Closing Out a Strong Trading Week

More Options Winners

All things considered, things shaped up pretty good for us this week on the options trading front. We had potential gains to report each and every day, and today is no exception. Yesterday morning’s fresh ideas in LLY and ORLY played very nicely in the wake of each company’s quarterly earnings drop.

LLY was the big score, however the ORLY was a longer-term idea with almost a month until expiration, so we may yet see some bigger moves from those in the weeks to come.

LLY Weekly $155-160 Calls  

$155: 2.81-7.50 (+158%)
$157.50: .81-5.16 (+297%)
$160: .50-3.10 (+252%)

ORLY 05/15 $390-400 Calls 
$390: 7.00-12.46 (+110%)
$400: 7.39-11.00 (+184%)

Fresh Ideas – We’ll also go ahead and form a few fresh ideas to close out the week. We’re seeing insider buys on HAL near its recently established bottom, and we’ve got earnings reports from AXP and that are driving early activity in those plays.

Haliburton Co. HAL 05/29 $10-11 Calls
American Express Co. AXP Weekly $83-85 Calls
Edwards Lifesciences Corp. EW Weekly $225-235 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Stock and Options Success

Options Review

A couple of the options trading ideas we floated in yesterday morning’s premarket report turned out to be solid winners on the day. We had highlighted calls in the SNAP and CMG chains and in both cases we met with some serious opportunities.

SNAP Weekly $14-15 Calls 
$14:1.20-3.10 (+158%)
$14.50: .65-2.58 (+297%)
$15: .61-2.15 (+252%)

CMG Weekly $810-840 Calls 
$810: 39.61-83.10 (+110%)
$820: 29.60-84.00 (+184%)
$830: 26-70.40.00 (+50%)
$840: 20.36-64.00 (+214%)

Fresh Options Ideas

ORLY 05/15 $390-400 Calls 
LLY Weekly $155-160 Calls 

Other Updates – Here are some stock calls we’ve scored on so far this month, that were helped to new highs yesterday as the markets surged and stayed green throughout the course of the day.

Decision Diagnostics Corp. DECN
Called: April 7th,
Overall Range: .125-.40
Gained: 220%

BioSig Technologies, Inc. BSGM
Called: April 7th, April 22nd
Overall Range: 3.45-7.23
Gained: 110%