Extended-Term Options Plays Paying Off

Reviewing Winning Ideas: 

We typically focus more on options expiring at the end of a given week, there are certainly occasions when we target those with expiration dates weeks, or sometimes even months into the future. Which way it falls is often determined by the setup and conditions in which we find a play.

Today, we’re going to go over the recent moves made by a few of the longer-term options ideas to grace our watchlist recently. We signaled the DRI 07/16 $140-145 Calls in our report last Thursday morning, June 24th, and just a few sessions prior on the morning of the 21st we alerted the TBIO 08/20 $17.50-20 Calls and the MRNA 08/20 $195-210 Calls.

Take a look at the fantastic multi-bag upswings that we’ve witnessed in the short time we’ve been tracking these options:

DRI 07/16 $140-145 Calls
$140: 2.71-8.65 (+219%)
145: 1.10-4.60 (+318%)

TBIO 08/20 $17.50-20 Calls
$17.50: 2.88-10.15 (+252%)
$20: 1.65-8.40 (+409%)

MRNA 08/20 $195-210 Calls
$195: 23.29-48.35 (+108%)
$200: 18.07-51.00 (+182%)
$210: 13.58-41.00 (+202%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY Weekly $430-432 Calls
SPCE Weekly $51-53 Calls

Marin Software, Inc. MRIN – Recap:

Like a couple of the above-mentioned plays, we signaled MRIN in our report on the morning of June 24th on the basis of the stock alone. We didn’t even need options to leverage with this play as it has continued to soar to new highs.

Yesterday MRIN hit 21.68, which from our observed low of 2.56 registers as an increase 747% of in just a week’s time for this NASDAQ-listed stock!

Extended Watchlist: