Closing Out an Interesting Trading Week

Bearish Retail Targets Fall Despite General Uptrend:

With the state of the markets this week, we had remained primarily focused on bearish signals through to yesterday morning’s report. Even as stocks put forward an impressive rebound on Thursday, the majority of our tracked plays still produced.

Two of our three designated potential targets bucked the trend of the day, both giants in the retail space. The KSS Weekly $58-56.50 Puts and the RL Weekly $130-125 Puts logged very respectable intraday upswings, with four out of those six contract sets recording double-bag gains or better.

Here were those trend-bucking moves, and total potential daily gains for traders: 

KSS Weekly $58-56.50 Puts
3.00-5.54 (+85%)
$57.50: 2.40-4.00 (+66%)
$57: 1.70-4.22 (+148%)
$56.50: 1.30-3.65 (+181%)

RL Weekly $130-125 Puts
4.10-10.85 (+165%)
$125: 1.45-6.50 (+348%)

Fresh Options Ideas:

We’re going to flip back over to the other side of the fence this morning and designate some bullish options ideas for today. The scenario with the above mentioned short plays was the exception, not the rule. The typical key to our particular brand of quick-strike trading is to constantly keep your finger on the pulse of the markets and heed the prevailing winds. 

BKE Weekly $40-42.50 Calls
DE Weekly $357.50-362.50 Calls
SPY 05/21 $415-417 Calls

Extended Watchlist: