Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Review, Fresh Ideas & More

Wynn Resorts Ltd. WYNN – Options Review

It was the wide range of options contracts we highlighted in the WYNN chain that stole the show among our interests from yesterday morning’s premarket report.  We signaled the WYNN Weekly $93-96.50 Calls for observation, and not surprisingly, saw appreciable intraday gains from every single one of them.

Just take a look at the excellent single-session profits that were on the table for traders who fell in step with our idea. There was literally no way to go wrong with these selections, but at the top end of the range, the $96.50’s were obviously the star of the show with a nearly incomprehensible intraday move of more than 2700%!

$93 Calls – Trading Range: 2.98-7.68 – Max Gain: 158%
$93.50 Calls – Trading Range: 3.61-7.15 – Max Gain: 98%
$94 Calls– Trading Range: 2.53-6.20 – Max Gain: 145%
$94.50 Calls – Trading Range: 3.71-6.08 – Max Gain: 64%
$95 Calls – Trading Range: 2.40-5.62 – Max Gain: 134%
$95.50 Calls– Trading Range: 2.43-5.00 – Max Gain: 106%
$96 Calls – Trading Range: 1.47-5.00 – Max Gain: 240%
$96.50 Calls– Trading Range: .15-4.30 – Max Gain: 2766%

The stock is gapping up again this morning, so we expect the figures on these gains to be pushed even higher upon commencement of trading at the opening bell. We’ll also look for opportunities at a higher strike range with the $100-103 Calls as well.

Fresh Options Ideas

We’ve formulated a number of other options trading ideas to close out the week, but please heed our standard warning regarding Friday trading of weekly contracts- Only expert traders should attempt such a high-difficulty and risky venture. Both of the following are options chains from which we’ve pulled down mammoth gains on countless occasions in the past: 

SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) – For the SPY, which of course is a general market analog, we’re going to be monitoring Weekly $205-207 Calls with both the general markets and oil gapping up this morning.

Petroleo Brasiliero S.A. (Petrobras) PBR – For PBR we’re zeroing in on the Weekly $5-6 Calls. PBR has made notable intraday upswings on more than one occasion this week, and a continuation of that pattern could lead to some nice gain figures for these contracts.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Pharma Watchlist & More

Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. LXRX

We’re taking notice of LXRX this morning in the wake of a premarket PR that has the stock trending up to its highest levels of the past three months; it contained updates on current projects as well as increased earnings. The addition of an interesting setup on the chart gives us good reason to place LXRX on watch this mid-week.

As you can see on the snapshot below, the stock gapped down significantly at the end of November. In premarket activity today we’re seeing a partial fill taking place. We’re going to be watching for LXRX to fill the remainder of the gap into the mid 1.20’s where its next area of resistance will come in at the 200DMA of 1.28.

THE WOODLANDS, Texas, March 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (LXRX), a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing breakthrough treatments for human disease, today updated its drug development progress and reported financial results for the three months and year ended December 31, 2014.>> VIEW PR

Pharmaceutical Watchlist

There are a number of other pharma and biopharma stocks gapping up in the premarket this morning, some of which have appeared in our reports in the past. We’ve listed them below along with links to today’s news, where applicable:

Keryx Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. KERX

Atossa Genetics, Inc. ATOS

Coronado Biosciences, Inc. CNDO

Coronado Biosciences Forms New Subsidiary, Checkpoint Therapeutics, to Develop Novel Immuno-Oncology Antibodies (Wed 8:30AM EST)

PhotoMedex, Inc. PHMD

Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc. OREX

KaloBios Pharmaceuticals, Inc. KBIO

Earnings-Related Options Ideas

American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. AEO beat expected Q4 profits and revenues, and is gapping up as a result. To take advantage of the trend, we are monitoring options trading possibilities in the AEO Weekly $15-16 Calls

Abercrombie & Fitch ANF fell short of expectations with regard to sales, which is fueling a downtrend here in the premarket, so we’ll take the opposite approach here, and keep an eye on ANF Weekly $23-24 Puts.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Great Start to the Short Week

Oncolytics, BioTech, Inc. ONCYJumping off of yesterday’s extended watchlist was ONCY, which not only produced a fruitful session yesterday, but continued to push its upper limits this morning as it touched a premarket high of .90.

After tagging this play yesterday, we witnessed a low of .57 before ONCY took off to set a daily high of .74 (+30%). As of this morning’s premarket high of .90, the stock had registered a total increase of 58%

Lucas Energy, Inc. LEI

LEI put up a pleasing performance as well yesterday. After being included in Friday’s report and making a move from .26 to .362 (+39%), the stock continued its trend, cutting a path from its daily low of .34 on up to .45.

That run marked an intraday gain of 32%, and an overall increase of 73% over our observed low on Friday.

Gevo, Inc. GEVO

GEVO, another inclusion in Friday’s watchlist, also made gains for the second consecutive session, trading in a range from .257-.30 (+17%). At its high, it registered as an increase of 49% from Friday’s low.

MagnaGas Corp. MNGA

MNGAalso appeared on our extended watchlist yesterday, and made a comparatively modest yet solid 16% move during yesterday’s session.

Yesterday’s Options Ideas

We focused on some longer-term ideas with the following two plays yesterday, and despite that fact, were very pleased with the immediate price action.

VASCO Data Security International, Inc. VDSI – The 03/20 $25 Calls we outlined in yesterday’s report made two sizable swings. First, from 5.11-7.10 (+39%) followed by a big pullback to 1.60 before it ripped back to 4.60, adding a huge intraday move equaling 187%

Similar action in the weekly calls at the same strike price (4.91-6.70, .72-4.21) could also have facilitated large gains.

Medtronic plc MDT – In MDT we zeroed in on the 03/20 $77.50 and $80 Calls, and both sets of contracts made big moves for us. The $77.50’s ran from a low of 3.70 and went on to touch 5.90, marking an intraday spike of 60%, and the $80’s would trade in a range from  .36-.83, which is a 130% jump.

Like VDSI, our longer-term idea could have applied to the weekly contracts here as well.

Extended Watchlist:
ROSG, ANGI, MSN, CUR, NOR, RUSS (Potential Bottom Bouncer)