Bears and Bulls on the Run

Diverse Options Picks Produce: 

In yesterday morning’s premarket report, we took an interest in options ideas both bearish and bullish. Things looked choppy for the markets in general, so we took a shot with the SPY 05/12 $415-413 Puts, which produced considerable multibag runs roughly 90 minutes into the session.

We also called attention to the RBLX Weekly $63-64 Calls on the heels of the company’s earnings report, which dropped with a beat on revenue and solid user growth figures. That created the opportunity for the intraday move posted in those contracts.

The total possible daily profits that could have been seized with those ideas were as follows:

SPY 05/12 $415-413 Puts
$415: 1.99-5.77 (+190%)
$414: 1.66-4.98 (+200%)
$413: 1.33-4.29 (+223%)

RBLX Weekly $63-64 Calls
$63: 3.70-12.42 (+236%)
$63.50: 3.55-12.50 (+252%)
$64: 2.21-13.70 (+544%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
UPST 05/21 $110-120 Calls
OPEN 05/21 $17.50 Calls
U 05/21 $85-90 Calls 

Thai Airways International Public Co. Ltd. TAWNF – OTC Recap:

Yesterday, TAWNF demonstrated the importance of laying out our daily extended watchlists on your own viewscreens. There is almost always a clear standout, and we have been uncovering quite a few prime OTC plays in this manner.

The stock identified itself as the best of the bunch yesterday with a run up from its session low of  .105 and hit .329. That marked an intraday rip of 213% on the highest daily volume ever recorded in the stock.

Extended Watchlist:

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Trans Global Group Inc. TGGI 

In yesterday’s report we talked about our extended watchlist selection of TGGI on Monday morning, after  the stock ran 67% from .003 to .005. We also noted the trend that it was establishing seemed to suggest the possibility of further advances.

Our hunch proved accurate in no time flat, as TGGI once again broke out to new highs just as we suspected it may. The stock traded in a daily range from .0038 to .0093, which represented an intraday move of 145% and pushed our two-session observed upswing to 210% The stock has been trading heavy volume and with the momentous pattern we’ve seen thus far we’ll certainly continue to keep watch.

As we’ve pointed out on the chart below, we’re going to want to see its previous resistance point at .0053 hold as support on any forthcoming pullbacks in order for us to remain interested in TGGI.

BioLife Solutions Inc. BLFS – Recap

Our lone fresh options idea in yesterday’s premarket report was the BLFS Weekly $40-45 Calls. Despite being our sole point of focus in the options arena for the day, we still hit a bullseye.

The stock ran hard to the $48 level, which facilitated the following solid intraday gains in our designated targets:

BLFS Weekly $40-45 Calls
$389: 2.30-4.05 (+76%)
$390: .75-1.90 (+153%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
ADBE Weekly $457.50-465 Calls
WGO 04/16 $80-85 Calls
HOME 04/16 $32-34 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Ideas & More

Harley Davidson, Inc. HOG – Options

We were passively observing HOG last week as the stock was coming off its newly registered annual low (46.00), and we want to kick off this trading week by entering a potential options idea into the log. The stock is is extreme oversold territory, and we feel it’s just a matter of time before a more convincing rebound occurs.

That’s why we want to wait in the wings and observe the HOG 09/01 $49-51 Calls, which could stand to make some very nice moves if the stock can regain some of its recently lost ground over the course of the next few weeks.

Pandora Media, Inc. P – Options

Without a heck of a lot happening on the stocks front, being the dog days of summer, we see better chances for good opportunities with options at the moment. Pandora is another idea we want to talk about this morning,

It has been doing quite well over the past several weeks, since touching a low of 6.76 midway through last month. It approached the ten dollar mark last week before peeling back slightly, but this morning in the premarket, we’re seeing trades in the $10-range so we want to be ready with an options idea on the chance that a more significant breakout could occur. We’ll be tracking the P Weekly $9.50-11 Calls.

Extended Watchlist: