Blue Horseshoe Stocks: OREX Recap & More

Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc. OREX

On a day like yesterday, when the markets take an unexpected and brutal bath, it always helps to find a trend-bucker. Fortunately for us, all was not lost because we had included OREX on our watchlist in our premarket report.

Even as most other stocks wavered under the intensity of yesterdays bearish push, OREX ran from a daily low of .23 to a high of .39 for a 70% intraday run. It also closed with strength at .34, not too far below the area of a massive gap on the chart. We’ll definitely want to continue monitoring OREX, as even a partial filling of said gap would produce further gains of a significant magnitude.


Bottom-Watch Plays

While we’re on the subject of bottom plays, we’re going to add both of the following to our working watchlist, as each one is extraordinarily oversold at the present time.

ReShape Life Sciences, Inc. RSLS
MoneyGram, International, Inc. MGI

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Several Key Updates

Intercloud Systems, Inc. ICLD

In yesterday’s report kicking off the new trading week, we backtracked to our alert of ICLD coming in our report from two Thursday’s ago, at which time the stock was trading at a low of .0157.

We mentioned how it had risen exponentially since that report, and specifically cautioned our readers to track its movements closely right from yesterday’s opening bell. The strength of the ICLD close on Friday was simply too strong to ignore and despite already having spiked considerably for us up to that point, the stock turned in another fantastic intraday performance.

From an early low of .05, the stock ran all the way to .0869 during the course of a session where it steadily climbed all day long and closed near its high. That marked an intraday boost of 74% and and an overall move up of 340% from our observed low from Thursday the 2nd,

Once again, with the intensely bullish close to another session, we’re going to have our eyes peeled for further moves from ICLD, whether they come in the form of a continued push upward, or are preceded by a dip-and-rip pattern off of these impressive highs.

Ciber, Inc. CBR

Prior to yesterday, CBR had been stuck in a rut for quite some time, but we noticed some abnormal premarket activity and decided to include it in yesterday’s report. It was a good idea, with CBR running from .4329 to .65, which works out to a 50% intraday pop.

The move came in conjunction with the company announcement that it was mulling over an unsolicited offer to be acquired through merger by Ameri Holdings, Inc. (AMRH) which values it at .75/share of CBR stock.

Given that the stock is still trading in the low .60′s at present, we’ll be interested to continue to monitor its progress as the company deliberates the merger offer.

More Key Updates

Cerulean Pharmaceuticals, Inc. CERU - We began tracking CERU just over a month ago, and after an extended period of slow and steady increases, finally yesterday the stock broke out in a more significant manner.

Our initial alert on CERU came on the 3rd of February, at which time the stock was trading at a low of 1.11. Yesterday the stock streaked to an impressive new high of 2.65, which comes out to a total upswing of 139%


Aurinia Pharmaceuticals, Inc. AUPH -  AUPH is another stock we’ve been tracking for much of 2017 so far that also broke to new highs yesterday. We witnessed a low of 2.95 in AUPH subsequent to our alert on the stock dated January 27th. Gradual increases over the next month would occur, and since we’ve hit the month of March, the stock has been going haywire.

Yesterday AUPH soared to (and closed at) 10.54 which represents a total move of 257% in less than six weeks!

Fresh Options Idea
Direxion Daily Jr Gld Mnrs Bull 3X ETF  – JNUG 03/31 $7-8 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: New Options Ideas & More

New Options Ideas

The market, which has been struggling mightily here in the opening weeks of 2016 for numerous reasons, appears to be in line for some measure of a rebound today, based on early trading activity. Q4 earnings season has kicked off, which should result in an increase of options trading opportunities in the days and weeks ahead.  In the event this trend holds and progresses, we’re going to want to have a few options contracts ready and waiting in the hopper to watch for swing-trade possibilities.

Shire plc SHPG

SHPG shares are gapping up to the tune of more than 5% in the premarket this morning in the wake of the revelation that Shire would be acquiring US-based Baxalta for a whopping $32B. The deal figures to create the largest rare-disease drugmaker conglomerate in the world.

We like to take advantage of blockbuster reveals such as this, and the trading hysteria they tend to create. For this particular situation, we are going to set our sights on SHPG Weekly $175-180 Calls.


Acadia Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ACAD

ACAD has been tumbling down in terms of PPS in recent sessions. The reported possibility of dilution as a result of fundraising via public offering has had investors coming down on the bearish side of the fence. We want to be on the lookout for the possibility of a rebound. If such a move occurs we’re going to have the ACAD 02/19 $29 Calls and 03/18 $30 Calls on our radars moving forward.

Alcoa, Inc. AA – Possible Recovery Play

AA is striking us as a stock whose time for a rebound may be fast approaching. We want to signal this as a potential bottom-play. The strength index is heading into heavily oversold territory, and a triple-bottom setup suggests AA could be nearing basement-level prices.

We’re going to add this to our current list of bottom-watch plays, which also includes KOOL, MGI, GNBT, and MAXD.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Multiple Bottom-Watch Plays & More

Extended-Term Bottom Watchlist

The new year has been off to an uncharacteristically sluggish start for stocks due to worries over China’s struggling economy and the global ripple effect it figures to have, as well as a sharp drop in oil prices. An environment such as this doesn’t discourage us as much as change the types of opportunities we’re after. Troublesome times lead to cheap shares and along those lines, we’ve had a handful of stocks jump out at us as potential bottom-plays.

We’re going to have each of the following on our radars in the days and weeks ahead:

Cesca Therapeutics, Inc. KOOL

Max Sound Corp. MAXD

Generex Boitech, Inc. GNBT

MoneyGram International, Inc. MGI

As we stated above, the general sentiment of the market is bearish at the moment, so we will need to allow each of these room to set new lows before they begin to rebound, but in each case, potential gains on eventual recoveries will be significant, so we’ll want to keep a close eye to make sure we’re hanging around when the fun begins.

Trans-Pacific Aerospace Co., Inc. TPAC

We’ve been following TPAC regularly since the second week in December, sending out reminders of our interest in our reports last Thursday and Monday mornings as well. The stock has essentially been in a consistent uptrend the entire time.

This week alone, TPAC has surged 123% from a low of .0031 to yesterday’s high of .0069. The overall swing we’ve witnessed since our initial alert less than a month ago, is a far more impressive jump of 1050% (.0006-.0069). For our feelings on TPAC to remain bullish from this point forward, we’ll need to see the stock maintain support at or above .005 on any pullbacks.

Constellation Brands, Inc. STZ – Options Idea

STZ appears to be bucking the trend in the midst of a languorous market. While many, if not most stocks are gapping down, we want to pay close attention to STZ as it is currently showing strength.

We’ll put a range of options calls on watch for possible swing-trade chances today and in sessions to come, namely STZ 01/15 $135-150 Calls.

Extended Watchlist:

Incoming search terms:

  • ZI78
  • alphabetuoh

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SWHC, AHIX Recaps & More

Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. SWHC – Options Update

Chances for multi-bag gains from our multitude of options trading ideas became downright commonplace in 2015, and our very first options idea of 2016 held to that standard quite nicely.

We cited a couple of reasons behind our logic in signaling the SWHC $24-26 Calls
for observation in yesterday’s premarket report, and were rewarded with generous moves in every set of contracts in that range:

$24 Calls – Trading Range: 1.55-2.70  – Max Gain: 74%
$25 Calls – Trading Range: .88-1.90 – Max Gain: 116%
$26 Calls – Trading Range: .46-1.20  – Max Gain: 161%

In addition to these primary gains that were made possible by the trading action in SWHC, each set underwent dip-and-rip scenarios over the course of the day, and ancillary profits were possible in each case.

Rest assured that this winning selection in the SWHC chain was only the first of many quick-strike options opportunities we’ll provide via our reports in the new year so stay closely tuned!

Aluf Holdings, Inc. AHIX

AHIX was the big gainer from yesterday’s premarket report on the stock side of things. Although it both started and finished in subpenny territory, in the interim the stock made a solid journey into Pennyland as it ran from a daily low of .0031 on up to .0117. That equals an intraday rip of 277% on big volume on the order of nearly 7X the 1-month average.

The PPS did taper back toward the end of the day, but maintained a good majority of the advances we observed into a close at .0084. Between that and the heightened volume, we’ll need to keep a slot on our radar screens reserved for AHIX.

Carolco Pictures, Inc. CRCO

CRCO is a stock we’ve had on our radar since mid-December, and has also been a topic of discussion in our daily trader’s chats. In fact, one of our chat members that has a propensity for signaling winners (known to our readers as DJ) made sure everyone turned their attentions back to CRCO Monday afternoon, in plenty of time to catch its huge upward move.

Monday’s low came in at .0011, and yesterday, the stock soared to an amazing new high of .0054; a two-session swing of 391%

We felt that CRCO served as yet another stark reminder that participation in our daily chats offers a higher frequency of opportunities than reading our morning reports alone. We encourage all interested parties to get involved. For the time being, all it takes is a Skype contact request sent to ‘stocksumo‘.

Extended Watchlist:
 AGTK, AWGI, ONOV, TPAC, WRFX, MGI(Watching for a possible bottom)