Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PBR Update & More

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Petroleo Brasiliero, S.A. (Petrobras) PBR – Options

PBR continued to recover off its 52-week lows on Thursday, with the stock reaching as high as 6.79. As a result the contracts that we’ve had under observation since the Thursday prior to that, continued to see some action after being pushed further into the money.

The 05/01 PBR $6 Calls, in which we saw a low of .32, reached a closing price of .78; a 142% move. The $6.50 Calls’ run was even more impressive. Our observed low on those was .22, and on Thursday they closed at .60 (+172%). Anyone who had played the Weeklies could have been in for serious gains. The Weekly $6.50’s for example, traded in a range from .05-.28.

PBR is gapping up into the 6.90’s this morning, so we’ll be looking to roll our strike price up  and begin monitoring the 05/01 and Weekly $7 Calls.

Pervasip Corp. PVSP

Despite the fact that PVSP registered a high of .0035 on Thursday, that was what we refer as a “fat-finger trade” right at the open. Not much volume really went off at that level so its inadequate to calculate the gains we have seen based off of that figure.

There was, however, good trading volume as high .0023-level. From Wednesday’s low of .0013, we were offered the chance at up to 77% in profits in a span of just 24 hours.

The gains in this play have been easy to come by thus far, and it’s going to be one that we keep a continual eye on just as long as it continues to perform well.

Northstar Global Business Services, Inc. MDIN

We initially alerted MDIN last Wednesday  and on that day, the stock traded in a range from .0006 to .001, a 66% spike. On Thursday it achieved higher highs and higher lows as it ran from .0008 to .0012, offering 50% intraday gains and a 100% gain from our observed low the day before.

Important Reminder:

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Blue Horseshoe: PHOT & Extended Watchlist

Growlife, Inc.  PHOT

Many of our long-time subscribers know about our extensive marijuana-related stock coverage over the past year, but for those of you who are relatively new to our subscriber base, let us get you up to speed. PHOT was among a vast selection of marijuana stocks that we began tracking last October, and have followed continually since that time. Several follow-up reports would also include PHOT, as you can see with a quick tag search on our blog/newsletter archive.Over that time, we saw PHOT go from a little-known sub-penny stock, to a .12-cent hot-item stock in the portfolios of many people, including ourselves. We’ve prepared a video presentation of the PHOT chart illustrating exactly what it has achieved in the past year. Presently, we are monitoring the stock, and would like to see support hold in the .05-.06 range. The main areas of resistance with which it must contend are sitting at .08, .11 & .12.

We are bringing PHOT back into the conversation today, as the company has released some new press this morning that we wanted to share:

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif., Oct. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — GrowLife, Inc. (OTCBB: PHOT), a diversified company operating in the legal cannabis industry including online and brick and mortar hydroponic stores, OEM grow equipment, commercial grow-op support, and media, is pleased to announce that the Company is expanding its products and services to include the GrowLife Infrastructure Funding & Technology program (GIFT) for select customers in Colorado and Washington. The program is expected to include several other states before the end of the fiscal year. >>>FULL STORY

Facebook, Inc.  FB – Options
On Friday, we stated the possibility that we could “see FB return to the $50-level or higher, which would likely cause those (10/11 $49 Call) contracts to yield multi-bag gains.” While FB stock fell just short of that mark, touching a daily high of 49.87, the triple-digit profits we had anticipated did in fact come to fruition. Those Calls initially traded in a range from .35-.93, a 166% intraday move. Following that occurrence, they would pull all the way back to the .02-mark, before a late-afternoon surge brought them back to .14, another intraday move, this time good for the opportunity to rake in up to a 600% added profit.

Congratulations to anyone who was able to use those monstrous swings to their advantage.

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