A Dozen Multibag Runners!

Huge Options Roundup

Our extreme success with options continued yesterday, with all three fresh ideas we posted for the ZM, HUYA, and LYFT chains producing the chance at some serious intraday gains for ourselves and our readers.

Additionally, we had signaled some longer term CVS calls last week which have fared nicely since then, as well as seeing more new highs in the PLUG contracts we’ve been tracking this week. All in all, practically everything we’ve been touching on the options front has been turning to gold.

Here are our observed ranges and total possible gains on everything we just mentioned, with 12 out of 13 target contracts posting multibag moves: 

ZM Weekly $380-390 Calls
$380: 13.50-37.80 (+180%)
$385: 10.90-35.00 (+221%)
$390: 8.20-28.45 (+247%)

HUYA Weekly $20-20.50 Calls
: .55-1.40 (+154%)
$20.50: .50-1.14 (+128%)

LYFT Weekly $37-37.50 Calls
$37: .80-2.24 (+180%)
$37.50: .64-1.89 (+95%)

PLUG Weekly $18.50-21 Calls 
$18.50: .97-4.50 (+363%)
$20: .48-3.05 (+535%)
$21: .24-2.14 (+791%)

CVS 02/19 $65-70 Calls
$65: 2.70-7.50 (+178%)
$70: 1.83-5.75 (+214%)
$75: 1.08-4.40 (+307%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
PDD Weekly $125-140 Calls
VRM Weekly $45-35 Puts

Extended Watchlist:

SPCE Calls Blast into Orbit


Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc. SPCE – Our first order of business as we prepare to close out this trading week, is go over our options alert on Virgin Galactic in yesterday morning’s premarket report. We signaled the SPCE Weekly $18-19 Calls, and we received instantaneous multibag results.

Here are the total possible gains afforded by our coverage of SPCE prior to yesterday’s solid run.

SPCE Weekly $18-19 Calls
$18: 1.28-4.15 (+224%)
$18.50: .86-3.60 (+319%)
$19: .62-3.21 (+418%)

Today we will roll up to include the SPCE $22-22.50 Calls as it looks to be preparing to continue its momentum.


Infosys Ltd. INFY – On Wednesday morning, we targeted a pair of INFY calls as well, and those ideas were also noteworthy. They both provided opportunities for multibag gains following our alert.

INFY Weekly $11-12 Calls
$11: .49-1.35 (+176%)
$12: .05-.40 (+700%)

MicroVision, Inc. MVIS 

In terms of stocks, we have unearthed some winners in that category as well recently. One such play is MVIS, which we tagged for observation a couple of months back on May 5th.

Shortly following that report, the stock was trading for as little as .55. After two months of continual uptrend, and a huge day yesterday, the stock was sent to a new high of 2.47. That works out to a total increase of 349% in a relatively short time period.

DATA443 Risk Mitigation Inc. ATDS 

As far as OTC winners are concerned, we’ve also found our fair share of those in recent months. One month ago today, on June 17th, we put ATDS on watch, and that play has also worked out very well.

From a low of .0095 we have seen it make a move to .027, for an overall rise of 184%

Extended Watchlist: