Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Kicking Off the New Year

Good Morning Traders, and Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a pleasant holiday season, but now that the new year has begun, we also hope everyone’s ready to dive right back in and take 2017 by the horns! We’re looking forward to another year of market action and tracking hot plays whether they be pennies, big boards, options, or whatever! Wherever we see even the slightest chance for a big opportunity we’ll be there, so join us- the 2017 trading year starts now!

Continued Cannabis Sector Surges

We’ve been all over the cannabis space for years, but the scope and intensity of our observation has been decidedly more focused in past weeks and months.  On Sunday, legalized recreational marijuana took effect in California and elsewhere, so you can all expect that the pot sector will be an area of continued interest as the industry as a whole is set to undergo huge growth and change in coming months.

We had a few reminders appear in Friday’s premarket report from among the vast group of pot plays we’ve tracked over an extremely long period at this point. PHOT and VAPE, two old favorites, both followed that up with solid intraday performances to close out 2016.

PHOT posted a nice intraday move from .0167-.0198 (+19%), while VAPE ran from .0122-.0167 (+37%).  We’ll continue to track these and other cannabis stocks, including but not limited to: MCOA, HEMP, MCIG, GRNH, TRTC, MYDX, MYHI, CHIT

More Updates:

Oceanic Research & Recovery Inc. ORRV - We began mentioning ORRV on Wednesday, and subsequently would witness a low of .0005. Friday the stock posted a huge finish to the year, running up to a new high of .00271. That marked a three-session swing of 442%  We’re going to be keeping an eye peeled for the possibility of continued momentum.

ERF Wireless, Inc. ERFB – Our first tag of ERFB came three Friday’s ago, at which time we would observe a low of .0013. It too broke out to new high on Friday, reaching .02. From our initial low that works out to an overall increase of 54% More gains could be on the horizon in this case as well, so we’ll be watching.

 Vanguard Natural Resources, Inc. VNR

We also want to put VNR on our radars as we kick things off on this short week. We’ve included a snapshot below and as you can see, a triple-bottom formation is currently in effect. We are going to be watching for a reversal, which, if the last couple of cycles are any indicator, could lead to a pretty significant PPS increase.

ProShares Short VIX Short-Term Futures SVXY

With the markets as a whole appearing to want to open up 2017 on a high note, we’re going to signal a range of bullish options calls for the SVXY ETF. We’ll be monitoring the SVXY Weekly $93.50-95.50 Calls.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SUNE, DIS Updates & More

SunEdison, Inc. SUNE

We first began mentioning SUNE last month, as we were noticing the stock had been steadily beaten back since midsummer. We placed the stock on bottom-watch and since reaching its ultimate low of 2.55 on November 20th, it has been making steady strides to the upside.

We tagged the stock for more intensive tracking in yesterday’s premarket report, and were met with even more advances. SUNE put forth a modest but solid 15% increase as it traded in a range from 5.65-6.47. From our observed low just a few weeks ago, SUNE has produced an overall increase of 154%  We’ll continue to stay hot on its trail for as long as the bullish trend remains intact.

Options Recap – The Walt Disney Co. DIS

We were able to take advantage of the excitement surrounding DIS yesterday morning by submitting Weekly DIS $112-116 Calls for tracking, and in what seems like it’s become a regular occurrence for us, each and every set of contracts in our specified range made excellent intraday moves.

Here are the gains that were possible during yesterday’s session with these calls:

$112 Calls – Trading Range: 1.25-2.32  – Max Gain: 86%
$113 Calls – Trading Range: .80-1.58  – Max Gain: 98%
$114 Calls – Trading Range: .46-.95 – Max Gain: 107%
$115 Calls – Trading Range: .29-.54 – Max Gain: 86%
$116 Calls – Trading Range: .16-.29 – Max Gain: 81%

More Chatroom Success

Our good friend and chatroom participant, DJ, was up to his old tricks yesterday, entering yet another winning play into the mix.

NUVI was .008 x .009 at the time of DJ’s post (pictured above) and the stock ended up pushing to .0272 for an awesome 240% intraday surge.

Once again, a great example of why its a good idea to participate in our daily trader’s chats. To get involved, just send a Skype request to ‘stocksumo’.

Fresh Options Ideas – AAPL

This morning we’re looking to AAPL for a possible rally; the stock is gapping up and thus we will be looking for a potential dip-and-rip scenario. We are going to want to keep the Weekly $111-113 Calls on watch for today and tomorrow.

In the event AAPL pushes past the $113-mark, we’d of course look to roll up our strike prices to the $114′s and possibly even $115′s, depending on the magnitude of the surge.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: CDNL Recap, Potential Bottom-Play & More

Cardinal Resources, Inc. CDNL

CDNL is a stock that we’ve had on our radar since last month, and over the past several sessions it has built itself a heck of a chart, registering higher lows on each of the past six trading days.

We reminded our readers of our interest in CDNL again this week, re-mentioning it on Tuesday, and in the three-session span since that reminder went out, we’ve seen a 146% swing from .0057-.014. Based on a number of factors, we feel that there could be something left in the tank for this play, and we will continue to track its progress provided it can maintain support at or above the current 50DMA of .008 on any upcoming consolidations.

As we’ve highlighted on the following snapshot, the RSI on CDNL just breached into the power zone, while the MACD is giving off a bullish signal as well.

Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc. SRPT – Options Idea

SRPT is gapping up in a big way this morning, and thus we’d like to formulate an options idea to possibly take advantage of the setup we’re seeing.

The stock has already traded as high as $34-range in the premarket, and if it can hold above the 50DMA which we’ve pointed out on the chart below and continue its ascent, we’re going to be very interested in the Weekly $32-35 Calls and their potential for big moves today.

*We always like to remind our subscribers, especially those that have just joined our ranks, of the inherently elevated risk/reward dynamic that comes with trading weekly options contracts on a Friday. As we’ve explained in the past, time-decay starts to become a big factor with expiration coming at the closing bell- premiums evaporate, volatility naturally increases, and some huge opportunities for quick-strike swing trades can present themselves. 

Bon-Ton Stores, Inc. BONT – Extended-Term Bottom-Watch

We’ve had success with BONT in the past, and recently the stock has taken an epic pounding, culminating in a cliff-diving session yesterday. Whenever we spot activity like this, we go into vulture mode, carefully observing for a bounce signal. A correctly timed bottom here could result in a prime rebound play, so we’ll keep a keen watch over BONT today, and into next week.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: HRTX Recap, Bottom-Play & More

Heron Therapeutics, Inc. HRTX

During premarket trading on Wednesday, we spotted a unique opportunity in HRTX, which was in the process of surging on news of some positive Phase II study results. We pointed out that despite the excitement and subsequent knee-jerk reaction tied to the announcement, the chart had been looking bearish and “ripe for further losses” leading up to that point.

That’s what caused us to formulate an idea for the HRTX Weekly $45 and $42.50 Puts for when the stock began to pull back off of its hype-driven spike, and the ensuing chain of events followed our expectations to the letter.

From Wednesday’s high of 42.25, the stock tumbled back to a low of 35.12 during yesterday’s trading, and in the process the contracts we were monitoring put on quite a session-over-session performance. Over that short span, the $45 Puts traded in a range from 6.50-9.20 for a 42% move, while the $42.50′s made a slightly bigger move from 4.10-7.20 for gains of up to 76%

Boreal Water Collection, Inc. BRWC

BRWC was a mention in yesterday’s morning report, and the stock made a noteworthy intraday spike of 33% from a low of .0009 to .0012.

From the look of the chart, for us to remain interested, we’d need BRWC to maintain support above the current 50DMA of .0008 on any pullbacks and test its previous swing high of .0013. Beyond that point, there isn’t much in the way of resistance on up to the .0018-level.

Sientra, Inc. SIEN

We’re looking at SIEN as a potential recovery-play after news of a securities fraud investigation absolutely pushed the stock off of a cliff from the $20-level down to a new 52-week low at 9.38 yesterday. Even with the caveat of a pending investigation, we’re always looking at the possibility of snapping up highly-discounted shares when a stock tumbles so dramatically on events where no material changes in the company have taken place.

Already in the premarket we’re seeing a bit of a course-correction from SIEN as it has made its way back to the $11-mark. We’ll keep a continuous eye on this stock in coming sessions for the possibility of a rebound, and keep a lookout for any further updates regarding the accusations levied against Sientra.

Markets Gapping Up – Options Ideas

After taking a beating for the majority of the week leading into a late-day rally yesterday, the overall markets as a whole are gapping up early this morning, and we’d like to float a set of corresponding options ideas if the trend carries the way we suspect it might.

We’re going to be looking for some dip-and-rip action, and in doing so, have our sights focused on Weekly Calls* in both the SPY and AAPL chains. In particular, we’re zeroing in on SPY Weekly $193-194.50 Calls, and AAPL Weekly $115 and $116 Calls.

*Just to reiterate what we’ve said in the past- trading options with a weekly expiration on a Friday carries an inherently elevated risk-reward factor, and is certainly not for the faint-of-heart, or beginning traders.

Extended Watchlist: