FITX, EAPH, TTDZ, GLCO & Extended Watchlist

 Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. FITX

FITX is among the cannabis stocks that we’ve been tracking since 2012 that began to explode when 2014 trading commenced on January 2nd. We alerted readers of the likelihood of that occurrence in our final report of 2013 on New Year’s Eve. That day, we observed a low of .0045, and yesterday, FITX attained a new high at .065, which means that in just a month’s time, this stock has increased in value by 1344%

We’d like to congratulate anyone who was able to obtain even a fraction of the total possible profits that FITX has afforded us so far in 2014.

Easton Pharmaceuticals, Inc. EAPH

Marijuana related stocks are still very demanding of our attention. Even as some of our other interests in the field tapered back this week, EAPH, like FITX, was able to achieve new highs. EAPH also serves as a prime example of why we don’t discard these pot plays when they consolidate, because they have provided rebound opportunities galore.

In this particular case, EAPH came off of its New Year’s pop, and bounced off of the .008-area to recover all of its previous gains and then some. At Tuesday’s high of .028, our total possible gains from our original Jan. 8th alert from a low of .0041 stood at a whopping 583%

A golden cross formation is also in the making on the EAPH chart, which gives us all the more reason to continue to monitor this stock.

Tritan Distribution Systems, Inc. TTDZ &  Global Links Corp. GLCO

Here a couple of new plays to add to our now-enormous marijuana stocks watchlist:

TTDZ catches our eye on the heels of a filing that denoted the reduction of shares of TTDZ common stock from 1.5B to 1.2B. The stock made a huge move during yesterday’s session and appears as if it could gap up to start the day.

Already having been on a sharp uptrend in recent sessions, GLCO had after-hours news concerning the acquisition of Hemp Life Today, LLC and its online Hemp and Medical Marijuana products and information website,, essentially launching itself into the cannabis sector. We will want to follow along to see how the trading community will receive this latest development.

Extended Watchlist: