Options Swing Trade Ideas & More

Recap of Friday’s Plays:

We finished out last week with a bang as we reaped the reward of some very good options ideas. Not only did our fresh ideas from Friday morning in the SPY and TLS pop off for multibag gains, but our targets in DRI from Thursday morning’s premarket report, also tacked on some impressive new highs.

These gains were added in roughly the final 90 minutes of the session, where the markets made an incredible surge into the close that sets this holiday-shortened week up to be very interesting.

Here are the trading ranges and total possible profits on our successful ideas, a couple of which are still active for another couple of weeks before expiration:

SPY Weekly $398-399 Calls 
$398:  1.85-7.63 (+312%)
$398.50: 2.23-6.44 (+189%)
$399: .53-5.32 (+903%)

DRI 04/16 $135-140 Calls
: 3.20-13.20 (+313%)
$140: 2.40-9.60 (+300%)

TLS 04/16 $35-40 Calls
: 2.70-4.80 (+78%)
$40: .60-3.00 (+400%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
FUBO 05/21 $25-30 Calls

ViacomCBS, Inc. VIAC – Options Idea 

We’ve been taking note of the massive selloff in VIAC over the past week as the company’s massive fundraising efforts resulted in a huge $2.1B block trade priced at roughly $47/share. The stock has come all the way down to those levels and we want to enter a longer-term swing trade idea to coincide.

We are going to radar the VIAC 06/18 $50-55 Calls and keep track of them over the coming weeks and months.

Extended Watchlist: 

Hugely Successful Options Ideas

Prime Options Payoffs

We have unearthed multi-bag caliber options ideas every day this week, and yesterday was no exception to that trend. Fresh ideas in Viacom, Marinus Pharma, and PayPal all gave us and our readers a chance to at least double our money on the day.

Here is the rundown of the the intraday profit potential of each of those contract sets: 

VIAC Weekly $16-18 Calls
.80-2.00 (+150%)
$17: .32-.77 (+141%)
$18: .11-.31 (+191%)

MRNA Weekly $53.50-55 Calls
$53.50: .71-1.90 (+111%)
$54: .60-1.65 (+168%)
$54.50: .54-1.45 (+169%)
$55: .38-1.28 (+237%)

PYPL Weekly $135-145 Calls

$135: 4.30-12.21 (+184%)
$140: 1.66-7.27 (+338%)
$145: .50-3.40 (+580%)

Fresh Ideas: 

UBER Weekly $31-33 Calls
SPY Weekly $295-294 Puts
ROKU 05/15 $124-126 Calls
OSTK 05/15 $16-17 Calls

SPO Global Inc. SPOM – Update

We also have an update on the stock side of things, we included a tag of SPOM in both Monday and yesterday morning’s premarket reports. This is a stock that we have had a good bit of success with in the past even prior to this week. The stock has been steadily climbing all week, with its run kicking into a higher gear yesterday.

From Monday’s low of .0781 to yesterday’s new high of .28, we’ve now witnessed an intraweek increase of 259%

Extended Watchlist:

Excellent Options Movers

Exciting Options Activity

We’ve been having an excellent week for options, and saw some new highs in the PTON Calls we submitted in Tuesday morning’s report, as well as some nice activity out of the starting gate for a couple of our fresh options ideas. We went to the short side on EA and long on CLVS, and in both cases we were able to reap instant rewards.

PTON Weekly $34-35 Calls
2.96-6.10 (+106%)
$35: 2.41-5.40 (+124%)

Just as we mentioned yesterday, we expect to see these PTON gains increased today, based on premarket activity in the stock. We’re also going to include the PTON 05/15 $42-44 Calls in our watchlist. 

EA Weekly $120-115 Puts
4.03-7.73 (+92%)
$119: 3.00-7.00 (+133%)
$118: 2.40-5.07 (+111%)
$117: 1.88-5.00 (+166%)
$116: .95-4.00 (+321%)
$115: 1.34-3.50 (+161%)

CLVS Weekly $8-8.50 Calls 
$8: .55-1.35 (+145%)
$8.50: .25-.90 (+260%)

Fresh Ideas:
VIAC Weekly $16-18 Calls
FVRR 05/15 $45-55 Calls
MRNA Weekly $53.50-55 Calls
PYPL Weekly $135-145 Calls

Extended Watchlist: