Recapping Runners, New Ideas

EXLA Resources, Inc. EXLA – Update:

We have been tracking EXLA since putting out an initial report on it on January 20th, and were talking about it once again after relaying the news the company put out the Tuesday before last. Subsequent to that report, EXLA traded for as little as .011.

With a really productive couple of weeks, the stock has risen to new highs, yesterday reaching .0275. That works out to a very impressive upswing of 150% over a rather short time frame. Stay tuned for more updates as they become necessary, and be sure to check out our initial report on EXLA.

Yesterday’s Options Plays: 

We’ve also got recaps of yesterday’s options ideas, which produced modest yet respectable intraday gain opportunities for us. We were looking at the WEBR Weekly $10 Puts, the PBR Weekly $14-14.50 Calls and the GT Weekly $15.50-16.50 Calls, and here are the moves they put on display.

WEBR Weekly $10 Puts
$10: .75-1.45 (+93%)

PBR Weekly $14-14.50 Calls
$14: .22-.35 (+59%)
$14.50: .09-.14 (+56%)

GT Weekly $15.50-16.50 Calls 
$15.50: 1.15-1.55 (+35%)
$16: .46-.60 (+30%)
$16.50: .45-.65 (+44%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
CAR Weekly $195-200 Calls
MAR Weekly $172.50-175 Calls

United Communications Partners Inc. UCPA – Recap:

We’re always tracking a number of the stocks via our daily extended watchlists, many of which go on to make some nice moves for us. We tagged UCPA just yesterday morning in our premarket report,  and the stock made a solid move on the day. It ran from a low of .142 and reached .0258, which marked an intraday run of 82%

Extended Watchlist:

AMAZ-ing Gains!

Amazing Energy Oil & Gas, Inc. AMAZ 
After including in our extended watchlist yesterday, we saw a really impressive move from AMAZ, a stock we have actually been tracking since the end of April.

Shortly following our initial alert on this play it was a subpenny, trading for as little .0014 a share (05/05). Yesterday, AMAZ hit a new high of .016. That represents an overall increase of 1043% in a span of less than a month! It serves as a good example of why, even though our primary focus is quick-strike options trading these days, we still like to tag the occasional OTC play.

Fresh Options Ideas
MGI 06/19 $4 Calls
X Weekly $8.50-9 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: DIS Options

The Walt Disney Co. DIS

The first thing on the menu this morning is to take a look at Disney on the heels of ESPN+ securing US broadcast rights to Bundesliga soccer from 2020 to 2026.

The stock is already exhibiting a fairly solid double bottom formation. What we want to see is DIS holding above the 200DMA of 125.98, and if it can manage that, we’re going to be very interested in the DIS 11/08 $133-136 Calls. 

Atreca, Inc. BCEL

We also want to radar BCEL, which is a bottom-play candidate for us as we kick off this fresh trading week. The stock nearing the 3-month mark since its IPO, and is not trading far off of its records lows at the moment.

We’re going to want to keep an eye on this play for a potential reversal ion the days and weeks ahead. The stock had a swing of over 100% last month near these levels, so we will be interested to watch and see if it can repeat itself.

Extended Watchlist: