More Options Success & New Ideas

More Options Gainers:

We only formulated two sets of options ideas for yesterday morning’s premarket report, but we scored pretty well with both of them. Kohls was a post-earnings play, and we had been bearish on the SPY from the get-go this week.

Our exact target ranges were the KSS Weekly $60-62 Calls and the SPY 01/24 $435-432 Puts, and traders could have realized some pretty good profits off of either idea. With the markets continuing their recent downslide until midday, the SPY Puts were the most attractive option on the day.

Here are the total possible gains one could have recorded with those items of interest:

KSS Weekly $60-62 Calls
3.46-4.90 (+42%)
$61: 2.81-4.23 (+51%)
$62: 1.00-3.73 (+273%)

SPY 01/24 $435-432 Puts 
$435: 3.96-14.28 (+261%)
$343: 3.23-13.33 (+313%)
$432: 2.50-11.31 (+252%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
LOGI 02/18 $75-80 Calls
BRO 02/18 $65-70 Calls
AXP Weekly $160-165 Calls 

OTC Review:

We also have a couple of plays on the stock side of things that we wanted to provide our readers numbers on this morning. We’ve been tracking UNQL and VTXB for one and two weeks, respectively, and they’ve produced some excellent multibag runs for us during that short time.

Unique Logistics Intl Inc. UNQL
1st Alerted: Jan.18th
Range: .023-.0689
Gained: +199%

Vortex Brands Co. VXTB
1st Alerted: Jan.13th
Range: .0125-.0494
Gained: +295%

Extended Watchlist:

Options Update, Fresh Earnings Plays

Options Review: 

As promised yesterday, we’re swinging back around to the fresh options plays that we formulated in Wednesday morning’s premarket report. If you didn’t catch our special focus report on an exciting up-and-comer in the junior gold mining space, click here and check it out!

On Wednesday, we offered up a trio of options trading targets, those being the UNH Weekly $455-465 Calls, the BAC Weekly $46.50-48 Calls, and the SPY 01/19 $458 Calls. We ended up seeing some nice movement in those plays that day, which amounted to the following ranges and total potential profits for anyone who got involved.

UNH Weekly $455-465 Calls
11.30-17.00 (+50%)
$460: 6.40-16.50 (+158%)
$465: 3.69-12.01 (+225%)

BAC Weekly $46.50-48 Calls
.43-.95 (+121%)
$47: .23-.62 (+170%)
$47.50: .12-.34 (+183%)
$48: .05-.17(+240%)

SPY 01/19 $458 Calls
$458: .39-1.32 (+238%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
NFLX Weekly $420-400 Puts*
ISRG Weekly $278.33-276.67 Puts*
SPY 01/21 $446-444 Puts*

*Please use extreme caution when trading options on their day of expiration. It should only be attempted by experienced traders with access to disposable funds. 

Vortex Brands, Co. VTXB – Recap:

We’ve also got an update on VTXB, a stock that we tagged for observation last Thursday morning, and over the course of a week, it has performed exceptionally well for us.

From Thursday’s low of .0125, VTXB ran up as high as.0494 during yesterday’s session. With this type of momentum going, we’ll be sure to continue to monitor its activity in upcoming sessions.

Extended Watchlist:

Fresh Options Plays, Updates

Options Review:

We’ve been all over the SPY lately, playing it both short and long over the past week with great success each time. Yesterday morning we signaled some fresh bullish targets for the dailies, and were met with multibag runs on the session.

We were after the SPY 01/12 $470-472 Calls, and thanks to a gap-and-go right out of the starting gate, we got the following opportunities:

SPY 01/12 $470-472 Calls
$470: .95-2.17 (+128%)
$471: .59-1.51 (+156%)
$472: .34-.98 (+188%)

We also had a trio of other fresh plays, of which two produced instant results- the INFY 01/21 $25-26 Calls and the AMBA Weekly $157.50-162.50 Calls. We also signaled a longer-term play in some February calls on NFLX, but we’ll circle back around to those in an upcoming report. For now, these are the intraday moves posted by the INFY and AMBA targets:

INFY 01/21 $25-26 Calls
.53-1.45 (+174%)
$26: .20-.64 (+220%)

AMBA Weekly $157.50-162.50 Calls
$157.50: 8.49-14.10 (+66%)
$160: 3.50-5.20 (+49%)
$162.50: 2.45-4.01 (+64%)

Fresh Options:
KBH Weekly $44-46 Calls
TSM Weekly $136-139 Calls
DAL Weekly $40-42 Calls

Extended Watchlist: