PROW, NQ, PLUG, Cannabis Stocks & Extended Watchlist

Cannabis Sector Stays Hot
It was really hard not to make a profit off of the marijuana stocks featured in Tuesday’s final report of 2013. Nearly every single one closed in the green on significant-to-heavy volume, with some of the more notable gains coming from CBIS (+28%), HEMP (+29%), and FITX (+38%). This surge of investor interest in the sector as a whole comes in step with the first stores selling legal pot for recreational use yesterday in Colorado.

It will be important to keep an eye on the developments out of Colorado and Washington, where legalization has already been voted into law, as they will be acting as a litmus test for the rest of the nation. We know that many state legislatures have already begin to entertain the idea of following in the footsteps of the “green revolution” currently taking place out West. We’ll be certain to stay hot on the trail of this story as it unfolds, because this is an industry that is positioned for a boom; and in truth we have been way ahead of the pack in anticipation of this occurrence. Passing into 2014, our coverage of the sector has spanned three calendar years.

Plug Power, Inc. PLUG 

We’re closing in a full year of coverage on PLUG, with our first ever mention coming last February, and it turned out to be one of our more successful plays from 2013. Our scanners picked up on this stock as it was coming off of its 52-wk low at .1155. Over the course of the spring and into summer, PLUG continued to push ever upward, running past .50 in September and reaching highs in the .70’s in September.

If it had stopped there, we still would have called that quadruple-bagger one of the year’s best alerts, but indeed, the stock has been pressing its way to new, impressive highs. The peak of which was reached in early December when we witnessed trades at 2.2399. For anyone without a calculator on hand, that’s an unbelievable move of 1839%

NQ Mobile, Inc. NQ

NQ first appeared in our reports back on October 29th, and on that day, we saw a low of 8.42. The stock had recently taken a huge spill from the $24-range and we were keen to take advantage of the rebound. It has taken less than three months for that plan to come to fruition, and we are extremely pleased with the results so far. As of the high reached on Tuesday, 16.21, NQ has made an overall move for us on the order of 93%

Progress Watch Corp. PROW

On Tuesday we mentioned that while we had already followed PROW from lows at .0065 to its then-current price of .013, that we were looking for a break of the .013 -mark to put PROW in Blue Sky Breakout mode. We did indeed witness that break once the session ensued, and PROW spiked as high as .0194, giving us the chance at close to 200% in gains so far.

It made a strong close as well, holding roughly 90% of its gains, and ending the session at .019 on more than twice the 3mo. average volume, so continuing activity on PROW could get rather interesting.

Extended Watchlist:
MCP, WPCS, BLDP, ARIA, MDNT(Reader’s pick, coming off recent 52-week lows, thanks John!)

Happy New Year from Blue Horseshoe Stocks

With tomorrow’s holiday splitting another week right down the middle, we’d like to take this opportunity to wish our audience a very safe, healthy and Happy New Year. 2013 was an extremely successful year for us, and we are really excited to make 2014 even better!

At this point all of our regular readers are aware of our ongoing interest in marijuana -related stocks. We’ve covered this relatively new and rapidly growing industry tenaciously over the past year-and-a-half, and to our great pleasure, it has provided us with countless opportunities to profit.

Cannabis Science, Inc. CBIS

CBIS is an old favorite of ours that has delivered the goods on several occasions. Most recently, following our latest report which included the stock (12/19), CBIS touched its 52-wk low at .028, and has been really heating up since that time, reaching a high of .04 yesterday, good for a rebound of 43%

The stock closed at the high-of-day on more than 5.5x its 3mo. average volume, which certainly qualifies CBIS as a potential momentum play.

Here are some of the other stocks we’ve been  continuously tracking in the cannabis industry:

Hemp, Inc. HEMP,

Medical Marijuana, Inc. MJNA

Growlife, Inc. PHOT

Also consider: FITX, GRNH, SKTO, TRTC (Click here to view a past report containing much larger list of marijuana-related stocks)

We want to have the sector as a whole on watch as these plays are heating up, and seem poised to begin the New Year on a strong note. That fact, in concert with all of the recent progress that marijuana has made on both legislative and social levels, has us thinking that 2014 could be a landmark year for marijuana related stocks.

We also prepared a video chart presentation on the subject:

Progress Watch Corp. PROW

We first alerted on PROW back on Dec. 20th, at which time the stock saw a low of .0065, and we subsequently followed it to a high of .013. (+100%) After pulling back to .008 the following day, the stock has now surged back to re-test that .013 mark, giving us chances at up to an additional 65% gain.

PROW is likely to remain on our radar and in our reports well into the New Year.

Kandi Technologies Group, Inc. KNDI

KNDI came off of yesterday’s morning report to have a solid session, so we wanted to congratulate anyone who was able to take advantage. The stock saw a daily low of 11.50, followed by the high at 12.79, marking an intraday gain of just over 11%  A pretty good move for a stock in that price range, and a nice addition to the significant gains we’ve already seen from KNDI.

Extended Watchlist:
DROP, ONVO, CYTR, IMMU, LIVE, DRYS, FREE, GNK, MDNT(Readers pick, coming off recent 52week lows, thanks to John)