Sweeping Options Success

US Steel Corp. X – Update

Following our report on Tuesday morning wherein we signaled the X Weekly $8.50-9 Calls for tracking, those contracts steadily put on more gains for the remainder of the week, with the big finish coming on Friday.

Our two targets had already reached multi-bag status the previous day, but really kicked things into high gear to close out the week.

Here are the total moves made by those ideas from Tuesday through Friday:

X Weekly $8.50-9 Calls
$8.50: .23-2.08 (+804%)
$9: .07-1.55 (+2114%)

More Big Winners

We also had formulated two fresh options trading ideas for Friday’s session, highlighting the SPY Weekly $313-315 Calls and the AVGO Weekly $310-317.50 Calls and we are pleased to report that we hit the nail on the head in both of those cases as well.

Solid gains were available to ourselves and our readers across the board. Here were the maximum profits made possible by those plays:

SPY Weekly $313-315 Calls
 2.62-8.11 (+210%)
$314: 2.03-7.23 (+256%)
$315: 1.50-6.20 (+313%)

AVGO Weekly $310-317.50 Calls
$310: 11.21-19.20  (+71%)
$312.50: 10.99-16.96 (+54%)
$315: 8.59-15.99 (+86%)
$317.50: 4.56-14.36 (+215%)

Fresh Options Idea:
NKLA Weekly $42-43 Calls 

Extended Watchlist: