Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Multiple Mid-Week Winners & More

Multiple Mid-Week Winners

Yesterday’s premarket report was chock-full of prime opportunities to strike it big with some fantastic intraday gains. Here they are in descending order of magnitude:

Diana Containerships, Inc. DCIX – Like DRYS, which we were tracking on such a monumental run that it got halted, DCIX is another play in the shipping sector, which has been the post-election hot ticket. After we tagged it in yesterday’s report, DCIX managed a hearty run from 8.27 to as high as 26.17, an intraday burst amounting to 216%

Sino-Global Shipping America, Ltd. SINO – Tally up yet another shipper that we caught just in time to benefit from the rush on the sector. SINO was another inclusion in our Monday watchlist, and it too has produced a multi-bag surge. The stock traded in a range from 3.45 to 7.86 yesterday, allowing for up to 128% in single-session profits. From our observed low of 1.44 on Monday, it marked a three-day uptrend of 446%

Bulova Technologies Group, Inc. BTGI – We also had a pair of subpenny plays put up solid numbers on the day yesterday. We tagged BTGI on Tuesday, observed a modest run on massive volume, and reiterated as much in yesterday’s report. The trend continued, as the stock ran from  .0036-.0059 (+64%) on over 5X its 30-day average volume. From our observed low of .00275 on Tuesday, it went down as an overall two-day swing of 115%

SpectraScience, Inc. SCIE – Rounding out our list of nice gainers from yesterday is SCIE. The stock traded in a comparatively subdued, yet quite notable range from .0019-.003. That was good for gains of up to 58%

Added Notes:

Options Reminder – We also want to remind our readers of our successful hunch that Bank of America would be a good short yesterday. We saw modest gains in our target contracts, BAC Weekly $20.50-19.50 Puts, and will continue to track the added gains that are sure to be caused from another gap-down here in the premarket, and possible continued backslide today. We’ll provide an update on the activity and our total possible gains in tomorrow’s premarket report.

Shipping Watchlist – Granted the excellent activity in the shipping sector that we’ve been mentioning, we thought it would be a good idea to include a handful of other plays in the space to watch in addition the ones we’ve already mentioned this week: RLOG, GSL, CHNR, NMM, OSG, NAO.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: DRYS Historic Run & More

Dry Ships, Inc. DRYS – Update

We thought DRYS was a prime play on Monday morning when we included the stock in our watchlist, and even after seeing an incredible gain of 215% that first day and reiterating our interest yesterday morning, nothing could have prepared us for the epic run-up that has followed.

The chances of ever catching a stock in the $13-range and watching it surge to over $100 in a matter of two sessions are razor thin to say the least, but the fantastic performance of DRYS (and indeed, the shipping sector as a whole) this week has delivered it right to our doorstep.

Yesterday the stock extended its gains by trading in a range from 45.47 to 102.00, marking an intraday boost of 124% and an overall two-session jump amounting to 650% over Monday’s low of 13.60! Here we are for a third straight day, watching the stock gear up with strength in the premarket, indicating that even more gains could be on the immediate horizon.

We’ll also be in line to catch the eventual dip-and-rip that’s likely to occur when this historic run finally does peter out, and based on the volatility we’ve witnessed thus far, it stands to be quite significant when it does come to pass.

Subpenny Movers

Staying true to our modus operandi, which dictates that we spread our focus between big boards and penny stocks alike, we had a number of subpenny interests yesterday as well, and those also saw some nice moves.

Anchorage International Holdings Corp. AHCP -  This play started out as a subpenny in the morning, and finished it out in Pennyland, cracking the penny barrier as it ran from .006-.015 on the day. That works out to a single-session move of 150% on just over eight times the monthly average volume.


Bulova Technologies Group, Inc. BTGI - A modest yet notable swing was recorded by BTGI, as the stock ran from .00275 to .0038. That went down as a 38% pop, and came on absolutely massive volume, to the tune of more than 28X the monthly average.


ViaDerma, Inc. VDRM – Chatroom Call

Rounding out our subpenny package yesterday was a call that we made available in our daily traders chat. VDRM was as low as .0031 after we caught the news that it was getting into the marijuana space, and it ended up rallying all day to close at its high of .0073 (+135%).

We are always keeping our eyes and ears open for anything that could turn into the next big runner and we relay that information to our loyal followers anytime anything special comes across our trading desk after our premarket newsletters are published. To participate in these free daily chats, all you need to do is send a Skype contact request to username ‘stocksumo’. That’s it! We welcome any of our readers to join us!

Fresh Options Ideas 

TGT had an earnings beat this morning, and BAC is down in the premarket after topping out yesterday on the heels of a vigorous run-up. We’ll go bullish on the former, and and bearish in the latter, in an attempt to leverage the current activity in our favor.

TGT Weekly $75-79 Calls

BAC Weekly $20.50-19.50 Puts 

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: DRYS Recap & Much More

Dry Ships, Inc. DRYS

Yesterday we noticed that DRYS, a stock that has been in heavy decline since early this spring, had strung together a couple of decent sessions last week, so we tagged it for observation in our watchlist.

It was a good thing that we pointed it out when we did, because the move it made yesterday made the previous sessions’ activity seem like small potatoes by comparison. The Greek shipper made one of the largest single session leaps in its history, and we were right there waiting to take advantage.

From an early low of 13.60, the stock ran as high as 42.86 affording traders the chance to bank profits of up to 215% on the day. For a $10+ stock, that’s an absolutely incredible single-session move, and it came on well over two times the 3-month average volume. DRYS is now at its highest PPS since June, so congratulations to anyone who tagged along for the epic ride!

The stock is gapping up past the $50 mark in the premarket, so we could stand to see even further increases from this juncture.

Added Note:  We’re seeing ripple effects throughout the shipping sector, which is as hot as we can ever remember it being. As a result, we’ll place a couple other related plays on watch as well with SALT and TOPS.

Nokia Corp. NOK

We’ve had plenty of experience with NOK in the past, although we haven’t talked about it since May. We;re swinging back around this morning as we’ve noticed the establishment of a new 3-year lows on the stock.

We want to place the stock on bottom-watch at the present time as the chart is beginning to crack into heavily oversold territory, with the addition of a bullish MACD cross which just occurred. As you can see below, the histogram is also set to flip to the upside.

There’s potential for a good play on the stock itself, but of course, we’d also like to highlight a range of extended-term options ideas to use to our advantage if the eventual recovery plays out as we suspect it might. Our targets for the time being are going to be the NOK 01/20 $4 and $5 Calls.

Five Star Quality Care, Inc. FVE

We have an interesting scenario unfolding with FVE that we’d like to point out as well. On Friday, a Form-4 was filed on behalf of an FVE insider outlining the purchase of just under $54M worth of common stock executed at 3.00 (>>View Filing). The interesting thing is, the PPS on FVE was in the mid-$2 range at the time, where it still remains.

Such a vote of confidence by someone with inside knowledge of the company’s inner workings and future, is more than enough to sound the alarms for us. We’re going to immediately place FVE on watch and begin monitoring the stock for a reversal.

Added Reminder: Cannabis stocks are continuing to come back after a period of consolidation, after several new states voted put either recreational or medical marijuana on the books. Despite having many other things to focus on in the current markets, we don’t want to let marijuana plays slip off of our radar for even a moment, as the next big leg up could be just around the corner.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Friday’s Winners, Fresh Plays

The GEO Group, Inc. – Options Update

We caught GEO on the heels of a sell-off on Friday morning, and decided to go against the grain with some options calls, the success of which would be predicated upon a solid rebound.

We did in fact witness such a recovery, as GEO stock itself ran from a low of 21.30 up to 23.98. That meant that the target contracts we outlined in Friday’s report were due for some excellent intraday moves. The GEO 09/16 $20 and 22.50 Calls were our highlighted plays, and each of them provided the chance at multi-bag gains on the day.

The $20 Calls traded in a range from 1.61-4.21, for a healthy 161% rip, while the $22.50′s saw an increase from .87 to 2.78, for potential intraday profits as high as 220%

With plenty of time left until their expiration, we’ll have the opportunity to keep monitoring these plays in the event that GEO’s bounceback continues to persist.

Bulova Technologies Group, Inc. BTGI

Also appearing in Friday morning’s premarket report was BTGI, and it too provided us with a significant gain opportunity during the session.

BTGI traded up from its morning low of .0091, surged through the penny mark and ran all the way to .0179, which represented an intraday swing of 97% and occurred on roughly 3.5x its monthly average volume.

Patriot Scientific Corp. PTSC

We’d also like to take a minute to outline the significant intraday move recorded by PTSC after appearing in our report on Friday morning.

The stock ran from a low of .0056 up to .0099, marking a single-session rip of 77%

Extended Watchlist:
BNSO, ETRM (Momentum Plays)
FRP, WEB (Bottom-Plays)
AMD (Longer-Term Watch)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Fresh Options Ideas & More

Fresh Options Ideas

The GEO Group, Inc. – We’ve run across an interesting situation with GEO, in the wake of the Federal government’s announcement of a private correctional facility phase-out. The stock took an absolute pounding as a result yesterday, but is showing some signs of rebounding with the help of a contrary PR this morning.

Despite the impending federal cutbacks, (nearly half of GEO’s business comes from federal government contracts) we’ve now received word that the Bureau of Prisons has extended the company’s contract on the D. Ray James Correctional Facility in Folkston, GA through September of 2018. (>> View PR)

On the chance of seeing a continued rebound in the days or weeks ahead, we’re going to radar the GEO 09/16 $20 and 22.50 Calls for possible swing trades.


Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc. FOXA – A couple of things are drawing us toward entering an options idea into the log for FOXA today. In addition to the stock currently approaching oversold territory while trading at its 6-month lows, we’ve also noticed a series of Form-4 buys that have come in on Tuesday, Wednesday, and yesterday amounting to roughly $78M.

It’s leading us to place a range of extended-term contracts on watch, namely the FOXA 09/30 $25-27 Calls.

Force Protection Video Equipment Corp. FPVD

We wanted to provide a final update on FPVD this morning, which has appeared in every one of our reports since Tuesday. At the time, the stock saw a low of .0168, and it spent the next three sessions making monstrous moves to the upside.

Despite peeling back significantly into the close, FPVD gave one heck of a last hurrah early in yesterday’s session, running 122% intraday from the open at .045 to a high of .0999. At its peak, FPVD had shown us a three-day overall increase amounting to 495%

Unless we begin to see some major rebound activity, we’ll be moving on from FPVD for the time being, but congrats are due to anyone who was following this mega-runner along with us this week!

Extended Watchlist: