Breaking for Thanksgiving on a High Note

Another Solid Options Effort:

We took a bold stance in yesterday morning’s premarket report, going bearish on all three sets of options ideas we formulated for the session. While all three target stocks turned in green candles on the day, the first couple hours of the session definitely played into our hands nicely. There were substantial opportunities for gains on the table for all three of our interests.

We were targeting the URBN Weekly $35-33 Puts, the DLTR Weekly $132-130 Puts, and the BBY Weekly $122-119 Puts. The following are the morning ranges and total possible profits that could have been attained off of these ideas:

URBN Weekly $35-33 Puts
 1.70-3.20 (+88%)
$34: .90-2.30 (+156%)
$33: .55-1.55 (+181%)

DLTR Weekly $132-130 Puts
$132: .26-.77 (+196%)
$131: .20-.45 (+125%)
$130: .17-.44 (+159%)

BBY Weekly $122-119 Puts

$122: 4.25-7.25 (+70%)
$121: 3.00-5.60 (+87%)
$120: 3.00-5.73 (+92%)
$119: 2.62-4.99 (+90%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
DE Weekly $352.50-360
FUTU Weekly $54-57 Calls
HPQ Weekly $33-35 Calls

iSpecimen, Inc. ISPC – Recap:

On Monday morning, we tagged ISPC in our watchlist, and that stock went on to make a nice intraweek move.

From a low of 8.06, the stock ran as high as 18.50. That works out to an increase of 130% which is an excellent short term move for a NASDAQ stock in this price range. In those two sessions. ISPC has traded roughly ten times its 30-day average volume.

Extended Watchlist: 

Another Hot Trading Week on the Books

Running Options Plays, Instant Bangers:

This has really shaped up to be a strong week for our performance in seeking out potential options winners. This morning, not only do we have the intraday figures for yesterday’s fresh ideas, but we also have updated highs in a couple of the plays we were tracking in the previous session.

The winning targets from yesterday morning’s premarket report were the NIO Weekly $43-44 Calls, and the BIDU Weekly $165-160 Puts. Wednesday morning’s calls that tacked on brand new highs for us yesterday, were the U 08/20 $110-115 Calls and the WEN 08/20 $22-23 Calls.

Here’s what we’re looking at for the total possible gains on all of these options plays:

NIO Weekly $43-44 Calls
 1.14-1.57 (+38%)
$43.50: .95-1.34 (+41%)
$44: .82-1.13 (+38%)

BIDU Weekly $165-160 Puts
 4.35-8.00 (+84%)
$162.50: 2.94-5.67 (+93%)
$160: 1.92-3.84 (+100%)

U 08/20 $110-115 Calls
$110: 4.98-18.00 (+261%)
$115: 2.50-13.00 (+420%)

WEN 08/20 $22-23 Calls 
$22: .80-1.92 (+140%)
$23: .34-1.05 (+209%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
RIOT 08/20 $37-39 Calls
MARA 08/20 $35-37 Calls
DIS Weekly $182.50-187.50 Calls

*Please do not attempt to trade weekly options on a Friday unless you are an advanced level trader with access to disposable funds. 

Extended Watchlist:

KNDI, PPHM & Extended Watchlist

Kandi Technologies Group, Inc. KNDI

This morning, we are revisiting a play that has been periodically appearing on our Extended Watchlists since this summer. Following a July 15th alert, we would see KNDI dip as low as 4.41 (07/23). We continued to monitor the stock through to September, as it went on to hit a high of 9.20 (10/26), marking an increase of 109% in roughly three month’s time. However, our adventures with KNDI had only just begun.

By early November, it had settled back to a low of 6.15, and it hasn’t looked back since. Moderate gains gave way to full-on breakout mode on Friday as the stock rocketed to a high of 10.4784, marking a gain of 70% off of its most recent low, and a 138% rise from our original alert low of 4.41. This huge move came just a few days after the following announcement:

This is definitely a story that we will continue to follow in the New Year, as the company expects to increase its delivery of electric vehicles. CEO Hu Xiaoming recently stated: “In 2014, we expect our EV business may surpass our legacy go-cart business and become a major revenue generator for the company,”

More information :

Peregrine Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PPHM

PPHM is an old-time favorite of ours that we wanted to call attention to this morning, as the stock is undergoing some notable pre-market trading action. From lows (1.25) following our most recent alert on PPHM is gapping up significantly, currently trading in the high 1.40’s on a PR fresh out this morning. We’re very interested to see how far the current trend will carry, so keep an eye peeled on PPHM.

Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Initiates Sunrise Pivotal Phase III Clinical Trial of Bavituximab in Second-Line Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Company Launches to Assist Patients and Physicians

TUSTIN, CA, Dec 30, 2013 (Marketwired via COMTEX) — Peregrine Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: PPHM), today announced the opening to enrollment of its SUNRISE trial at leading oncology centers in the United States. SUNRISE is a pivotal Phase III clinical trial comparing the company’s investigational immunotherapy bavituximab plus the chemotherapy docetaxel against placebo plus the chemotherapy docetaxel in patients with second-line non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). This trial will enroll approximately 600patients from more than 100 medical centers worldwide. >> FULL PR

Extended Watchlist:
AMMX, PROW, BIOL, CYTR, AVL(Coming off double-bottom)