Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Fresh Options Ideas & More

Fresh Options Ideas

The GEO Group, Inc. – We’ve run across an interesting situation with GEO, in the wake of the Federal government’s announcement of a private correctional facility phase-out. The stock took an absolute pounding as a result yesterday, but is showing some signs of rebounding with the help of a contrary PR this morning.

Despite the impending federal cutbacks, (nearly half of GEO’s business comes from federal government contracts) we’ve now received word that the Bureau of Prisons has extended the company’s contract on the D. Ray James Correctional Facility in Folkston, GA through September of 2018. (>> View PR)

On the chance of seeing a continued rebound in the days or weeks ahead, we’re going to radar the GEO 09/16 $20 and 22.50 Calls for possible swing trades.


Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc. FOXA – A couple of things are drawing us toward entering an options idea into the log for FOXA today. In addition to the stock currently approaching oversold territory while trading at its 6-month lows, we’ve also noticed a series of Form-4 buys that have come in on Tuesday, Wednesday, and yesterday amounting to roughly $78M.

It’s leading us to place a range of extended-term contracts on watch, namely the FOXA 09/30 $25-27 Calls.

Force Protection Video Equipment Corp. FPVD

We wanted to provide a final update on FPVD this morning, which has appeared in every one of our reports since Tuesday. At the time, the stock saw a low of .0168, and it spent the next three sessions making monstrous moves to the upside.

Despite peeling back significantly into the close, FPVD gave one heck of a last hurrah early in yesterday’s session, running 122% intraday from the open at .045 to a high of .0999. At its peak, FPVD had shown us a three-day overall increase amounting to 495%

Unless we begin to see some major rebound activity, we’ll be moving on from FPVD for the time being, but congrats are due to anyone who was following this mega-runner along with us this week!

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