Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Big Options Winners & More

Friday Recap: Huge Options Success

Even during such times when big stock gainers are difficult to come by, we’ve managed to balance the scales with some excellent options ideas. It hasn’t been just a few either, a fact to which our regular readers can surely attest. It’s been one great idea after another, and Friday’s premarket report included still more premium chances for big intraday profits!

Our specific targets were UVXY Weekly $33-35 Calls, and SPY Weekly 205-203.50 Puts and there were no contracts within the specified ranges that didnt make an appreciable move during the session. The epic moves were as follows:

Pro-Shares Ultra VIX Short-Term Futures (UVXY) Calls
$33 Calls – Trading Range: 1.01-4.70 – Max Gain: 365%
$33.50 Calls – Trading Range: .80-4.13 – Max Gain: 416%
$34 Calls – Trading Range: .59-3.70 – Max Gain: 527%
$34.50 Calls – Trading Range: .45-2.82 – Max Gain: 526%
$35 Calls – Trading Range: .26-2.85 – Max Gain: 996%

SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) Puts
$205 Puts - Trading Range: .78-2.63  – Max Gain: 237%
$204.50 Puts – Trading Range: .54-2.17 – Max Gain: 302%
$204 Puts - Trading Range: .33-1.60 – Max Gain: 385%
$203.50 Puts – Trading Range: .20-1.17 – Max Gain: 485%

Big cheers go out to any of our readers who were with us on these monstrously successful calls (and puts) on Friday! As we said, most of the options ideas we’ve been formulating have been home runs, and these plays were no different.


As a bonus idea, we included a flag of the FitBit, Inc. FIT  Weekly $30 and 29 Puts, and some stellar gains were possible there as well:

$30 Puts - Trading Range: 1.00-2.80  – Max Gain: 180%
$29 Puts – Trading Range: .54-2.17 – Max Gain: 302%

Bottom-Watch Plays

Magnum Hunter Resources Corp. MHRC

We’re going to signal our interest in MHRC as a potential bottom-play this morning, and a quick viewing of the chart will show why. The stock has been beaten senseless in recent sessions, and is well into what we’d characterize as heavily oversold territory. It has managed to register higher lows in each of the past three sessions, so we’ll be watching for a continuation of that trend up off of the recently recorded 52-week low.


SunEdison, Inc. SUNE

We’ve had our eye on SUNE as the apparently undervalued stock was searching for a bottom. We were looking for solid signs that it had found that bottom and was readying for a rebound, and over the past couple of sessions, we’ve seen the signals we were after. We’re going to officially place this one on watch as we kick off a new week, as we feel the stock to be grossly undervalued at the current PPS.

Trader’s Chat Winner

We also want to give a quick shout-out to DJ from our live trader’s chat* on Friday, who called out the NFLX $105 Puts which subsequently ran from .25-1.63 (+552%). Cheers, DJ!

*Remember, any of our valued readers has to do to get in on our daily trader’s chats, is log into (or create) your Skype account and send a contact request to ‘stocksumo’. We’d be happy to allow any interested parties to participate!

Extended Watchlist: