Blue Horseshoe Stocks: MYOS Recap, Gold Plays & More

  MYOS RENS Technology, Inc. MYOS

Easily the most solid performer that was discussed in yesterday morning’s premarket report, MYOS stole the show with everything we look for in a daily runner- an early burst that gives traders a chance at some nice intraday gains, high volume, and maintaining a good portion of the gains it makes into the close.

MYOS checked all three of those boxes yesterday, running early from its daily low of 3.61 up to a high of 5.48, which worked out to a nice 52% pop. MYOS closed at 4.72, maintaining over half of its daily advance, and did so on well over eight times the monthly average trading volume.

An all around performance like that certainly earns MYOS a continued slot on our radar screens in sessions ahead.

VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX)

With gold being so solid in the month of February, and indeed for most of 2017 so far, we want to rehash the idea we put forth on some GDX options and update our readers on their performance.

We initially signaled the GDX 02/10 $24-25.50 Calls in our report from January 23rd. Now set to expire on Friday, we wanted to circle back and remind our members of the kind of gains that could have been secured with this idea.

Here’s what they’ve done so far, and with gold continuing its climb, we can’t rule out seeing these upward trading range extended even further between now and the end of the week:

$24 Calls – Range: .32-1.46 – Max Gain: 356%
$24.50 Calls – Range: .19-1.05 – Max Gain: 453%
$25 Calls – Range: .11-.67 – Max Gain: 509%
$25.50 Calls – Range: .06-.39 – Max Gain: 550%


Direxion Daily Gold Miners Bull 3X ETF (NUGT) - Another gold analog we’ve got a history with is NUGT, so we’re also going to highlight some contracts that have some potential here as well. Being a triple-leveraged fund, the activity in NUGT resembles that of GDX, but the magnitude of the percentage gains it has made on its chart over the same period are notably higher.

Should the massive gold rally maintain its trend, we could be looking at some serious moves in the NUGT Weekly $13-14 Calls, so that’s where we’ll set our sights with this one.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Form-4 Alert, AAPL & More

 Apple, Inc. AAPL – Options

We used to trade AAPL options like they were going out of style, but have not actually talked about the stock in roughly six months.

This morning, on the heels of yesterday’s post-market earnings beat which featured better-than-expected iPhone sales, we’re going to be coming back to AAPL with a short-term options idea.

Having traded as high as 127.67 in the premarket, we’re going to be looking for a dip-and-rip off of this gap-up once the session commences. We’re going to be focused on the AAPL Weekly $125-127 Calls provided the expected early dip doesn’t take the stock lower than the $125-mark.

Opko Health, Inc. OPK

OPK is a familiar stock to us, albeit one that we haven’t touched upon in awhile. Recently, it has been under heavy consolidation, beginning with a large gap-down from the mid-$11 to the $10 area in late December, and persisting throughout last month.

We’ve also noticed a series of Form-4 filings which show the CEO was soaking up shares at these lows all last week and into Monday, to the tune of more than $300K worth purchased at market prices in just a few days.

We like to follow plays where directors are actively supporting their stock with confidence buys like those, so we’re going to be keeping a closer eye on OPK in sessions to come, as a rebound may be forthcoming at any time.

Tuesday’s Honorable Mentions

Cardinal Energy Group, Inc. CEGX – We placed CEGX in yesterday morning’s extended watchlist and were pleased with the stock’s modest, yet noteworthy intraday performance.

The stock traded in a range from .0026 to .0038, marking an intraday pop of 46% There was a consolidation into the close, and the stock failed to hold at least 50% of its daily advance, however, with the volatility exhibited in the past couple of sessions, we’ll definitely want to keep an eye on CEGX as we cruise through mid-week.

Players Network PNTV – We were just mentioning our coverage of PNTV on Monday, and the 400%+ gains we’d observed recently. What has followed is a solid couple of sessions that has the stock well on its way to an impressive intraweek performance.

Monday’s low came in at .028, and yesterday it reached as high as .04, marking a two-day swing of 30% We’ll be looking for the stock to continue posting higher highs and higher lows today, which would solidify PNTV’s multi-day runner status.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: LEXG Run Continues & More

Lithium Exploration Group, Inc. LEXG

LEXG came out a winner once again yesterday, even as we were mentioning how many quality opportunities the stock has brought us in the past, in our morning report.

On big time volume in the neighborhood of 7.5X the monthly average. LEXG broke out to new highs, trading in an impressive daily range from .0044 to .0112, for a 155% rip.

That’s small potatoes, however, compared to the overall move we’ve witnessed since our alert during the week between Christmas and the New Year. At that time the stock saw a low of .0013, which means we’ve seen a monstrous run of 862% out of LEXG in just over three weeks’ time!

Opko Health, Inc. OPK

We’re looking at OPK as a potential bottom-play today from a technical perspective, after noticing several attractive features on the chart.

As you can see from the included snapshot, the chart is currently boasting an enormous gap to the upside, with a recent track record of making volatile swings and gap-fills. Not to mention an oversold indication from the RSI and a rapidly ripening MACD.

Additionally, we’ve got a Form-4 alert for OPK; the CEO picked up a sizable tranche of shares near yesterday’s lows (>>View Filing)

We’re going to want to keep this one on our radar for a possible rebound in the days and weeks ahead.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Plays & Other Updates

Alcoa, Inc. AA – Options Idea

The range of options contracts that we signaled for observation on Tuesday for Alcoa went on to extend their gains, just as we mentioned they might in yesterday’s report. We were zeroed in on the AA Weekly $32-30 Puts, and as AA continued its backslide right on cue, the trading ranges were indeed bolstered by a good margin.

Here are the updated figures of the possible gains:

$32 Puts – Range: 2.64-4.95 – Max Gain: 88%
$31.50 Puts – Range: 1.93-4.47 – Max Gain: 132%
$31 Puts – Range: 1.57-3.98 – Max Gain: 153%
$30.50 Puts – Range: 1.16-3.44 – Max Gain: 197%
$30 Puts – Range: .65-3.02 – Max Gain: 365%

Other Updates

BioStar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. BSPM – After catching this stock’s fantastic 96% intraday run from 3.60 to 7.06 on Tuesday, the stock saw a big dip yesterday, along with a subsequent rip that could have provided an early morning in-and-out opportunity.

After coming down to 4.27 it traveled back as high as 5.23, an intraday move of 22%

Agritek Holdings, Inc. AGTK - We tagged AGTK for observation in Friday’s report, at which time the stock was seen trading as low .0092. After a few sessions of nominal trading, yesterday the stock really kicked things into high gear.

We saw a 152% daily run from .011 to a new high of .0277, and from the low we witnessed less than a week ago, a total increase of 201%

AGTK falls under the category of cannabis related stocks, which we’ve been tracking more heavily of late and intend to continue doing through the upcoming elections.

OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp. OWCP – We followed OWCP on its epic run beginning two Thursday’s ago and continuing through all of last week, which carried it from .0045-.073 (+1522%).

We strongly suggested that a dip-and-rip would be in the cards when the stock finally began to pull back off of its highs, and this week our assumption was proved accurate. From Tuesday’s swing low of .0322, yesterday the stock surged back to actually set a new high of .074. That means the dip-and-rip we were waiting for allotted us potential gains of up to 130%

Delta Air Lines, Inc. DAL – Fresh Options Idea

We’ve had extreme good fortune with bearish options ideas this week, and this morning we’re seeing another chance to take advantage of a backslide. Like the situation we saw with Alcoa, Delta’s chart is looking toppy at the moment, and when combined with the reaction to this morning’s earnings call we think we may see some nice activity out of DAL Weekly $39.50-38 Puts. The company beat on Q3 profits, but fell short on revenue, and is dipping in the premarket as a result.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Revisiting VMEM, ONOV & More

Violin Memory, Inc. VMEM

This morning, we’re going to take a minute to go over the recent performance of a stock that we tagged for tracking on June 1st. At the time, we were noticing that VMEM, after a period of sharp consolidation that led to its 52-week lows roughly a month ago, was rebounding nicely.

Subsequent to our mention of the stock we observed a low of .482, and in the ensuing two weeks, it’s been mostly trending upward as you can see on the chart below. It has since reached a high of .79, representing a total increase of 64% over our observed low.

To remain interested in VMEM, we’ll need to see it hold support at or above its recent swing-low at .56 on any pullbacks.

BioNovelus, Inc. ONOV

We’ve got another stock in ONOV that we had previously mentioned earlier this spring, which has also managed a near-continual uptrend of late.

Following our alert of this play back on the 26th of April, it was trading for as little as .006 a share, and as you can plainly see, the climb it’s made since that time has been nothing short of monumental. The stock incredibly hit a new high of .103 yesterday, which registers as a 1617% upswing over our observed low!

Despite being quite overbought at the moment, we’ve got the indicator of all indicators, a Golden Cross, forming on the chart. Should the stock hold support at .04 or better on any dips, we’ll remain watchful for the possibility of further breakouts.

Extended-Term Watch Idea:

Motorcar Parts of America, Inc. MPAA - We took notice of MPAA this morning after the company’s mixed earnings release. We are seeing a number of attractive features of this stock at the moment, and want to put it on a longer-term watch. Not only is it currently feeling out its 52-week lows, but there has been a wave of Form-4 Buying that has been reported over the past week. These are attributes which have led us to good bounceplay opportunities in the past, so we’ll keep an eye peeled.

Extended Watchlist:
ADTM(Back on bottom watch)