Blue Horseshoe Stocks: More Options Ideas

BioMarin Pharmaceutical, Inc. BMRN

BioMarin had a really solid performance yesterday after we signaled some contracts in our premarket report, the BMRN 03/16 $80 & 85 Calls. The stock ran from 81.01 to 84.19 facilitating some modest but solid intraday moves in our contracts.

The $80 Calls ran from 4.40-6.00 for a 32% rise, and the $85′s traded from 2.70-3.50, a gain of 26%

With a strong close at 83.28, and a lot of ground to cover to recoup the losses the stock has seen in the month of February, we’ll look for BMRN to establish a more sustained recovery pattern, and we may see some further increases in these contracts, which still have over a month until expiration.

Under Armour, Inc. UAA

We want to formulate an idea for Under Armour on the heels of the company’s earnings report this morning. The stock had already begun to trend off of its bottom a few sessions ago, and despite posting a Q4 loss, sales were better than expected and the stock is gapping up pretty significantly here in the premarket.

We’re going to want to keep tabs on the UAA Weekly $15.50-16.50 Calls, which could bring us sizable gain opportunities in the day or days to come.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Bottom-Watch Plays & More

Ford Motor Co. F
Ford is the first of a couple of bottom-watch plays we want to signal for observation as we kick off a fresh trading week. The month of January was rough for the Detroit automaker, bringing a precipitous fall into heavily oversold territory.

We are just now, in February, beginning to see the signs of a recovery. As you can see on the snapshot of the chart below, the stock has just started to come off of being oversold and bounce off of its lowest PPS since August. The MACD also appears to be converging for an upcoming cross, and there’s a gap to the upside as well.

We’ll look to take advantage of this setup by tracking the F 03/02 10.37-11.37 Calls in the days and weeks ahead.

BioMarin Pharmaceutical, Inc. BMRN

Another potential bottom play we want to look at this morning is BMRN, which also recently has been beaten down to what we feel are unsustainable low levels. We’re getting a heavy multiple-bottom signal as the strength index is tumbling toward extremely oversold territory.

The look of the MACD suggests some further decrease or sideways trading could occur, which is why we’ll want to look at a set of extended term options contracts, the BMRN 03/16 $80 & 85 Calls. With over a month until expiration, that should give us ample time for the stock to realize the recovery it appears to be building toward.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SFEG Review & More

Santa Fe Gold Corp. SFEG

SFEG, a stock we’ve been continuously tracking since Friday morning, has provided us with ample opportunities to profit in each session since then. The first day, a move from .0115-.0165 was good for gains of up to 43%  To open up the week on Tuesday, it amazingly ran from .0194 all the way up to .044, an added move of 127%

Then in yesterday morning’s premarket report, we relayed to our readers that a dip-and-rip scenario could be in the cards granted the rapidity with which the stock shot up in the prior session. That’s exactly what came to pass, as SFEG peeled back slightly to an even .04 in the morning before gathering a head of steam that would carry it up to a new high of .065!

It went down in the books as an intraday gain of 62% and from our observed low of .0115 on Friday, it marked an incredible three-session swing of 465% Big cheers go out to anyone who took advantage of this momentum-mover! Stipulating that the stock must hold support at or above yesterday’s swing low of .04 to hold our attention, we’ll be on the lookout for further opportunities from this point forward.

Gold Resource Corp. GORO

Speaking of momentum, we’re going to circle back around to GORO this morning for an update on its recent progress. We flagged this play for observation just under two weeks ago and subsequently witnessed it trading as low as 3.19 , and in the last four sessions, the stock has done a good job of both recording higher lows and higher highs, as well as logging a higher trading volume each day.

From a low of 3.41 a week ago today, GORO hit a high of 4.69 yesterday afternoon, which marks a solid upswing of 38%  Over the aforementioned observed low, it represented a total move of 47% in a matter of six sessions. We’ll be following this play for as long as it continues to exhibit signs of bullishness, building a higher base level of support in sessions to come.

Marinus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. MRNS

We also want to quickly draw some attention to MRNS, which gave a strong bottom-bounce signal yesterday in addition to having a simply monstrous gap on the chart to fill to the upside, and positive signals abounding. The RSI has just escaped heavily-oversold territory, while the MACD has just crossed in a bullish manner.

We’ll definitely want to keep this stock on our radars as we head into the end of this short week, and possibly into next week as well, since the filling of the gap you see below would mean gains of over 100% from the current PPS.

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