Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PLKD Recap, Options Idea & More

Pleasant Kids, Inc. PLKD 

PLKD was far and away the best among all of the stocks we talked about in yesterday’s premarket report. We’d mentioned the fact that the stock had been on a very steady run-up since our first alert came roughly six weeks prior, on October 13th. Up until yesterday, the total observed move we witnessed in PLKD was an impressive 380% swing from .0581- .279.

Despite being up so high already we pointed out the bullishness of various aspects of the chart, specifically stating that we believed further gains were possible. Our hunch proved accurate, and once again PLKD made another nice move to the upside! From its daily low of .295 the stock pressed upward to reach .375; a healthy 27% intraday increase. That stretched our overall range to a monstrous 545% in a span of just six weeks!

MarkWest Energy Partners, L.P.  MWE – Options Idea

MWE caught our eye yesterday morning after we noticed that the stock had not only strung together multiple sessions of higher highs and higher lows, but it had breached its 50DMA during Friday’s short session. Continued bullish signals were confirmed yesterday with another solid session that carried MWE to a high of 48.21.

We’ve had enough of simply watching from the sidelines, so we thought we’d formulate an idea to take advantage of the trend using the MWE options chain. Instead of one of our characteristic weekly expiration targets, which the MWE chain does not provide, we’re going to stretch things out a bit to the MWE 12/18 $50 Calls.  This gives us an extra couple of weeks to work with and increases the likelihood of seeing some substantial moves if the stock is sluggish in testing the $50-mark.


SCIE is a play that we tagged for observation last week, and we wanted to take an opportunity this morning to update readers on the solid performance the stock has put forth.

Yesterday’s session produced chances at up to 94% in profits as SCIE ran from .0018 to .0035. Subsequent to our mention of SCIE just prior to the holiday break last week we saw a low .0013, which balloons the total move we’ve seen out of this stock in just a week to a highly respectable 169%

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