Blue Horseshoe Stocks: BMXI Recap & More

Brookmount Explorations Inc. BMXI

Having written our daily newsletters for such a long time, occasionally we run back across a stock that we haven’t seen in quite some time, and that was the case with BMXI. Before yesterday’s signal on it, we hadn’t mentioned it since May of 2012 back when it was regularly trading in the subpenny range.

It found its way to our radar screens and into our premarket report yesterday morning on word of a promotion (Disclosure: We were not involved in the deal), and what followed was one of the biggest breakouts the stock has ever had. From a low of .0831 it soared to a new all-time high of .1279 . That’s an intraday gain of 54% which came on enormous volume.

Delta Air Lines, Inc. DAL – Options Idea

Our regular followers know that we’re always on the lookout to take advantage of the hype-fueled moves that stocks tend to make following an earnings report, using their options chains. Delta whiffed on profits this quarter, falling well short of expectations on the Street, and despite issuing solid guidance for Q3, we want to signal a range of short-term puts to watch into the end of the week.

DAL stock was already at a top, and in a price range where profit-takers could be a factor as well. For that reason, we are going to radar the DAL Weekly $55.50-53.50 Puts.

OncBioMune Pharmaceuticals, Inc. OBMP

OBMP had an update that it issued this morning on its mid-stage cancer treatment (>>View PR), but our interest is really being drawn to this play for technical reasons.

As you can see below, the stock recently established a new annual low, followed by a rebound off of that low, and now it is making its way back down to find support. We will be interested in this as a potential rebound play in the event that the stock maintains support at or above a nickel. We’re presently looking at an impending bearish cross on the MACD so we’ll see if the stock can hang in there without losing more than a penny off of its current PPS.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: BRAV Recap & More

Bravada International, Ltd. BRAV

We tagged BRAV in Friday morning’s premarket report after noticing increased volume and price action in the stock on our routine morning scan. It responded with one heck of a strong intraday performance, allowing traders a shot at a double bagger on the day.

BRAV traded up from its early morning low of .00128 to hit a high of .0028 shortly after 12:40pm, which was good for a 118% rip, and it came on 20X the 30-day average volume.

Deere & Co. DE – Friday Recap

We wanted to briefly mention our DE options idea for Friday’s session, the DE Weekly $118-121 Call.
 We normally include the exact gains made by our options calls, but are unable to on this play due to a technical difficulty, so we apologize for that.

That being said, DE ran from 119.00 to 122.24 on the day, and the potential for multi-bag gains in every single one of our highlighted contracts certainly were there for the taking.

FerroGlobe PLC (GSM)

A stock that’s hitting our scanner today is GSM, which recently came down to touch the lowest prices it had seen in eight months, and has been rebounding in anticipation of Q1 Earnings, which were released yesterday and are untraded-upon.

Additionally, the RSI on the GSM chart is about to break the 50-line, while the MACD has just undergone a bullish cross. A return to PPS levels of just three months ago would produce gains of 30% or more from current pricing. We’ll place GSM on watch over the next few sessions and will be interested to see how the activity plays out.

GlycoMimetics, Inc. GLYC – Recap

We were tracking GLYC late last week, and it turned out to be a rousing success. The stock saw a low of 7.21 on Thursday following our premarket alert, and on Friday it hit 14.64, for a two-session swing of 103% which is fantastic for a stock in this price range.

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ACYD, FB Options, TWGP & Extended Watchlist

American Community Development Group, Inc.  ACYD
ACYD played out the dip-and-rip scenario that we anticipated yesterday to the letter. The stock pulled back to a low of .031, before recovering ground on up to .049, marking the chance at  up to 58% in intraday gains.

The performance was solid enough to land us atop the Penny Stock Rumble as yesterday’s #1 Stock Pick.

We easily spotted the opportunity in ACYD yesterday, and we’re taking a similar view of the stock today. It is making higher highs and higher lows on significant volume, and we will remain interested as long as that trend continues. Keep in mind, trading with a tight stop-loss is the prudent course of action on a play like this, where the stock has already exhibited greater-than-average volatility.

Facebook, Inc.  FB -Options
We saw a dip-and-rip from FB after a gap-up yesterday. The stock has been on the rebound this week, and we are looking for similar action today. In that event, we would expect the 10/11 $49 Calls to also undergo a dip-and-rip scenario. It seems a real possibility to see FB return to the $50-level or higher, which would likely cause those contracts to yield multi-bag gains. They closed at .54 yesterday, and are in the process of gapping up in pre-market trading this morning, putting us on alert for another potentially-fruitful session to close out the week.

Tower Group International, Ltd. TWGP

Earlier this week, we were looking for TWGP to make a dead-cat bounce as the stock was tanking. This morning the stock is gapping-up so we could now be witnessing what could be an opportunity-laden recovery. There is a large gap to fill on the chart to the 7.00-range. Covering even half of that gap would have us looking at sizable profits from current levels.

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