TSM Multi-Baggers, Fresh Options Ideas

TSM, UNH Options Reviews: 

As we close out another successful trading week, and heading into next week when the earnings calendar is going to begin to fill up once again, we’re reflecting on the excellent job we feel we’ve done in dealing with this drought. We’re also looking very forward to the success on the horizon.

For now, we’ll go over our two plays from yesterday morning’s report, which were the TSM Weekly $112-114 Calls and the UNH Weekly $410-415 Calls, which both yielded some solid intraday gain chances for us. Those trading ranges and total possible gains were as follows:

TSM Weekly $112-114 Calls
$112: .57-1.70 (+198%)
$113: .34-1.03 (+203%)
$114: .20-.58 (+190%)

UNH Weekly $410-415 Calls
$410: 12.60-17.70 (+40%)
$412.50: 12.06-16.39 (+36%)
$415: 4.32-8.26 (+91%)

Fresh Options Ideas:

While earnings season is not yet in full swing, the daily rolls have been growing slightly, and we have a fair bit of material to work with for today’s fresh plays.

JNJ 10/22 $160-165 Calls
JBHT Weekly $175-185 Calls*
GS Weekly $392.50-397.50 Calls*
SPCE 10/29 $20-22 Calls

*Please do not attempt to trade options contracts on their day of expiration unless you are an experienced trader with access to disposable funds.

Extended Watchlist: