Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Great Start to the Short Week

Oncolytics, BioTech, Inc. ONCYJumping off of yesterday’s extended watchlist was ONCY, which not only produced a fruitful session yesterday, but continued to push its upper limits this morning as it touched a premarket high of .90.

After tagging this play yesterday, we witnessed a low of .57 before ONCY took off to set a daily high of .74 (+30%). As of this morning’s premarket high of .90, the stock had registered a total increase of 58%

Lucas Energy, Inc. LEI

LEI put up a pleasing performance as well yesterday. After being included in Friday’s report and making a move from .26 to .362 (+39%), the stock continued its trend, cutting a path from its daily low of .34 on up to .45.

That run marked an intraday gain of 32%, and an overall increase of 73% over our observed low on Friday.

Gevo, Inc. GEVO

GEVO, another inclusion in Friday’s watchlist, also made gains for the second consecutive session, trading in a range from .257-.30 (+17%). At its high, it registered as an increase of 49% from Friday’s low.

MagnaGas Corp. MNGA

MNGAalso appeared on our extended watchlist yesterday, and made a comparatively modest yet solid 16% move during yesterday’s session.

Yesterday’s Options Ideas

We focused on some longer-term ideas with the following two plays yesterday, and despite that fact, were very pleased with the immediate price action.

VASCO Data Security International, Inc. VDSI – The 03/20 $25 Calls we outlined in yesterday’s report made two sizable swings. First, from 5.11-7.10 (+39%) followed by a big pullback to 1.60 before it ripped back to 4.60, adding a huge intraday move equaling 187%

Similar action in the weekly calls at the same strike price (4.91-6.70, .72-4.21) could also have facilitated large gains.

Medtronic plc MDT – In MDT we zeroed in on the 03/20 $77.50 and $80 Calls, and both sets of contracts made big moves for us. The $77.50’s ran from a low of 3.70 and went on to touch 5.90, marking an intraday spike of 60%, and the $80’s would trade in a range fromĀ  .36-.83, which is a 130% jump.

Like VDSI, our longer-term idea could have applied to the weekly contracts here as well.

Extended Watchlist:
ROSG, ANGI, MSN, CUR, NOR, RUSS (Potential Bottom Bouncer)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: DGLY, GOGO, JRJC & Extended Watchlist

Digital Ally, Inc. DGLY

DGLY came off of yesterday’s extended watchlist to perform admirably. The stock has been trading quite actively after some recent news that the company had been receiving inquiries from law enforcement agencies about its FirstVU HD Officer-Worn Video System, following recent events in Ferguson, Missouri. DGLY’s system seems like it would be a great way to achieve maximum accountability for street-level police officers.

We saw DGLY trading at 5.75 yesterday morning, and it would go on to hit 8.00 on more than 7x its monthly average volume, so cheers to anyone who was able to take advantage of that 39% intraday move.

China Finance Online Companies, Inc. JRJC

JRJC was another play off of yesterday’s extended watchlist to have a pretty good session. The stock came out of the gate trading at a low of 9.26 and gradually pushed its way up to a high of 11.88 over the course of the morning and into the early afternoon. That was good for possible gains of up to 28% on over 10x its 1-month average volume.

Gogo, Inc. GOGO

GOGO is a stock we were mentioning back in the spring, which made a small move, but then went into a months-long consolidation that culminated in recent lows in the $14-range.

After posting higher highs and higher lows over the past six sessions, GOGO cracked its 50DMA yesterday, so we thought it’d be good to watch this stock more intently as it trends off of its bottom.

While there’s nothing certain about it, we’ve heard some buyout rumors floating around about GOGO, which adds an extra element of interest to this play.

Extended Watchlist: