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ADM Endeavors Inc. ADMQ 

Our coverage of ADMQ continues this morning with yet another press update from the company. As we were just mentioning yesterday, this is a highly transparent organization which makes it a habit of keeping its shareholders well informed.

Of course , if you haven’t caught any of our previous materials on ADMQ, a good place to start would be with our original in-depth overview from a few weeks back. In that time we have witnessed multi-bag increases to the tune of more than 180%

Today’s news is exciting, as it represents a huge step toward the expansion of ADMQ’s business:

Fort Worth, Texas, Aug. 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NEWMEDIAWIRE — ADM Endeavors, Inc. (OTCQB: ADMQ) announced today that the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Just Right Products, Inc., has completed an asset purchase agreement with M&M Real Estate, Inc. to acquire property for the Company’s upcoming expansion. (www.admendeavors.com)

ADM Endeavors, Inc. CEO Marc Johnson, stated that on July 28, 2020, Just Right Products entered into an asset purchase agreement (APA) with M&M Real Estate, Inc., of Fort Worth, Texas. M&M is owned by Marc Johnson, the Company’s CEO, CFO and Chairman. The Company utilized the APA to acquire 10.4 acres of land with a cost basis of $498,000 from M&M. It is anticipated that this land will be used this year for the construction of the Company’s corporate office and expanded operational facilities. (>>View Entire PR)

Nautilus, Inc. NLS – Update

We also wanted to come back to NLS, a stock that we signaled for observation this spring, which has been one of the most steady climbers this year.

NLS saw a low of 2.64 on the morning of our tag on the stock (April 9th), and has never fallen lower. Instead, the stock has slowly but surely tacked on incremental gains, for over three months! Yesterday it registered a new high of 15.91, which marks an incredible 503% increase since we alerted this play.

Options Ideas:

Taking a look at the day’s earnings calendar, we have a couple of reporters that are catching our eye here in the premarket. We’re going to hash out a couple of fresh plays to track into next week.

LRN 08/21 $49-55 Calls
XP 08/21 $50-55 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Continued Options Tracking & More

 Tracking Options Ideas

To continue following up with the pair of options ideas we started the week with, we’re glad to report that the opportunities kept flowing yesterday for the second consecutive session.

Tiffany & Co. TIF – Puts

We said we were looking for more downside on TIF despite the fact that its $65 and $64 Puts had already presented us with chances for gains ranging from 132-223% on Tuesday, and that’s just what we ultimately observed. In the first half of the day TIF shares plunged from the $62 range and briefly fell below $60 before it followed suit with the marketwide rally that occurred around midday.

Both the $65 and $64 Puts would experience impressive new highs as TIF was trending down in the morning. The $65 Puts, which we caught at a low of .51, rocketed as high as 4.80, marking a two-day swing of 841%. The $64’s managed to hit 4.10, which from our observed low of .56 on Tuesday represents a move of 632%


Netflix, Inc. NFLX – Calls

On the flip-side of the coin we had NFLX Calls, which obviously struggled during the overall market’s morning dip, but then flourished when that epic mid-to-late-day rally kicked in. On Tuesday we had zeroed in on the $105-107 Calls and found opportunities for relatively modest gains in the 40%-range.

For yesterday’s report, we mentioned we’d be rolling up strike prices to the $110-112, and those ideas yielded intraday upswings of a much more significant nature:

$110 Calls – Trading Range: .53-2.94  – Max Gain: 454%
$111 Calls – Trading Range: .47-2.48 – Max Gain: 428%
$112 Calls – Trading Range: .40-2.10 – Max Gain: 425%

NFLX’s afternoon run fell just short of a significant psychological barrier at $110, reaching its daily high at 109.99. A break of the $110 price point would obviously spell more big moves for these NFLX contracts.

Other Notable Gainers

We were tracking both Pleasant Kids, Inc. PLKD and Goodrich Petroleum Corp. GDPM for the second straight day in yesterday’s report, and both stocks offered up modest, yet noteworthy intraday spikes.

PLKD traded in a range from .21-.31 for a 48% spike, while GDPM ran 30% from a low of .076 to .099. Both moves occurred on relatively average volume.

Extended Watchlist: