Blue Horseshoe Stocks: New Highs for VPOR & More

Vapor Group, Inc. VPOR

We caught VPOR for a solid gain on Tuesday, mentioning it in our premarket report before a respectable intraday performance ensued. The stock had run from .00355 to .0053 (+49%) , but we noted that it was part of an emerging bullish pattern, so we kept it on watch yesterday as well.

Once again, this time for the fourth straight session, VPOR managed to record higher lows along with a new high. The stock traded in a range from .0043 to .0068, marking a 58% intraday push, and an overall increase of 92% from our observed low on Tuesday.

We’ll stay hot on VPOR’s trail for as long as it continues to build higher base levels of support.

Lowes Companies, Inc. LOW

We put out a post-earnings options idea on Lowes in yesterday’s report with the LOW Weekly $79-81 Calls and it turned out to be an excellent idea, offering up multi-bag gains across the board inside of the first half hour of trading.

No matter which of the strike points were chosen, quick-strike trades could have yielded the following gains:

$79 Calls – Range: 2.08-5.04 – Max Gain: 142%
$79.50 Calls – Range: 1.67-3.35 – Max Gain: 101%
$80 Calls – Range: 1.29-3.02 – Max Gain: 134%
$81 Calls – Range: 75-3.54 – Max Gain: 372%

Fresh Options Idea

Burlington Stores, Inc. BURL-  Speaking of post-earnings beat options plays, we’re going to want to track a range of contracts in the BURL chain following the company strong showing for the quarter which soundly beat Wall Street expectations.

We’re going to want to radar the BURL 03/17 $85-95 Calls. Given the boost from earnings, along with a strong rising wedge pattern on the chart, we like the chances of seeing some nice activity in those contracts.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: DRYS Recap & Much More

Dry Ships, Inc. DRYS

Yesterday we noticed that DRYS, a stock that has been in heavy decline since early this spring, had strung together a couple of decent sessions last week, so we tagged it for observation in our watchlist.

It was a good thing that we pointed it out when we did, because the move it made yesterday made the previous sessions’ activity seem like small potatoes by comparison. The Greek shipper made one of the largest single session leaps in its history, and we were right there waiting to take advantage.

From an early low of 13.60, the stock ran as high as 42.86 affording traders the chance to bank profits of up to 215% on the day. For a $10+ stock, that’s an absolutely incredible single-session move, and it came on well over two times the 3-month average volume. DRYS is now at its highest PPS since June, so congratulations to anyone who tagged along for the epic ride!

The stock is gapping up past the $50 mark in the premarket, so we could stand to see even further increases from this juncture.

Added Note:  We’re seeing ripple effects throughout the shipping sector, which is as hot as we can ever remember it being. As a result, we’ll place a couple other related plays on watch as well with SALT and TOPS.

Nokia Corp. NOK

We’ve had plenty of experience with NOK in the past, although we haven’t talked about it since May. We;re swinging back around this morning as we’ve noticed the establishment of a new 3-year lows on the stock.

We want to place the stock on bottom-watch at the present time as the chart is beginning to crack into heavily oversold territory, with the addition of a bullish MACD cross which just occurred. As you can see below, the histogram is also set to flip to the upside.

There’s potential for a good play on the stock itself, but of course, we’d also like to highlight a range of extended-term options ideas to use to our advantage if the eventual recovery plays out as we suspect it might. Our targets for the time being are going to be the NOK 01/20 $4 and $5 Calls.

Five Star Quality Care, Inc. FVE

We have an interesting scenario unfolding with FVE that we’d like to point out as well. On Friday, a Form-4 was filed on behalf of an FVE insider outlining the purchase of just under $54M worth of common stock executed at 3.00 (>>View Filing). The interesting thing is, the PPS on FVE was in the mid-$2 range at the time, where it still remains.

Such a vote of confidence by someone with inside knowledge of the company’s inner workings and future, is more than enough to sound the alarms for us. We’re going to immediately place FVE on watch and begin monitoring the stock for a reversal.

Added Reminder: Cannabis stocks are continuing to come back after a period of consolidation, after several new states voted put either recreational or medical marijuana on the books. Despite having many other things to focus on in the current markets, we don’t want to let marijuana plays slip off of our radar for even a moment, as the next big leg up could be just around the corner.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: TPAC, TRTC Recaps & More

 TerraTech Corp. TRTC

TRTC is a stock we’ve been familiar with in the past that we re-alerted in yesterday’s premarket report, and the timing was excellent. The recent surge in this marijuana stock was catalyzed by Tuesday’s announcement that the company had acquired one of California’s highest-volume medical cannabis dispensaries (>>View PR)

Tuesday’s session brought a comparatively modest move before the news really had a chance to circulate, but the fact that the deal creates the first dispensary attached to a publicly-traded vehicle cause large outlets such as Forbes and TIME Money to post articles on TRTC toward the end of the day.

The buzz generated enabled us to swoop in with our premarket mention yesterday just in the nick of time to catch the stock’s run from a low of .1148 all the way .182 for a solid 59% intraday surge. The stock managed to hold at .1797 into the close and did so on over ten times the 3-month average volume, so we’ll definitely keep watch over the impending activity today.

Trans-Pacific Aerospace Co., Inc. TPAC

TPAC was a huge call for us yesterday morning as well producing a potential double-bagger for traders despite the fact that we had already tracked it to huge gains just recently.

We began mentioning TPAC midway through December, and around that time we’d observe the stock trading at a low of .0006. We continued to track it over a huge run-up which culminated in the mid-.006 range last week before the stock started to see some consolidation.

Yesterday morning’s re-alert was a result of our noticing TPAC rebounding off of a bottom on Tuesday, and the recovery continued as it ran from .0018-.0039 on the day. That goes down in the books as a 117% intraday surge from a stock that has now treated us to multiple swing-trade opportunities in recent weeks.

Ambient Water Corp. AWGI

Also coming off of yesterday’s watchlist with a respectable intraday performance was AWGI, which took off from a low of .0076 and reached .0109. That represents a nice intraday run of 43% and it came on massive volume of just over fifteen times the 3-month average.  That definitely raises AWGI to potential momentum-play status, so we’ll need to keep an eye peeled for further activity as things get going this morning.

Chatroom Reminder

We caught PVAH in yesterday’s live trader’s chatroom, and would have a chance to jump in as low .047 before it ran up to .083 for an intraday move over over 75% It’s definitely one that we will want to continue to watch for the establishment of higher base levels of support moving forward.

It also gives us a reason to remind our readers that participation in our daily trader’s chats which currently take place via Skype is as simple as sending a contact request to username ‘stocksumo‘. All of our loyal readers are most welcome to join in!

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