Interesting Technical Setups & More

Yesterday’s Earnings Plays: 

Two of our fresh options plays for yesterday’s report were weekly calls, and despite a mixed session for the markets as a whole, they experienced appreciable intraday moves. The activity in the MRVL Weekly $49-51 Calls and the SFIX Weekly $61.50-65 Calls didn’t blow the lid off of anything, but we did witness some highly respectable gain opportunities.

MRVL Weekly $49-51 Calls
1.06-1.92 (+81%)
$50: .62-1.23 (+98%)
$51: .34-.68 (+100%)

SFIX Weekly $61.50-65 Calls
3.65-5.54 (+52%)
$62: 3.35-5.48 (+64%)
$62.50: 3.13-4.80 (+53%)
$63: 2.84-4.72 (+66%)
$65: 1.91-3.45 (+81%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
CPB Weekly $48-46 Puts
UNFI 06/18 $40-35 Puts

Interesting Chart Plays:

Also catching our eye this morning are a couple of interesting chart setups in FibroGen, Inc. FGEN and Fastly, Inc. FSLY, and in both cases we will be watching the stocks as well as some potential options ideas.

In the case of FGEN, there are a couple of large gaps to fill to the upside, and over the past couple of sessions the stock has given indication that it may be about to do so. We’re going to be tagging the FGEN 07/16 $27.50-30 Calls for observation.

On FSLY, the gap-fill has occurred this week and the PPS is now on the verge of breaking past the 50DMA with its considerable momentum. We’ll radar the FSLY 06/25 $61-63 Calls.

Extended Watchlist:

Big-Time OTC Movers & More

More Penny Poppers: 

For those newer subscribers who may be unfamiliar with the way we operate, typically our interests in stocks traded on the OTC Markets are relegated to our daily Extended Watchlists. Our main features tend to be focused more on quick-strike options trading these days because that’s where we find the most excitement. That doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten our roots in the pennies!

We’ve had loads of success in unearthing interesting OTC plays in 2021 so far, and we started out the fresh trading week yesterday with another fine pair of movers that have been included in our watchlists on multiple occasions of late. Below you can find links to our archived reports from our initial alerts and the subsequent huge runs and multibag profit potential involved.

Enzolytics, Inc. ENZC
Alerted: April 16th
Range: .0866-.2979
Gained: +244%

RushNet, Inc. RSHN
Alerted: May 13th
Range: .0008-.008
Gained: +900%

G-III Apparel Group, Inc. GIII – Options Recap

On account of the light earnings reporter load that we’ve mentioned in a previous report, we went with just one lone potential options target in yesterday’s premarket offering, the GIII 06/18 $30-35 Calls.

G-III Apparel posted a solid Q1 earnings beat along with optimistic guidance for the remainder of the fiscal year. It allowed the stock to break a double-top and set a new high of 35.80 which provided for the following moves in our tracked targets:

GIII 06/18 $30-35 Calls
.90-2.25 (+150%)
$35: 3.80-5.60 (+47%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
MRVL Weekly $49-51 Calls
SFIX Weekly $61.50-65 Calls
THO 06/18 $120-125 Calls
ASO 06/18 $35-40 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

Sweeping Options Success

Total Options Success 

We have a multitude of options updates for our readers this morning, including new highs for our Campbell’s ideas from Wednesday morning, and the figures from all three of yesterday morning’s fresh options ideas, which all worked out extremely well.

It is a continuation of what has been an incredibly adept playing of the current market conditions. Our readers are welcome to check our record thoughout this time, and any other (Find ALL of our reports  easily at

CPB Weekly $49-50.50 Calls
$49: 2.03-4.45 (+119%)
$50: 1.25-3.82 (+206%)
$50.50: .98-2.80 (+186%)

VIPS Weekly $13.50-14.50 Calls
$13.50: 1.25-2.79 (+123%)
$14: .85-2.90 (+241%)
$14.50: .40-1.95 (+388%)

MRVL Weekly $23.50-25 Calls
$23.50: 1.10-2.21 (+101%)
 .45-1.78 (+296%)
$24.50: .42-1.32 (+214%)
**$25: .01-.95 (+9400%)**

SPLK Weekly $152.50-149 Puts
$152.50: 5.15-12.80 (+149%)
$150: 3.58-11.00 (+207%)
$149: 3.10-8.79 (+185%)

Fresh Ideas:
SPY Weekly $294-295.50 Calls*

*Don’t trade weekly options on a Friday unless you are an advanced level trader with access to disposable funds!

Hear AtLast Holdings, Inc. HRAL

We’ve been tagging a lot of OTC stocks for observation in our extended watchlists, as penny plays can often see a rise in activity when uncertainty hits the major markets.

HRAL was the most impressive performer from yesterday’s list, with two distinctive moves on the day, first from .035-.0549 (+57%) and then from .0301-.043 (+43%) works out to cumulative gains of up to 100%