Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Great Start to the Short Week

Oncolytics, BioTech, Inc. ONCYJumping off of yesterday’s extended watchlist was ONCY, which not only produced a fruitful session yesterday, but continued to push its upper limits this morning as it touched a premarket high of .90.

After tagging this play yesterday, we witnessed a low of .57 before ONCY took off to set a daily high of .74 (+30%). As of this morning’s premarket high of .90, the stock had registered a total increase of 58%

Lucas Energy, Inc. LEI

LEI put up a pleasing performance as well yesterday. After being included in Friday’s report and making a move from .26 to .362 (+39%), the stock continued its trend, cutting a path from its daily low of .34 on up to .45.

That run marked an intraday gain of 32%, and an overall increase of 73% over our observed low on Friday.

Gevo, Inc. GEVO

GEVO, another inclusion in Friday’s watchlist, also made gains for the second consecutive session, trading in a range from .257-.30 (+17%). At its high, it registered as an increase of 49% from Friday’s low.

MagnaGas Corp. MNGA

MNGAalso appeared on our extended watchlist yesterday, and made a comparatively modest yet solid 16% move during yesterday’s session.

Yesterday’s Options Ideas

We focused on some longer-term ideas with the following two plays yesterday, and despite that fact, were very pleased with the immediate price action.

VASCO Data Security International, Inc. VDSI – The 03/20 $25 Calls we outlined in yesterday’s report made two sizable swings. First, from 5.11-7.10 (+39%) followed by a big pullback to 1.60 before it ripped back to 4.60, adding a huge intraday move equaling 187%

Similar action in the weekly calls at the same strike price (4.91-6.70, .72-4.21) could also have facilitated large gains.

Medtronic plc MDT – In MDT we zeroed in on the 03/20 $77.50 and $80 Calls, and both sets of contracts made big moves for us. The $77.50’s ran from a low of 3.70 and went on to touch 5.90, marking an intraday spike of 60%, and the $80’s would trade in a range fromĀ  .36-.83, which is a 130% jump.

Like VDSI, our longer-term idea could have applied to the weekly contracts here as well.

Extended Watchlist:
ROSG, ANGI, MSN, CUR, NOR, RUSS (Potential Bottom Bouncer)