Wrapping Up a Challenging Yet Fruitful Week

Yesterday’s Movers:

The end of another trading week is upon us, and while market conditions have certainly made it a challenge, we’ve still been able to log some pretty good ideas and subsequent chances for traders to benefit. Yesterday morning’s premarket report yielded three out of four movers, and while the gains weren’t off the charts, there were still solid plays to be made.

Our movers for the day were the TCOM 10/21 $25-26 Calls, the LEN Weekly $75-76 Calls, and the DRI 10/21 $125 Puts, and the modest-to-intermediate gains they registered on the session were as follows:

TCOM 10/21 $25-26 Calls

$25: 1.35-2.50 (+85%)
$26: 1.11-1.90 (+71%)

LEN Weekly $75-76 Calls
$75: 2.77-3.35 (+21%)
$76: 1.82-1.89 (+4%)

DRI 10/21 $125 Puts
$230: 3.70-5.42 (+46%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
SPY 09/23 $371-369 Puts
COST Weekly $465-475 Calls

Global Tech Industries Group, Inc. GTII – OTC Recap:

We caught a pretty good gainer with GTII on yesterday morning’s extended watchlist. The stock posted a nice little breakout for us that fell just shy of producing a double-bag gain opportunity for us. GTII ran from a low of .93 and went on to hit its daily high at 1.78. That works out to a single-session run of 93% and it came on the stock’s second-highest volume day of all time!

Extended Watchlist: