Blue Horseshoe Stocks: EBAY Ready For Reversal?

Ebay, Inc. EBAY – Bottom Play

On our routine morning scan today we noticed that EBAY, on Tuesday, registered a new annual low. The stock is at its lowest share price since April of 2017, and as our readers are well aware, we’re always on the hunt for a good bottom-play.

What we typically do in these scenarios, is signal a range of options calls with a moderate amount of time remaining until expiration. In this case we’re going to designate the EBAY 11/23 $33-35 Calls as our items of interest.

As you can see on the included chart, the relative strength is rising and the MACD has begun to converge toward a bullish cross. Coupled with Tuesday’s annual low and a sizable gap to fill on the order of roughly two dollars, and it makes EBAY an attractive bottom-bounce candidate.

Constellation Brands, Inc. STZ

We also like to look for opportunities on the heels of large companies reporting their earnings by highlighting options with weekly expiration, and that’s wjhat we want to do with STZ this morning.

We’re going to track the STZ Weekly $212.50-220 Calls through today and tomorrow’s sessions.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Roundup & More

Options Roundup 

All of our earnings-related options ideas from yesterday’s report saw increases during the session, so we want to kick things off today by going over those performances, as well as formulating another fresh idea.

FedEx Corp. FDX- Our idea for FDX was less about the earnings figures themselves which fell short of expectations, and more about the buoyed guidance. The investment community at large felt the same way, and as a result FDX made a really nice intraday run from just above $193, to just below $196. That allowed for our ideas, the FDX Weekly $192.50-200 Calls, to put up the following gains:

$192.50 Calls – Range: 1.86-3.96 – Max Gain: 113%
$195 Calls – Range: .90-2.96 – Max Gain: 218%
$197.50 Calls – Range: .29-2.37 – Max Gain: 717%

Petroleo Brasiliero S.A. (Petrobras) PBR - An analyst upgrade coupled with a solid earnings report led us to signal a range of PBR calls yesterday. We mentioned the fact that we’ve had a ton of success on countless occasions in the past trading options in this play, and our streak kept on going. We offered both an idea for the weeklies as well as a couple with an April expiration for a longer-term play, (Weekly $9 Calls – 04/21 $9.50-10.00 Calls) and we saw notable gains in all of them:

Weekly $9 Calls – Range: .12-.27 – Max Gain: 125%
04/21 $9.50 Calls
- Range: .26-.34- Max Gain: 33%
04/21 $10.00 Calls
- Range: .14-.19 – Max Gain: 36%

Dollar Tree, Inc. DLTR – We also highlighted the DLTR 04/21 $78-80 Calls, and while they did see marginal increases, it was nothing to write home about just yet. That’s why we just wanted to remind our readers that these are longer-term idea which could take some time to show us the sort of upward moves we’re looking for.


Snap, Inc. SNAP – Our bearish signal on SNAP Friday led to success in the SNAP Weekly $20 Puts that we were watching. They gained 246% intraday running from .30-1.04.

Today, we want to reverse our strategy and go with some calls, the SNAP Weekly $22-23.50 Calls to be exact.

Moleculin Biotech, Inc. MBRX

We had MBRX in our extended watchlist yesterday, and were pleased with its solid performance on the day. The stock ran from 1.15 to a high of 1.51, which works out to a respectable intraday increase of 31% The move came on immense volume of more than 40X the 30-day average, so we’ll definitely be interested in continuing to track MBRX as we head into the end of the week.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Weekly Wrap-Up, Options Plays & More

Marijuana Company of America, Inc. MCOA

Following today’s session, we will have been tracking MCOA’s movements for exactly one month. When we first began talking about this play in early October it was trading in the subpenny range (.0094), and the results of one heck of a bullish month carried the stock to nearly twenty cents!

We had already seen a rise leading up to yesterday morning’s update on the stock of 1200% but the epic run wasn’t finished. The stock traded in a daily range from a low of .083 and hit an incredible new high of .1985 before tapering off into the close. That worked out to an intraday run of 139%

From our observed low it measures as a one-month overall upswing of 2011% which is one of the largest gainers we’ve bagged all year where stocks are concerned (Our options calls reach percentage gains of more than 1000% fairly routinely).

Galenfeha, Inc. GLFH

Also continuing its multi-day run yesterday was GLFH, which we brought to the table on Monday morning. It has now officially appeared in every report we’ve published for the entire week, on the strength of yet another solid performance yesterday.

We said early on that we’d be looking for GLFH to be a slow and steady riser over these four sessions; it has made gains every day but never exceeding 35%, and yesterday’s move was no exception. What it has done, is maintain those advances and kept piling one on top of the other.

The stock traded in a range from .055-.069 yesterday, for an intraday increase of 25%, and measuring from our observed low of .026, the total intraweek run its posted comes out to a highly respectable 165%

It’s rare that stocks see multi-day runs exceeding three days, so at this point, we’ll begin to ready ourselves for a consolidation that could come at any time.

Fresh Options Ideas

Our incredible success with numerous stocks this week dictated that we shy off of the options trading arena for a few days, but it’s high time for us to enter some ideas into the mix this morning. For both of the following plays, we’ll submit a weekly target* (expiring today) as well as one for next week, just in case these stocks put together multi-day increases of their own.

TWLO Weekly $32-35 Calls & 11/11 $35-36.50 Calls

SBUX Weekly $52-53 Calls & 11/11 $53.50-55 Calls

*Dabbling in weekly options contracts on a Friday should not be attempted by anyone except expert traders!


Lands End, Inc. LE

On the chart below, we’ve pointed out the various reasons for why we like it from a technical perspective. Additionally, we always like to track a wide range retail stocks as the holiday shopping season approaches, and it fits the bill in that regard as well.

We’ve got an extended-term options idea for this one, with the LE 12/16 $12.50-17.50 Calls.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Recap of Friday & Much More

Friday’s Options Ideas:

We had our eyes on a handful of options trading possibilities on Friday, and we did see some significant moves to the upside emerge from that group. We’ll kick things off this week by outlining some of the opportunities that were available for traders within the price ranges we specified in Friday’s report:

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. SWKS
$94.50 Calls – Range: 1.26-3.63 – Max Gain: 188%
$95 Calls – Range: .84-3.20 – Max Gain: 280%
$95.50 Calls – Range: .60-2.28 – Max Gain: 280%
$96 Calls – Range: .53-2.36 – Max Gain: 345%

Expedia, Inc. EXPE
$99 Calls – Range: 1.43-3.60 -  Max Gain: 152%
$99.50 Calls – Range: 2.00-2.83 – Max Gain: 41%

FireEye, Inc. FEYE
05/08 $42 Calls – Range: 1.70-2.55 – Max Gain: 50%
05/08 $43 Calls – Range: 1.25-2.00 – Max Gain: 60%

It’s quite the task for anyone to provide just one worthwhile options-trading idea, and on Friday, we were three for three. It serves as a great example of why we like to mix plenty of these options ideas into our daily reports; the gains are out there, ripe for the taking! 

Advanced Medical Isotope Corp. ADMD

Our attention was drawn to ADMD this morning as it popped up on our news scanner; the company has come forth with information regarding an “error in the calculation of common shares that should have properly been issued, resulting in significant excess issuances of common stock”. It essentially boils down to an estimated positive impact of $0.8M on ADMD’s balance sheet.

We naturally took a look at the ADMD chart upon taking notice of this news, and as we point out with the annotations below, there are several indications of a bullish trend in effect. As a result, we’ll want to keep watch over ADMD as we begin this new trading week.

Rebound For Social Media Stocks?

LinkedIn Corp. LNKD and Twitter, Inc. TWTR were both crushed on disappointing earnings last week, and both stocks appear to be gearing up for a possible recovery this week. They’re both slightly in the green here in the premarket this morning, and we’ll be looking for potential swing trade opportunities that might present themselves in coming weeks with Calls bearing a 05/29 expiration date.

On LinkedIn Corp. LNKD we’ll be monitoring the 05/29 $200-210 Call range. The longer period before expiration gives the stock some time to sustain a comeback off of recent lows.

For Twitter, Inc. TWTR we’ll actively monitor the 05/29 $38-42 Call range for similar opportunities.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PZOO News, Options & More

Voltari Corp. VLTC

Leading into this week, VLTC had been under consolidation following its epic run to new 52-week highs earlier in April. On Wednesday, the stock ultimately found support at 8.14 and by the time it had reached its daily high yesterday the stock had rebounded back to 11.65, a 43% swing.

VLTC did maintain the majority of its daily gains into the close yesterday. and this morning the stock is gapping up quite substantially with a premarket high of 12.34 already having printed.

There appears to be a key area of resistance around $14, and we’ll want to see VLTC hold support at or above its recent swing low of 8.14 on any pullbacks, in order to keep our interest.

Fresh Options Ideas:

We’ve got a few candidates for potential options trades as we close out the week. Please note that we’re referring to Weekly Calls which are on the cusp of expiration, so these would be for quick-trigger daytrades only. For swing trades into next week, one could look at 05/08 or 05/15 contracts.

Expedia, Inc. EXPE – $97-$99.50 Calls

FireEye, Inc. FEYE - $42-$43.50 Calls

Skyworks Solyutions, Inc. SWKS - $94.50-$96 Calls

Pazoo, Inc. PZOO

We want to touch base with PZOO this morning as we’re noticing a new PR hitting the wires. The stock consolidated for the first time in nearly a month this week, coming down off its recent high of .0204. Yesterday it held a penny as support and, we’ll want to see the stock maintain above that level as the week draws to a close.

TODAY’S NEWS:WHIPPANY, N.J., May 1, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Pazoo, Inc. (OTC:PZOO), is pleased to announce that members of its staff will be attending several investment and marijuana conferences over the month of May. Pazoo is also pleased to announce it will have a booth at the 4th Annual Marijuana Business Conference and Expo, America’s largest national cannabis trade show, being held in Chicago, May 19-21.

With Pazoo’s family of companies about to begin operations, numerous Pazoo representatives will begin attending several upcoming marijuana conferences, with the first one in Chicago, Illinois, followed by a conference in Augusta, Maine. The Home Grown Maine trade show and expo, is New England’s largest and best Medical Marijuana Expo. Due to the greater than anticipated attendance from last year’s show, over 4,000 attendees, expo management changed locations to host this event in a larger facility to accommodate an expected exponential increase in the amount attendees expected for this year’s show…>>> FULL PR

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