CETV, VNDA, PHOT & Extended Watchlist

Central European Media Enterprises, Inc. CETV

We first caught CETV off of one of our From-4 scans back on May 10th. Time Warner had just purchased a block of shares worth close to $75M, and it caused us to take notice of the stock. At the time, we observed trades as low as 2.67.

As you can see on the chart below, CETV was on a fairly steady incline after that, recently (10/25) hitting a high of 6.60, a 147% move off of our observed bottom.

Shortly thereafter the stock would be subject to a big gap-down, and would continue to pull back to its current price in the low 2.00-range. The chart indicates that CETV is extremely oversold, and it has made higher lows over the past few sessions as it attempts to reverse its course. We want to keep our eyes peeled to this one, because conditions seem to be ripening for what could be a heck of a rebound.

Vanda Pharmaceuticals, Inc. VNDA

VNDA was a momentum play that we caught and included in yesterday’s extended watchlist. The company currently has a NDA (new drug application) filed with the FDA that treats chronic circadian arrhythmia.

After touching a low of 11.07 we saw a subsequent high of 13.49, a 22% intraday gain.

Growlife, Inc. PHOT

PHOT continues to be among our favorite medical/legal marijuana stocks, a play that we’ve followed for well over a year. Beginning at the end of August, trading at .0318, we realerted PHOT and began talking about it more and more.  We posted another reminder on the 16th of September, and once again on October 22nd, when we mentioned that a golden cross on the chart was imminent.

During yesterday’s session PHOT hit .1029, which marks a 224% increase off of the bottom we observed in late August. Even those who missed that report, could have caught the stock as low as .042 following the 09/16 reminder, for up to a 125% gain at yesterday’s high. From the third report we mentioned (10/22), significant gains to the tune of 43% from .0719-.1029 could have been achieved.

Extended Watchlist:
VDSC,  NURO, MSTX, FU, SUTR, YRCW(Huge gap down looking for reversal)
PBPB(Gapping up on positive earnings looking for continuation)

PROP, FU, GOGO, AAPL & Extended Watchlist

Propell Technologies Group, Inc.   PROP
Last Wednesday, we began taking a look at PROP.  On Thursday, we mentioned that the stock had a hurdle at the 200DMA of .56 to contend with, and if it failed to break that resistance, we would likely see a pullback. The stock did indeed test that .56-mark, but could not break through to the next level, rendering our prediction accurate. From Wednesday’s low of .44 to yesterday’s high of .57 marks a 30% increase.

We’d like to see PROP hold support above .45 moving forward, and are anxious to hear more news from the company in the future regarding its oil production status. News out on Monday pointed to the company’s proprietary “plasma pulse” treatment increasing the production of one of the company’s oil wells by a significant margin.

HOUSTON, Texas, Oct 14, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE via COMTEX) — via PRWEB – Propell Technologies is pleased to report 6-month results from the first well that was treated with the company’s proprietary plasma pulse technology in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.
Cottonwood #9-11 located in Creek County, Oklahoma was drilled to a depth of 2667 feet in December 1967 in the Redfork Sandstone formation with initial production of 35 barrels of oil per day (BOPD). For the several years prior to treatment the well had been approximately a one or two BOPD producer.

The plasma pulse treatment was performed on March 28, 2013. Immediately before treatment the well was barrel tested showing 1.4 barrels of oil per day. Thirty days after the plasma pulse treatment, a barrel test showed Cottonwood #9-11′s production had jumped to 5.5 BOPD where it had held fairly steady with a substantial increase in production.

On October 4, 2013, six months after treatment the well was barrel tested showing a rate of eight (8) BOPD, an increase of 408%. The well was barrel tested again on October 10, 2013 and showed an even higher rate.

Currently BARCHART.COM is giving PROP an 80% “Buy” Rating on Short-Term Indicators.

More Info – http://www.propell.com/

Fab Universal Corp. FU
After providing us with a 28% intraday gain on Monday, FU did actually manage to continue piling on gains Tuesday, before closing out the session slightly in the red. The stock touched 7.83 for a time, which marks an increase of 43% off of the 5.46 bottom we observed on Monday.

This week’s run comes on the heels of a previous consolidation, which resulted from a run spanning a period of a few weeks which took the stock from the $4-range up to 11.48. On the current consolidation, we’d like to see support hold at or above the 50DMA (5.34).
Gogo, Inc. GOGO

GOGO, like FU, is another stock that recently made a significant surge, and is currently in pullback mode. This is an instance where monitoring for a bounce off of the eventual bottom can provide us with the opportunity to make hefty gains on the rebound. The stock has been hunkering down, and building a solid base at the $16-range. Below that we have support at 14.05 (50DMA), and above, resistance sitting at the 20DMA of 17.27.

Apple, Inc. AAPL – Big News

Yesterday, Apple made the announcement that it would be enlisting the help of Burberry’s CEO, Angela Ahrendts, as head of retail operations. This is a development that we will be following closely. Ahrendts is responsible for increasing Burberry’s sales by more than 100% since 2006. This development could mean a serious boost for AAPL over the long term.
Not only does the hiring end a year-long search for a new head of retail operations, but it marks the first time a woman has served on the AAPL Board of Directors.

In other news, Apple earnings are expected on Monday, October 28th, so on the options-trading side of things, we are beginning to monitor the 11/01 $505 & $510 Calls.

Extended Watchlist:

IWEB | IceWEB, Inc. | News & Update

IceWEB, Inc.  IWEB

Our most recent mention of IWEB, a stock we’ve been following since July, came on October 1st. Subsequent to that alert, the stock was trading at a low of .0193, before hitting a high of .03, a gain of 55%  It seems every time we’ve released a report containing IWEB, it has responded with good performances. Prior to the October alert, we observed a 21% move from .028-.034 in September. Then of course, we had our initial alert of IWEB which saw the stock carry from .022 up to .0355, as well as a slew of bounce opportunities that followed (From .023-.04, and then again from .026-.042).

There are no two ways about it-  IWEB has certainly provided us with a continual string of chances for quick-strike profits. This morning, we are once again turning our attention to the company, which has announced the inking of a contract which represents a huge new account for IWEB and its “Computers & Telecom of Kansas City” subsidiary. The following PR outlines the details of said agreement, under which IWEB will provide fiber services, managed routers, backup servers and storage, and “never fail” business continuity automation:

STERLING, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–IceWEB, Inc. (IWEB) announced today that its subsidiary, Computers & Telecom of Kansas City (“CTC”) has signed an Enterprise Class Business Continuation services agreement with Block Real Estate Services LLC. (“BRES”) which represents the largest Cloud services recurring revenue account in the history CTC.

“Block Information Technologies (a division of BRES) is responsible for all the technology and connectivity to BRES’ 22 million square feet of real estate under management in the Kansas City area,” said Rob Howe, CEO of IceWEB. “BRES has been a long-time customer of CTC’s, but this represents a quantum step forward in our business relationship in that it includes not only a private Layer-2 fiber connection (private network), but also hosting and additional wireless services. This is a true Enterprise Class Business Continuation implementation that is a key part of Block Information Technologies’ far reaching strategy.” >>FULL STORY

We are returning to IWEB at a good time, with regard to the chart. After undergoing a consolidation, the stock is now coming off of a bottom, where it found support in the .02-area. Conditions appear to be ripening, as the MACD is pinching together getting ready for a cross, as well as the RSI coming off of being oversold. Current resistance sits at the 50DMA (.029) and the 200DMA (.034). We’ve provided a video presentation of the chart for your convenience:

More Info @

Fab Universal Corp. FU

FU was an outstanding call off of our extended watchlist yesterday that yielded substantial gains, having traded as low as 5.46 and hitting a high-of-day at 7.00, before closing with strength at 6.95.
The trading action on FU offered up the chance for as much as 28% in intraday gains.

Incoming search terms:

  • worrygy8

Blue Horseshoe: PHOT & Extended Watchlist

Growlife, Inc.  PHOT
Many of our long-time subscribers know about our extensive marijuana-related stock coverage over the past year, but for those of you who are relatively new to our subscriber base, let us get you up to speed. PHOT was among a vast selection of marijuana stocks that we began tracking last October, and have followed continually since that time. Several follow-up reports would also include PHOT, as you can see with a quick tag search on our blog/newsletter archive.Over that time, we saw PHOT go from a little-known sub-penny stock, to a .12-cent hot-item stock in the portfolios of many people, including ourselves. We’ve prepared a video presentation of the PHOT chart illustrating exactly what it has achieved in the past year. Presently, we are monitoring the stock, and would like to see support hold in the .05-.06 range. The main areas of resistance with which it must contend are sitting at .08, .11 & .12.

We are bringing PHOT back into the conversation today, as the company has released some new press this morning that we wanted to share:

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif., Oct. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — GrowLife, Inc. (OTCBB: PHOT), a diversified company operating in the legal cannabis industry including online and brick and mortar hydroponic stores, OEM grow equipment, commercial grow-op support, and media, is pleased to announce that the Company is expanding its products and services to include the GrowLife Infrastructure Funding & Technology program (GIFT) for select customers in Colorado and Washington. The program is expected to include several other states before the end of the fiscal year. >>>FULL STORY

Facebook, Inc.  FB - Options
On Friday, we stated the possibility that we could “see FB return to the $50-level or higher, which would likely cause those (10/11 $49 Call) contracts to yield multi-bag gains.” While FB stock fell just short of that mark, touching a daily high of 49.87, the triple-digit profits we had anticipated did in fact come to fruition. Those Calls initially traded in a range from .35-.93, a 166% intraday move. Following that occurrence, they would pull all the way back to the .02-mark, before a late-afternoon surge brought them back to .14, another intraday move, this time good for the opportunity to rake in up to a 600% added profit.

Congratulations to anyone who was able to use those monstrous swings to their advantage.

Extended Watchlist:


FB, AAPL Options, GOGO & Extended Watchlist

Facebook, Inc. FB – Options

On Wednesday, some of you may recall our interest in FB calls, as we stated “if the stock can break the $46 barrier… we’d be looking at in-the-money Calls like the 09/21 $45.50′s.” As you can see on the included chart, after seeing a low of .10, those contracts would go on to trade as high as .85 during yesterday’s session. That move was good for overnight gains in excess of 750%

With FB gapping up this morning and hitting new 52-week highs, we are going to want to continue giving our attention to the Calls. Of course, in the event that we see a reversal off of these substantial gains, we are going to be on the lookout for a dip-and-rip scenario, which could bring us even further gains with a properly timed bottom.

Apple, Inc. AAPL – Options

We’re also seeing a gap up in AAPL which is coinciding with the release of the latest versions of the iPhone 5(S/C), and with a sizable gap to fill on the chart, we could actually see AAPL go to $490 today. If it did approach that level, we’d be interested in the $480-485 Calls, which could provide us multi-bag gains.

Other than flipping the weekly Calls intraday, we might also want to consider contracts with later expiration dates if it appears AAPL is gaining a head of steam that would carry over into next week.

Gogo, Inc. GOGO

We first mentioned GOGO on Monday, and at the time the stock was trading as low as 14.79. Currently we are seeing the stock trading at 18.15 pre-market, (a gain of 23%) so this is another play that will be grabbing our attention today. For a big-board stock in this price range to see a gain of that magnitude inside of a week is nothing short of remarkable.

Gogo actually has an intriguing technology for providing super-standard Wi-Fi internet connections to airline passengers with in-flight data delivery speeds of up to 60Mbps. With the company just having announced that they will be bringing their products to North America in 2014 pending FAA approval, this is definitely a stock that we are going to want to put on our long-term watchlist, as we see how its story plays out.

Extended Watchlist:
FREE, CYCC, VRNM, ACRX, FU, PZG, RNA (Big gap-down, watching for bounce.)