Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options, SGMO Recaps & More

Snap, Inc. SNAP – Options Recap

We called for a course-correct on SNAP in our premarket report on Friday after the stock had taken a post-earnings pounding the previous day. Our hunch was spot-on, as SNAP came roaring back to fill a portion of the gap that its beat-down had created, and regardless of which contracts had been chosen, there were sizable gains there for the taking..

We were looking at the SNAP Weekly $18 Calls for potential daytrades, as well as the SNAP 6/16 $18 & 19 Calls for a longer-term idea.

The Weekly $18′s ran from .25-1.38 for a 452% rip. The 6/16 $18′s made a 69% move from 1.18-2.00, while the 06/16 $19 Calls traded from .75-1.45; a 93% pop. We’ll continue to monitor those June 16th calls, and take rolling up to the $20-level into consideration as the stock is once again up in the premarket.

We also added AZN $32-33.50 Weekly Calls as an extra idea on Friday morning and two out of the four contracts in that range provided traders with solid chances for multi-bag gains as well. The movement came in the $33 Calls which ran 112% from .40-.85, and the $33.50′s, which saw a 450% surge from .10-.55.

Sangamo Therapeutics, Inc. SGMO

We had initially tagged SGMO for observation in Thursday morning’s extended watchlist, and the stock finished out the week in strong fashion, recording higher highs and higher lows each day.

On the whole, we’ve thus far seen SGMO trade up from Thursday’s low of 6.05 to a high of 8.5385 on Friday. That works out to a two-day swing of 41%, which is actually quite impressive for a stock in the $6-8 range. We’ll continue to track SGMO in the event that the trend spills over into this week.

BravaTek Solutions, Inc. BVTK

BVTK is a top-notch super sub-penny runner that came out of our daily trader’s chatroom* a month ago and went from .0002-.0041 in a two-day span.

Following that epic run there were a few profitable dip-and-rip opportunities, and Friday we noticed the stock making another solid 100% intraday day run on increasing volume. We want to keep this one on watch this week for a possible continuation of momentum!

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Extended Watchlist:

GRPR, BRND & Extended Watchlist

Grid Petroleum Corp. GRPR
GRPR has behaved exactly as we hoped it would this week. We alerted the stock as a momentum play in Wednesday’s extended watchlist, at which time it was trading as low as .0013. It broke a key resistance point at .0016 and closed at .0017. This led us to include it in it in yesterday morning’s pre-market report. The stock would go on to see a high of .0029 on 12X the 3mo. average volume, marking a 123% in just two days time.

With the kind of volume we saw in GRPR yesterday, it still qualifies as a momentum play, so we’ll be monitoring the situation closely during today’s trading.

Premier Brands, Inc. BRND
BRND made a massive move for us when we first put it on our watchlist on July 10th. After a recent consolidation following that big run, yesterday we saw the stock make a nice bounce off of the 50DMA. If it can break above the penny–mark, we like BRND’s chances of providing us with some additional gains.

Side Note:
AAPL $455 Calls have provided several daytrading opportunities this week, and there’s a good chance that we see the volatility continue today. They closed at $2.96 yesterday.

LNKD dropped their earnings after the close yesterday, and this morning the stock is gapping up, so we’ll be looking at in-the-money Calls at $225 and $230.

Extended Watchlist: