Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Updates & More

Facebook, Inc. FB – Options Recap

Our fresh options idea or the day yesterday on the heels of Facebook’s earnings beat, the FB Weekly $133-136 Calls ended up providing opportunities for sizable gains early on in the session.

The following moves all occurred in the first half hour of trading, so traders would have had to be quick on their feet to get in on the action, but those who were, were handsomely rewarded with some really big, really quick gains:

$133 Calls – Range: .36-2.17 – Max Gain: 502%
$134 Calls – Range: .28-1.51 – Max Gain: 439%
$135 Calls – Range: .18-.96 – Max Gain: 433%
$136 Calls – Range: .05-.55 – Max Gain: 1000%


FRESH IDEAS:, Inc. AMZN – With Q4 earnings season in full swing, we will include another options idea based on the early activity in AMZN, which posted disappointing figures in its post-market release yesterday.

Here we’re going to be highlighting a range of puts that we feel stand to make decent gains, should AMZN’s fortunes play out as we suspect they might today. The targets we want to place on watch are going to be the AMZN Weekly $810-800 Puts.


SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) – On the bullish side of things, solid jobs numbers could very well lead to an overall uptrend for the markets as a whole, so we’re going to want to designate an a corresponding idea for that.

Generally, we like to use the SPY as a market analog, so we’re going to signal a range of SPY calls to try to take advantage of the current conditions. Our target range here will be the SPY Weekly $227.50-229 Calls.

Cerulean Pharmaceuticals, Inc. CERU

We want to keep our eyes on CERU as we close out the week, and into next week, as the stock is currently boasting a chart that looks as if it could break out at any moment.

As you can see, the stock has been gradually building a higher base of support off of annual lows recorded in the fall, and yesterday, really started to make a bullish move. We’re seeing a slight gap-up this morning to just below the resistance channel between 1.20 and 1.30. As we’ve pointed out below, there is a huge gap on the chart to the upside, and a breach of that channel would begin to fill it in.

This is a stock that we feel could easily make a 100% move inside of the next few sessions, so we will want to watch carefully.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PLCE Options Recap & More

The Children’s Place, Inc. PLCE – Options Review

The first thing we want to mention this morning is the performance our running options idea for PLCE that we formulated earlier in the week. We continued to stay on the trail of PLCE Weekly $70-75 Calls in yesterday’s premarket report, even after they had provided us with chances at gains ranging from 112-315% in the prior session.

Despite the $75′s being a bit too far out of the money for any notable action, the other two contracts from within our target sets performed solidly once again.

The $70 Calls traded in a daily range from 2.85-3.70, which marked an intraday rise of 30% The $72.50′s fared even better, running from a low of .65 to a high of 1.30, marking an even 100% rip and the second consecutive session wherein the stock provided the opportunity at at least a double-bagger.

Immunomedics, Inc. IMMU

We tagged IMMU for observation on Friday of last week, and since that time the stock has made an appreciable swing to the upside. Our observed low on the stock is 3.59, which gave way to a new high of 4.25 yesterday. That represents a modest yet notable 18% increase.

We’ll want to continue to monitor the activity in this play which will hold our interest moving forward, provided it can maintain support at or above its previous resistance point of 4.00 on any pullbacks.

MORRIS PLAINS, N.J., May 19, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Immunomedics, Inc. (Nasdaq:IMMU) today announced that the Scientific Program Committee of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) has selected two of the Company’s abstracts for oral presentation at two Clinical Science Symposium Sessions during their 2016 Annual Meeting, scheduled for June 3-7, 2016 at McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago, Illinois. (>>View PR)

Global Equity International, Inc. GEQU

GEQU has proven to be a solid winner for us in the past. We recently re-tagged it at a perfect time on 11th of this month, just as it was coming off a bottom. We saw the stock  trading as low as .0123 yesterday it closed at a new high of .03, which goes down as a 144% swing.

We’ll keep our eyes on this one as well, in the event it can maintain support above the 200DMA of .0235.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Bottom-Watchlist, Options & More

Fresh Bottom-Watchlist

Our morning scan yielded up a couple of stocks trading at or near their relative bottoms that we want to put on the radar this midweek.

Canadian Solar, Inc. CSIQ

CSIQ began showing some life yesterday after it briefly touched its lowest PPS since last summer and began to rebound into the close. This morning, a Q1 earnings beat is fueling a gap-up into the $17-range. We’ll be on the lookout for quick-strike options trades with the CSIQ Weekly $16.50-18 Calls. Especially if a dip-and-rip occurs at the outset, we could really see some significant intraday swings out of contracts in that range.

Sequenom, Inc. SQNM

SQNM is interesting as a bottom-watcher on a couple of different levels. Not only is it extremely low-priced for a NASDAQ play at just over the exchange minimum PPS of a dollar, but it has also seen an influx of insider buying this week. We’ll have to stay wary as chart indicators suggest the stock may yet need to search out its ultimate bottom, but we’ll be ready for a rebound at any time in coming sessions. It could come quickly in this case, so keep your eyes peeled.

Macy’s Inc. M – Options Idea

We’ve also got our eyes on Macy’s this morning, which has been on a fairly continuous downslide for the better part of three weeks, and is getting kicked hard again in premarket trading this morning.

The company tempered its guidance for the remainder of the year, and missed estimates on sales considerably in this morning’s earning call. We’re going to look to turn the bearish sentiment surrounding the stock at the into a possible boon for ourselves. To do this we’ll look to the M Weekly $36-34 Puts for possible daytrades and/or swing trades into week’s end.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Review & More

Options Update

Spirit Airlines, Inc. SAVE

On Wednesday, we identified a pair of SAVE options contracts as potential swing-trade candidates, specifically referring to the January 15th $40 and $45 Calls, and over the course of the session and-a-half since then, they’ve made quite a bit of progress. From Wednesday’s lows to Thursday’s highs, we’ve already seen upswings of 48% in the $40′s (2.90-4.30) and 93% in the $45′s (.70-1.35).

With more than two weeks until their expiration and SAVE shares still trading in the appropriate range, we’ll continue to keep a lookout for possible swing-trade chances from this particular options idea.


Celgene Corp. CELG

Despite the decreased activity during the short week prior to the holiday break, we managed to spot some nice intraday swings from CELG options. We were on the trail of CELG Weekly $116-120 Calls starting on Wednesday, and after providing multi-bag gain opportunities on that day, they continued to produce during Thursday’s short session.

The $119′s and $120 were both still close enough to the money to yield significant moves over the half-day with the $119′s surging 77% from 2.12-3.75, and $120′s making an impressive 204% run from .97-2.95.

Chimerix, Inc. CMRX

CMRX set off our cliff-diver alarms this morning after shares plummeted more than 75% in premarket trading based on the clinical failure of one of the company’s late-stage trial drugs.

Whenever we see something like this unfold, our immediate instinct is to wait for the dust to settle, then strike as the rebound occurs. Knee-jerk selloffs of this magnitude don’t come along every day, but when they have in the past, we’ve almost always seen some measure of a recovery.

We’ll place CMRX on watch for such an event, provided it can hold at or above the $7-level moving forward.

Patriot National, Inc. PN

PN is another stock that was recently hammered back, and its own recovery is already in effect. In addition to insider buying in recent months and coming off of recent lows on the chart, the company announced a significant share repurchase to the tune of $20M this morning (View PR) that will avoid dilution from a previously announced private placement. We’ll be monitoring the stock for the possibility of a protracted recovery as we kick another short trading week.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: AMBS Recap & More

Amarantus Bioscience Holdings, Inc. AMBS

AMBS is a stock we’ve been quite familiar with in the past, and we recently turned our attention back to the stock, tagging it in both Friday’s and yesterday’s premarket reports. What has transpired is a solid two-session surge.

Friday saw the stock run from .66-.81 (+23%), and yesterday the bullish trend strengthened as AMBS traded up from .72 to a new high of 1.47. That went down as an intraday pop of 104%, and extends our total observed range in just two trading days to 123%

We want to continue to keep our eyes peeled for further activity in AMBS throughout the remainder of the week, as this morning’s PR regarding positive clinical results adds to its near-term potential significantly.

VitaCig, Inc. VTCQ

VTCQ was a continued point of focus for us in yesterday’s morning report. We initially tagged it last Wednesday morning, and had already tracked it over an impressive 245% range from .0042-.0145. The stock kicked off this new trading week in volatile fashion, first running 57% from .0159-.025, followed by a dip-and-rip as it came down to .0134 before ripping back to .0195 (+46%).

Yesterday’s high marked a bullish swing of 495% over the low we witnessed late last week, in a matter of just three sessions!

Agritek Holdings, Inc. AGTK

Speaking of dip-and-rip action, another of the stocks we highlighted in yesterday’s newsletter was AGTK, and it too recorded multiple moves during yesterday’s trading.

It flew out of the starting gate from .0013 and nearly made a double-bagger as it soared to .0025, for an initial pop of 92% That was followed up by a drop down to .0017 before its third reversal on the day carried it to a new high of .0028. That second move amounted to 65% and the total range from the daily low to the high came out to 115%

Extended Watchlist: