Blue Horseshoe Stocks: AAPL Run Continues

Apple, Inc. AAPL – Final Update

We’re coming back around to mention AAPL for the third consecutive time today, with the AAPL Weekly $195-200 Calls we selected on Wednesday morning continuing to pile on bigtime gains.

Practically every options idea we’ve looked at in this incredible bull market has been working out in our favor, and this old favorite has been no different. Here are the updated figures for the total possible gains which could have been attained as a result of our report on Wednesday:

$195 Calls – Range: 3.20-13.25 – Max Gain: 314%
$197.50 Calls – Range: 1.71-10.80 – Max Gain: 531%
$200 Calls – Range: .81-8.40 – Max Gain: 937%

More Options Success

Our premarket report yesterday also contained two fresh sets of options ideas for Tesla, inc. TSLA with the Weekly $320-330 Calls, as well as the Wayfair Inc. W Weekly $110-115 Calls.  Both ideas produced fantastic chances for huge single session multi-bag profits:

TSLA Weekly $320-330 Calls,
$320 Calls – Range: 7.20-30 – Max Gain: 316%
$322.50 Calls – Range: 6-28.27 – Max Gain: 371%
$325 Calls – Range: 5.25-25.26 – Max Gain: 381%
$327.50 Calls – Range: 4.20-22.25 – Max Gain: 430%
$330 Calls – Range: 3.10-20 – Max Gain: 563%

We’ll be looking at the possibility of rolling up to the TSLA Weekly $345 & $350 Calls for today, but please, do not trade weekly options on a Friday unless you are expert trader with disposable funds. While the rewards can be great, the risks are of equal gravity!

W Weekly $110-115 Calls
$110 Calls – Range: 3.10-11.10 – Max Gain: 258%
$115 Calls – Range: 1.76-5.30 – Max Gain: 201%
(Note: Wayfair also produced gains throughout our entire selected range early in the session, but here we have simply included the figures for the bottom and top of the range only, as that is where most of the open interest was.)

Fresh Idea:
SPY Weekly $282-283 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

ABAT, SOCR, ICLD, FREE & Extended Watchlist

Over the 2+ years since we turned our long-running daily newsletter into the Blue Horseshoe Stocks blog, we have covered an extremely wide pool of stocks. In fact, the number of plays we’ve passed along since the site’s inception is now approaching 1000.(Click here to view the symbol index.) We also have a couple of new plays to add this morning:

Advanced Battery Technologies, Inc. ABAT

ABAT has been on a full-fledged breakout for the past four sessions, and momentum has been building. With volume increasing, and a golden cross setting up on the chart, this is definitely a stock that will be drawing our attention this morning.

Following this monstrous run, in the weeks ahead, we’ll also be on the lookout for a pullback and any eventual bounce opportunities it could afford.

Solpower Corp. SOCR

SOCR seemed to awake from hibernation yesterday as it traded up on light volume, causing it to pop up on our unusual activity scanner.  We’re going to want to keep this one on our radar moving forward.

FreeSeas, Inc. FREE

After re-alerting FREE as it was coming off of a bottom, the stock continued its progress, opening up at .36 and trading as high as .4048 on greater-than average volume. That marks an intraday gain of roughly 12.5%

As is the case with all stocks on the rebound, we are looking to see higher highs and higher lows posted on the chart.

Just prior to this stock’s last major run, we called out resistance in the .33-.38 area, the breaking of which led to serious gains. Those levels have been breached again, so FREE now has us back on high alert.

InterCloud Systems, Inc. ICLD

After having been as low as 4.41 following our initial alert of  ICLD on Friday morning, and as low as 8.67 following our Friday afternoon update, the stock continued to roll on Monday.  We saw a high of 16.69, which could have provided gains of up to 278% for those that caught the first alert, 93% following the second.

Congrats to anyone who has been able to ride the waves of gains that ICLD has provided over just a few short days.

Extended Watchlist: