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Burlington Stores, Inc. BURL – Options Update

We reported our interest in tracking some BURL options in the wake of a strong earnings report yesterday morning, and signaled the BURL 03/17 $85-95 Calls. Just as we suspected, the boost of momentum from that earnings beat provided the fuel for those contracts to put up some impressive performances on the day.

The possible gains so far, which could be augmented today with another bullish move, were as follows:

$85 Calls – Range: 5.60-10.00 – Max Gain: 79%
$90 Calls – Range: 2.50-5.20 – Max Gain: 1084%
$95 Calls – Range: .71-1.93 – Max Gain: 172%

InterCloud Systems, Inc. ICLD

We also want to continue keeping an eye on ICLD, in which volume has been exploding over the past couple sessions as the stock has rebounded off of its 52-week lows.

The stock traded in a relatively modest range from .0157 to .02 (+27%) yesterday, but closed with strength. Especially with the enormous flow of volume at the present time, we’re definitely interested in tracking ICLD’s movements over the next several sessions.

Fresh Options Ideas:

Big Lots, Inc. BIG -  Big Lots had a mixed bag earnings report today, missing estimates on sales, but beating on profits. Still, it appears as if BIG could be gearing up for a decent run, so we’re going to highlight a range of options to track- the BIG 03/17 $52.50-57.50 Calls.

Caterpillar, Inc. CAT – On a bearish note, things got ugly for Caterpillar yesterday as multiple federal agencies participated in a massive raid of its offices in relation to a years-long IRS investigation into a billion dollar tax discrepancy. CAT stock took a massive gut punch, and could continue to see hardship as more details of the investigation and possible consequences become available. We’ll be tracking the CAT 04/07 $88-85 Puts, which could fare extremely well if it comes down to fill a gap on its chart which we’ve pointed out below.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: New Highs for VPOR & More

Vapor Group, Inc. VPOR

We caught VPOR for a solid gain on Tuesday, mentioning it in our premarket report before a respectable intraday performance ensued. The stock had run from .00355 to .0053 (+49%) , but we noted that it was part of an emerging bullish pattern, so we kept it on watch yesterday as well.

Once again, this time for the fourth straight session, VPOR managed to record higher lows along with a new high. The stock traded in a range from .0043 to .0068, marking a 58% intraday push, and an overall increase of 92% from our observed low on Tuesday.

We’ll stay hot on VPOR’s trail for as long as it continues to build higher base levels of support.

Lowes Companies, Inc. LOW

We put out a post-earnings options idea on Lowes in yesterday’s report with the LOW Weekly $79-81 Calls and it turned out to be an excellent idea, offering up multi-bag gains across the board inside of the first half hour of trading.

No matter which of the strike points were chosen, quick-strike trades could have yielded the following gains:

$79 Calls – Range: 2.08-5.04 – Max Gain: 142%
$79.50 Calls – Range: 1.67-3.35 – Max Gain: 101%
$80 Calls – Range: 1.29-3.02 – Max Gain: 134%
$81 Calls – Range: 75-3.54 – Max Gain: 372%

Fresh Options Idea

Burlington Stores, Inc. BURL-  Speaking of post-earnings beat options plays, we’re going to want to track a range of contracts in the BURL chain following the company strong showing for the quarter which soundly beat Wall Street expectations.

We’re going to want to radar the BURL 03/17 $85-95 Calls. Given the boost from earnings, along with a strong rising wedge pattern on the chart, we like the chances of seeing some nice activity in those contracts.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Winning LVS Options & More

Las Vegas Sands Corp. LVS – Options Recap

To correspond with the surprise news that Macau gambling revs broke a two year pattern of disappointment, we prepared ourselves with a few options ideas yesterday, and while they all provided opportunities to an extent, the one that shone through as the clear winner was Las Vegas Sands.

We zeroed in on the LVS Weekly $51-52.50 Calls for potential daytrading chances, and regardless of the chosen strike price, multi-bag intraday gains were there for the taking. The possible profits were as follows:

$51 Calls – Range: 1.18-2.83 – Max Gain: 140%
$51.50 Calls – Range: .85-3.36 – Max Gain: 295%
$52 Calls – Range: .40-1.82 – Max Gain: 355%
$52.50 Calls – Range: .30-1.62 – Max Gain: 440%

Kibush Capital Corp. DLCR

After alerting DLCR in Wednesday morning’s premarket report, the stock has gone on a heck of a two-day run for us. Yesterday we mentioned that we’d keep an eye out for a continuation of the uptrend, and got just what we were looking for as the stock streaked to new highs for us.

It traded in a range from .0036-.0071, falling just shy of a double-bagger with a 97% intraday push, and from the low we observed on Wednesday morning subsequent to our initial report (.00297), it represented a two-session overall increase of 139%

Ocean Rig UDW Inc. ORIG

We’ve also got a potential bottom-play hitting our scanner this morning in ORIG, so we wanted to make mention of that as well.

All it takes is a quick glance at the chart to see why we’ll be interested in tracking the activity in this stock in sessions to come. We’ve got a strong double-bottom signal, a bullish MACD cross in progress, and the RSI is indicating that ORIG is presently oversold.

These are all factors we routinely search for, and when coupled with a sizable gap on the chart to the upside, and the fact that it was trading at three times its current price less than a month ago, we’ll certainly want to watch this one closely.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: News Play, MHRC Recap & More

Magnum Hunter Resources Corp. MHRC
In yesterday’s premarket publication, we went over several momentum plays that have been very good to us in recent sessions, and among those was MHRC. We tagged this one last Monday (11/16)just a couple of sessions after it registered a new annual low.

From there the stock has built one heck of a recovery, and after a bangup intraday performance yesterday, it managed to press to new highs yet again. The intraday move on MHRC was from a low of .037 to .074, which comes out to an even 100%, and that high represents a total increase of 252% over our observed low of .021.

As we pointed out in a previous mention of this stock, there are a couple of gaps on the chart, the filling of which would mean more big moves to the upside. They sit at .08-.15, and beyond that, from .19-.26. The filling of the first gap would spell the chance for yet another double-bagger, so we’ll be sure to leave this play on our radar.

AgriEuro Corp. EURI

Speaking of momentum movers, we want to take this opportunity to recap the performance of another stock that we tagged for observation in our report on Monday the 16th. On that day, we caught the stock at a low of .381, and it has been smooth sailing ever since. EURI has recorded higher highs and higher lows every single day, culminating in an impressive new high of 2.00 yesterday.

That incredible move works out to total possible gains of up to 425% for anyone who caught our initial alert just seven sessions ago. Cheers to those who took advantage!

First Choice Heathcare Solutions, Inc. FCHS

Catching our eye toward the end of the day yesterday was FCHS. The stock made a nice intraday move from .73 and ran into the close at .98 on heavy volume.

That action alone would generally be enough for us to place a stock on watch for a possible continuation of momentum, but the company sweetened the pot even further with a post-market reveal of some promising guidance through 2016.

FCHS figures to be a stock that we track over an extended period, so now is the time to familiarize ourselves with its characteristics. To that end, we recorded a video of the chart this morning to point out some of the technical highlights, and would suggest our readers take a few minutes to check it out:

( Please Note: In the video, Stock Sumo gives the former company name, “Medical Billing Assistance Inc.” as it is still listed this way on First Choice Healthcare Solutions, Inc. is the correct and current billing.)


Pfizer, Inc. PFE Options Idea

We’ve noticed that PFE is rebounding off of a recent relative low on the chart, and this morning the stock is gapping up considerably in defiance of a less-than-ideal PR alluding to disappointing top-line results from late-stage studies of the drug Lyrica. We’re going to monitor a quick options idea to correspond with this activity, specifically, the PFE Weekly $31-32.50 Calls.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: ITEK Recap, Options Ideas & More

Inotek Pharmaceutical Corp. ITEK

Our report for yesterday brought a couple of nice opportunities, with ITEK standing out as the most impressive. We caught this play on our routine morning scan, after noticing some abnormally elevated premarket activity. The company had released some information regarding its glaucoma treatment exiting Phase II studies and laying a strategic path for Phase III, and needless to say, it was very well-received.

This wasn’t a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it sort of move either, with just a small move up to start the session, ITEK traded sideways for most of the morning. Just prior to lunchtime is when we started to see the beginnings of an epic intraday run, especially for a stock in this price range.

From a low of  7.66, the stock exploded to reach a daily (and new annual) high of 16.75, standing as a single-session surge of 119%  The overall move as of this morning’s premarket high of 18.20 registers as an overnight increase of 138%  Cheers go out to any of our readers who caught our alert!

Inotek Pharmaceuticals Announces Positive End-of-Phase 2 Meeting with FDA and Phase 3 Development Strategy for Trabodenoson, a Novel Treatment for Glaucoma (Thu, Jul 23)

WindStream Technologies, Inc. WSTI

It was Tuesday’s Letter to Shareholders that caught our eye in the premarket news feed, causing us to raise a flag on WSTI that morning.

We’ve covered it every day since, and have been rewarded with incremental gains throughout, with the stock recording higher highs and higher lows each session. Yesterday, we witnessed an intraday run from .0172-.0244, which yielded the chance at gains of up to 42% on the day.

From our observed low on Tuesday (the 52-week low of .0085) we’ve now seen an overall jump in WSTI amounting to 187% in just three session’s time. Refer to the annotated chart below to evaluate WSTI’s chances of making further advances from this juncture.

Friday Options Ideas

If you recall last Friday, we came up huge with an alert on Weekly GOOG Calls.  We mentioned how time-decay at this point in the week begins to evaporate premiums in contracts with a weekly expiration, and generates a high-octane volatile environment where big gains are often there for the taking for those who can assume a higher-than-average risk.  A 694% intraday run from one of the sets of contracts we highlighted in that report was there to prove our point.


We’re going to venture a similar set of ideas this morning for Weekly AMZN Calls in the $575-595 range. The stock is gapping up hard this morning to the tune of 20%, thus we will have our eyes peeled for a classic dip-and-rip scenario.


We’re also going to put a marker flag on Weekly FB Calls from $96-50-97.50. The stock is rebounding off of a pullback over the past couple of days, after performing extremely well for the majority of this month.

Extended Watchlist:
AMDA, ACRX, CALA, ICLD, CRGP(news), HERO(52-wk lows)