Interesting Ground Floor NASDAQ Opportunity

Medigus Ltd. (NASDAQ: MDGS) – Special Focus:

We’re excited to be presenting another focus report this morning, where we’ll be going a bit more in-depth than usual in looking at this innovative small cap technology company trading on the NASDAQ that we feel is loaded with future potential. Medigus is a well-diversified conglomerate that is actively pursuing goals in the medical, digital commerce, and electric vehicle market spaces.

One would be hard-pressed to find a more relevant grouping of interests better suited to the realities of 2021 and beyond. We’ll break these down by sector to give readers a more comprehensive understanding of all of the irons that MDGS currently has in the fire (You may click each link to learn more):


Scoutcam – World’s smallest medical device camera with FDA clearance that meets several key surgical needs, including illumination irrigation and single-use design. This patented technology can be custom tailored for use in a variety of industries such as Aerospace, Research and Defense.

PolyrizonPrivate company in which MDGS is a 33% stakeholder, which is developing proprietary technology that protects against biological threats and external pathogens. Recent pre-clinical studies show that its technology has the potential to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection.

Digital Commerce:

Gix – Innovative AI technology that offers advanced customizable marketing solutions that maximize users’ online exposure to specifically targeted audiences/prospective clientele.

Eventer – Platform for the creation, marketing and managing of both virtual and real world. Enables customers, both businesses and individuals to produce, promote and sell tickets to these events.

Smart Repair Pro – Online stores purveying various consumer goods via Amazon (In the US and Germany, the first and second largest Amazon marketplaces in the world.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Market: 

Charging Robotics – Developing on-demand autonomous charging system for both manned and unmanned EV’s, with cutting-edge wireless power transfer (WPT) technology. Proof of concept recently attained (click link for more info).

Revoltz – Electric micro-mobility vehicles specifically for “last mile” delivery of consumer goods. Based on customer needs such as handling a full work day on a single charge, Hop-on-Hop-off modes, and off-road capabilities.

(PLEASE NOTE: Apart from Charging Robotics, of which MDGS is the sole owner, the company owns a controlling interest in the remainder of the above-mentioned subsidiaries)

As you can plainly see, we are not off-base in our characterization of MDGS being highly diversified into a range of future-forward market spaces. It’s one of the primary factors that we find attractive about this particular stock. Given that it is currently trading at a relative bottom, we can’t imagine a better time to entertain the prospect of taking a long-term position. 


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– Polyrizons innovative proprietary technology found effective against coronavirus in a pre-clinical study – July 23rd

– Medigus Board of Directors Decides to Promote a $2 Million Buyback Program – July 28th

– Charging Robotics Successfully Completes a Proof of Concept for its Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging Robot – July 30th

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