Blue Horseshoe Stocks: MYOS Recap, Gold Plays & More

  MYOS RENS Technology, Inc. MYOS

Easily the most solid performer that was discussed in yesterday morning’s premarket report, MYOS stole the show with everything we look for in a daily runner- an early burst that gives traders a chance at some nice intraday gains, high volume, and maintaining a good portion of the gains it makes into the close.

MYOS checked all three of those boxes yesterday, running early from its daily low of 3.61 up to a high of 5.48, which worked out to a nice 52% pop. MYOS closed at 4.72, maintaining over half of its daily advance, and did so on well over eight times the monthly average trading volume.

An all around performance like that certainly earns MYOS a continued slot on our radar screens in sessions ahead.

VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX)

With gold being so solid in the month of February, and indeed for most of 2017 so far, we want to rehash the idea we put forth on some GDX options and update our readers on their performance.

We initially signaled the GDX 02/10 $24-25.50 Calls in our report from January 23rd. Now set to expire on Friday, we wanted to circle back and remind our members of the kind of gains that could have been secured with this idea.

Here’s what they’ve done so far, and with gold continuing its climb, we can’t rule out seeing these upward trading range extended even further between now and the end of the week:

$24 Calls – Range: .32-1.46 – Max Gain: 356%
$24.50 Calls – Range: .19-1.05 – Max Gain: 453%
$25 Calls – Range: .11-.67 – Max Gain: 509%
$25.50 Calls – Range: .06-.39 – Max Gain: 550%


Direxion Daily Gold Miners Bull 3X ETF (NUGT) – Another gold analog we’ve got a history with is NUGT, so we’re also going to highlight some contracts that have some potential here as well. Being a triple-leveraged fund, the activity in NUGT resembles that of GDX, but the magnitude of the percentage gains it has made on its chart over the same period are notably higher.

Should the massive gold rally maintain its trend, we could be looking at some serious moves in the NUGT Weekly $13-14 Calls, so that’s where we’ll set our sights with this one.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: VDRM, ABVG & More

ViaDerma, Inc. VDRM

VDRM was the first of a pair of plays from yesterday morning’s extended watchlist. The stock enjoyed a gradually increased PPS over the course of the entire session, and ran into the closing bell with strength.

VDRM’s daily trading range was from .0145 to .03, which works out to an intraday pop of 107%  The double-bag move came on well over twice the 3-month average volume, and as stated above, VDRM ran into the close, so we’re going to be maintaining our watch over the stock for the time being, looking for it to record higher lows and higher highs once again.

Affinity Beverage Group, Inc. ABVG

The other item of interest from yesterday’s premarket watchlist was ABVG, which also commanded a fantastic performance which led to a doubling in PPS.

ABVG ran a cool 100% from its super-subpenny low of .0007 right up to a subpenny high of .0014. Like the aforementioned play, it closed very near to its high-of-day, and did so on immense volume. To be exact, ABVG traded 13 times as many shares as its 3-month average, so we will also have room on our watchscreens for this one in sessions ahead.

Michael Kors Holdings Ltd. KORS – Options Idea

With KORS disappointing on Q3 revenue, as well as issuing shaky guidance, the stock is taking a hit in early trading here in the premarket.

Accordingly, we are going to want to signal a range of bearish options to monitor in the event that an even more precipitous decline is in the cards. We’ll be watching the KORS Weekly $39-36 Puts closely, and choosing our specific strike point/s based upon how the activity unfolds once these earnings revelations are traded upon during regular hours.

Extended Watchlist:

VPER, RARS & Today’s Extended Watchlist

VPER has been on our radars for quite some time, with our first alert coming on March 13th. Since that time, there’s been the opportunity to trade this stock for a handsome profit on 4-5 separate occasions.

Following the last run from .0016 to .0055, we’ve undegone a consoldidation, holding support in the low .002’s. Should the stock break past resistance at .0026, .0029, and .0031 (the 20, 100, & 50DMA ‘s respectively), there seems a strong chance that this play could return to .004’s and higher, and we certainly dont frown upon gains on the order of 50%

We have prepared a video chart for your convenience, which can be found below:



Rarus Technologies Inc. RARS

We have been silently monitoring RARS for weeks, although it has not yet appeared in our newsletter coverage. After witnessing last week’s activity, we felt compelled to share it with you today.

On Monday, the stock was trading as low as .071. By the time Wednesday rolled around, the high had touched .144, for a gain of 103%

That jump pushed the stock above its 20DMA, and providing it can hold at that level or above, we believe that the recovery off of its bottom could continue.

Rarus Technologies Inc. Announces Its Zngle Platform Will Create Revenues By Competing In a $39.5 Billion Market Through Development of Self-Serve Ad Platform PR Newswire – Mon 8:00AM


Extended Watchlist: