Wrapping Up Another Interesting Trading Week

Jabil, Inc. JBL – Options Recap: 

As we’ve been mentioning recently, we are continuing to fight our way through the heart of a major earnings drought. Case in point- there are ZERO pre or post-market reporters on the calendar for today. Yesterday was was also quite dry with the exception of JBL, for which we formulated an options ideas in our premarket report.

We designated the JBL Weekly $50-55 Calls as our targets of interest, and they exhibited some nice intraday activity; the $55’s in particular. The total ranges and possible gains on those targets were as follows:

JBL Weekly $50-55 Calls
$50: 6.45-8.10 (+26%)
$55: 1.10-3.47 (+215%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 

Yesterday’s post-market earnings releases by companies with at least a billion-dollar market cap are our only source of earnings-related ideas to close out the week today, and the calendar was limited to just two.

We’ll go ahead and set some potential targets in both of those options chains, but be advised that these are weeklies, and trading options on their day of expiration should be undertaken only with experience and extreme caution as premiums will begin to evaporate. Only play with what you can afford to lose under a worst-case scenario!

ADBE Weekly $555-570 Calls
SWBI Weekly $20 Calls

Goff Corp. GOFF – Review:

We began tracking GOFF after putting it on our watchlist on May 13th, and we’ve mentioned it a couple of times since then as well.

The stock has made an absolutely massive run from our observed low subsequent to our report in May, which came in at .033, and culminated in a new high of .2369 yesterday. That represents a monster move of 618% in just a shade over a month’s time!

Extended Watchlist:

Interesting Technical Setups & More

Yesterday’s Earnings Plays: 

Two of our fresh options plays for yesterday’s report were weekly calls, and despite a mixed session for the markets as a whole, they experienced appreciable intraday moves. The activity in the MRVL Weekly $49-51 Calls and the SFIX Weekly $61.50-65 Calls didn’t blow the lid off of anything, but we did witness some highly respectable gain opportunities.

MRVL Weekly $49-51 Calls
1.06-1.92 (+81%)
$50: .62-1.23 (+98%)
$51: .34-.68 (+100%)

SFIX Weekly $61.50-65 Calls
3.65-5.54 (+52%)
$62: 3.35-5.48 (+64%)
$62.50: 3.13-4.80 (+53%)
$63: 2.84-4.72 (+66%)
$65: 1.91-3.45 (+81%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
CPB Weekly $48-46 Puts
UNFI 06/18 $40-35 Puts

Interesting Chart Plays:

Also catching our eye this morning are a couple of interesting chart setups in FibroGen, Inc. FGEN and Fastly, Inc. FSLY, and in both cases we will be watching the stocks as well as some potential options ideas.

In the case of FGEN, there are a couple of large gaps to fill to the upside, and over the past couple of sessions the stock has given indication that it may be about to do so. We’re going to be tagging the FGEN 07/16 $27.50-30 Calls for observation.

On FSLY, the gap-fill has occurred this week and the PPS is now on the verge of breaking past the 50DMA with its considerable momentum. We’ll radar the FSLY 06/25 $61-63 Calls.

Extended Watchlist:

Trend of OTC Runners Continues, Options Plays

12 Retech Corp. RETC – Review:

We have been on a fairly hot streak of OTC picks recently, and this morning we’re reporting a continuation of that trend with RETC’s performance. We did include the stock in our watchlist yesterday morning, but initially alerted it this past Thursday morning. One session subsequent to that report, we observed a low of .0015, and the stock hasn’t looked back.

Yesterday, RETC cracked into Pennyland with a run from .0028 to a new high of .0103. That means readers who only caught our tag in yesterday’s report still had the chance to bank profits of up to 268% on the day. As of yesterday’s high our overall observed upswing since last week’s alert comes in at a whopping 587%

Otis Worldwide Corp. OTIS – Options Review:

Also appearing in yesterday morning’s premarket report was a fresh, longer-term options idea in the OTIS chain that immediately bore fruit in the form of some solid intraday chances. We will continue to monitor them in the days and weeks ahead for the possibility of further gains.

We were targeting the OTIS 05/21 $70-75 Calls which yielded traders the following respectable opportunities for daily profits:

OTIS 05/21 $70-75 Calls
$70: 5.00-6.50 (+30%)
$75 : 1.60-2.80 (+75%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
UPS Weekly $187.50-192.50 Calls
RTX Weekly $81.50-82 Calls
BP Weekly $25 Calls
NXPI Weekly $207.50-210 Calls
HAE 08/20 $70-75 Calls

Extended Watchlist: