

Harmonic Energy, Inc. ASUV

We tagged ASUV back on Leap Day as a possible bottom-play, and after seeing the stock find support at an ultimate low of .0024 just a couple of sessions subsequent to that, it’s been a series of almost non-stop upturns since then.

One look at the 3-month chart on ASUV shows why we felt the need to circle back around and congratulate ourselves for an amazing bottom-call. As of this week, we’ve now witnessed ASUV run as high as .043. That marks an epic surge of 1692% over a five-week span!

With the chart beginning to look a bit top-heavy, we’ll now transition into monitoring for dip-and-rip type activity. In order for the stock to continue to hold our attention, we’ll want to see it maintain support above its previous resistance at .02 on any pullbacks.

Pacific Sunwear of California, Inc. PSUN

Speaking of bottom-watch plays, we’ve got another one to enter into the mix this morning in the form of PSUN. This play has appeared in our reports at various times over the past few years. Presently, as is readily apparent on the following snapshot, the stock has absolutely fallen off of a cliff following a major two-day upswing. It appears to have over-corrected to the low side.

Whenever we run across stocks in this position, our bottom-feeding sense kicks in big-time. The volatility at play over the past few sessions could be used to our advantage on the next leg up, which could be in the cards sooner rather than later, so keep an eye peeled!

On Continued Watch: LNCO & LINE

We placed both of these potential bottom-plays on watch to kick off the week in Monday’s morning report and we want to reinforce our interest this morning. As you can see from the side-by-side comparison, these two trade very closely as they are tied to the same parent entity.


Also on our radars with big oil making a reverse yesterday, is VelocityShares 3X Long Crude ETN (UWTI). If oil continues its rebound through today as we suspect it might, there could be some interesting activity in UWTI.

Fresh Options Idea: To dip back into the options trading pool this midweek, we’re going to signal STZ Weekly $150-160 Calls for potential day/swing-trade opportunities.

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