Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Continued Options Tracking & More

 Tracking Options Ideas

To continue following up with the pair of options ideas we started the week with, we’re glad to report that the opportunities kept flowing yesterday for the second consecutive session.

Tiffany & Co. TIF – Puts

We said we were looking for more downside on TIF despite the fact that its $65 and $64 Puts had already presented us with chances for gains ranging from 132-223% on Tuesday, and that’s just what we ultimately observed. In the first half of the day TIF shares plunged from the $62 range and briefly fell below $60 before it followed suit with the marketwide rally that occurred around midday.

Both the $65 and $64 Puts would experience impressive new highs as TIF was trending down in the morning. The $65 Puts, which we caught at a low of .51, rocketed as high as 4.80, marking a two-day swing of 841%. The $64’s managed to hit 4.10, which from our observed low of .56 on Tuesday represents a move of 632%


Netflix, Inc. NFLX – Calls

On the flip-side of the coin we had NFLX Calls, which obviously struggled during the overall market’s morning dip, but then flourished when that epic mid-to-late-day rally kicked in. On Tuesday we had zeroed in on the $105-107 Calls and found opportunities for relatively modest gains in the 40%-range.

For yesterday’s report, we mentioned we’d be rolling up strike prices to the $110-112, and those ideas yielded intraday upswings of a much more significant nature:

$110 Calls – Trading Range: .53-2.94  – Max Gain: 454%
$111 Calls – Trading Range: .47-2.48 – Max Gain: 428%
$112 Calls – Trading Range: .40-2.10 – Max Gain: 425%

NFLX’s afternoon run fell just short of a significant psychological barrier at $110, reaching its daily high at 109.99. A break of the $110 price point would obviously spell more big moves for these NFLX contracts.

Other Notable Gainers

We were tracking both Pleasant Kids, Inc. PLKD and Goodrich Petroleum Corp. GDPM for the second straight day in yesterday’s report, and both stocks offered up modest, yet noteworthy intraday spikes.

PLKD traded in a range from .21-.31 for a 48% spike, while GDPM ran 30% from a low of .076 to .099. Both moves occurred on relatively average volume.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Successful Options Plays & More

Options Recap

We kicked off this short trading week with a couple of options ideas yesterday, and both plays got off to a good start.

Tiffany & Co. TIF

TIF was our top-billed options idea from yesterday morning’s premarket report, wherein we signaled our interest in tracking contracts in the range of TIF Weekly $66.50-64 Puts for quick-strike opportunities. The company announced less-than-favorable results for the quarter which set the stock up for a tumble, just as we’d suspected.

The contracts that jumped out to us as seeing the most activity were the $65’s and $64’s. The $65 Puts traded up from a daily low of .51 and hit 1.65 for potential intraday gains of up to 223%, while the $64 Puts jumped 132% from .56-1.30.

We’ll leave ourselves open to the idea of seeing even more downside on TIF, especially with market conditions in general continuing to lag.


Netflix, Inc. NFLX

Our other options trading idea from yesterday was pertaining to NFLX. We said we wanted to take advantage of the anticipation leading into yesterday’s post-market quarterly earnings reveal, and our strategy worked to a tee.

We had set our sights on NFLX Weekly $105-107 Calls to take advantage of what we were observing, and every set in that range produced chances for notable intraday profits:

$105 Calls – Trading Range: 7.00-9.50  – Max Gain: 36%
$106 Calls – Trading Range: 6.30- 9.25 – Max Gain: 47%
$107 Calls – Trading Range: 6.02-8.40 – Max Gain: 40%

NFLX did beat Wall Street’s expectations, and is presently bucking the overall trends as it gaps up here in the premarket. We’re going to look to roll up our target strike prices to the range of $110-112 Calls as our previously tracked range has now been pushed deep into the money.

Other Noteworthy Gainers 

We had a couple of plays on the stock side of things make decent moves after appearing on yesterday’s premarket watchlist. While they didn’t quite go exponential on us, both of the following made good, solid moves to the upside during yesterday’s session.

Pleasant Kids, Inc. PLKD

PLKD saw its low come in at .2109, and it got off to a fast start, reaching its high of .285  within roughly the first half hour of trading. That logged as an intraday pop of 35% The company is aiming at a name and symbol change (Next Group Holdings, Inc. NEXT) after its recently completed merger (View 8-K). The request is still being processed by FINRA at this time, but we’ll keep our eyes open for updates, and remain on this plays trail as long as it can hold support above yesterday’s swing low.


Goodrich Petroleum Corp. GDPM

The other stock from yesterday’s watchlist  to produce an intraday spike was GDPM, which recently delisted from the NYSE to the OTC (Formerly NYSE:GDP). We witnessed the stock run from a low of .071 to .095, a respectable 33% pop which occurred on slightly higher-than-average volume. It managed to close at .088, holding a good portion of yesterday’s daily advances, so we’ll let it remain on our radars as we cruise through this midweek.

Extended Watchlist:
BCCI, TPAC, HCTI, PKGM(Bottom-watch)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Form-4 Watchlist, Options Ideas & More

Insider Buying Watchlist

Both of the following are plays that we’ve tracked in some capacity in the past, and each of them grabbed our attention with recent insider transactions of a sizable magnitude which were executed at higher levels than the current PPS. We like to monitor stocks whose directors have confidence in future price performance, and that’s the impression we get when they soak up large blocks of shares in this manner. Each of these stocks is also currently trading at a relative bottom, so we’ll be watching in the days and weeks to come for signs of bounceplay opportunities. 

The ExOne Co.  XONE

In the case of XONE, CEO Kent Rockwell last weekend filed a Form-4 indicating the purchase of a $13M block of XONE at 9.13, more than a dollar per share higher than the current PPS. This is a significant development that warrants heavy monitoring for XONE.

Esperion Therapeutics, Inc. ESPR

The traunch of shares purchased by ESPR director Tim Mayleben wasn’t nearly as large as the previously mentioned block, but still, a $100K investment is nothing at which to sneeze. The trade was executed at 14.08 (Current PPS:13.77). ESPR has just come up off of its newly established 52-week lows, and has been going through a bout of serious under-performance, so we’ll want to keep our heads on a swivel for any developments that might kick this thing into gear.

Fresh Options Ideas

To kick things off this week on the options front, we’ve formulated a couple of ideas based on announced and expected earnings, and the resultant activity we’re observing here in the premarket.

Tiffany & Co. TIF

We’re looking at going bearish on TIF, which, on the heels of a lackluster holiday season in terms of jewelry sales, failed to meet or beat earnings expectations and is currently gapping down in early trading. We’re going to track a range of contracts here, namely the TIF Weekly $66.50-64 Puts, for potential daytrades.

Netflix, Inc. NFLX

NFLX has its earnings call slated for the post-market today, and we’re going to want to track a range of calls in anticipation of that event. We’ve witnessed runs into earnings so many times before, it’d almost be foolish to ignore NFLX under the present circumstances. We’re going to keep an eye on NFLX Weekly $105-107 Calls to take advantage of a possible continued run-up for the stock.

Extended Watchlist:
SBS, AEZS, SHOP, COTE, GDPM, BVAP, PLKD(Bottom-Watch), FREE(1-for-60 Reverse Split)